Thursday, April 2, 2020

Happy Easter

sharing this adorable puppy from Whipper Snapper today.  TOO Cute. I just adore their stamps. This one is precious.  Don't you want to make an Easter Basket for your puppy?  Right now if I even think about making an Easter basket for the DH I would probably include some TOILET PAPER, peanut butter, bread and eggs.  What is with people in the local stores.  You would think they were buying up for the summer and there was no way to go to a store again.  GEEZ people!

Guess the DH will just get a hug...wait, have to stay social distancing of 6 foot, I guess the DH will get a cute card from me for Easter this year.

Hugs all!


Wednesday, April 1, 2020

New Contest at YSBP

We are having a brand new contest this month over on the Your Scrapbook Place Challenge Blog.  The contest this month is anything goes and entrants get an extra entry if they use our sponsor's images.  I thought this image from Limited Runs was just perfect for the craze that is surrounding us all!!  Funny thing is I picked this image months ago, long before what is currently happening.  Oh, how funny (and NOT SO FUNNY) this image really is. She's called Insane Girl.
Drop by at the Your Scrapbook Challenge Blog and join in the challenge this month.  Share a wonderful creation with us for a chance to win a prize from Limited Runs!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Lili of the Valley Easter theme

Here's a precious image from Lili of the Valley. I thought this image was just perfect for Easter time, though you wouldn't necessarily have to use this as an Easter card since I didn't add a specific Easter sentiment to the front of this one.  I still just love their cute image and it's perfect for Easter, Spring time, summer, or other cute occasions.

Hope you are having a great week. I can't believe we are about to hit April!  Can you believe it?  What's the point of April Fool's Day this year?  it seems like this whole year has been somewhat of a joke.

Cheers, Holley

Monday, March 30, 2020

Easter Chick

Here's a cute Easter card that I created using a darling image from Whipper Snapper.  TOO fun. I adore their sweet images.  I forget which company made this sentiment stamp, I will come back and add the name in if I recall which stamp set it came with.

I have a been getting lots of fun cards created up with the break from school.  Right now we are "on call" and I am constantly checking my school messages online, but as long as I am at home with my phone and computer, there is not much I can do at the moment until we have tasking.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Too Cute!

Sharing this wonderful Bestie image today. Isn't she just the cutest? I love her cute glasses that I colored up in bright yellow for springtime.  What a sweet Bestie today.  Be sure and check out all of Sherri Baldy's wonderful images at

Don't you love that beautiful lace?  I do, it's more of what I brought home from Turkiye a couple summers ago.  Makes me miss being there.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Guest Designer Karin

Here's a wonderful card created by Karin von Ejik using a prize from me that she just received.  I just love her use of this beautiful Butterfly die cut. Great design Karin!
Karin has a great blog with stunning cards shared everyday, so be sure to check out her amazing work, HERE.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Easter Greetings from Notturno Digi stamps

Here's a super cute stamp from Notturno Digi Arts on Etsy.  This wonderful stamp was currently a freebie on their facebook group, so go over there and get it!  It's just TOO cute, you know you want this stamp!

Check out this artists store HERE, the facebook group where you can grab this adorable stamp is HERE!!

Has everyone gotten there packages?  I realize the post office may have slowed down due to the pandemic.  Hopefully everyone inside the USA has gotten their packages.  I know shipping to some countries outside the USA is slow, but let me know if you haven't received your goodies yet!

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Easter Bunny Love

Here's another great image from The Cat's Pajamas that I used to create this fun Easter theme card.  I just love their images, esp this bunny character.  TOO cute.   There's an awesome contest going on over at the TCP Tuesday Challenge this month. Click here.
Been somewhat of a sad holiday season this year, as the church I am going to is closing at the end of March, thus we won't have any Easter service and with the pandemic that is happening, many of the latest church services has been cancelled.  I have been going there since the early 2000s, but many of the elders in that church were among those who built that church and are charter members who have been with it over 50 years.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Mug of Hugs

Well, the new week is here, back to the grind?1?  I know I am not the only one who needs a huge Mug of Hugs!  So mugs of hugs to you all too!!  Lots of them.  If you are going back to work, if you are stuck at home, if you back to work but your kids are stuck at home.  Hugs and prayers all around.

Have a great week.  May we all get through this with just enough toilet paper....

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Love her Big hat!

Here's the cutest Bestie, I just love her Big Hat!   I wanted to do a simple red/white combo, so I left all the flowers white and did the hearts in red.  I think she is still too adorable and would be perfect for all sorts of occasions.  Be sure and check out all of Sherri Baldy's amazing stamps at her store
Have a great day.  Stay safe. Hugs from Bestie land!

Monday, March 23, 2020

You warm my heart

Since I shared a cute bunny card yesterday, let me share this delightful bunny card today.  This cutie comes from The Cat's Pajamas.  I just adore their newest coffee/tea theme set with these cute bunny images in it.  TOO sweet.   They are having an animal theme contest this month.

Check out their contest HERE.  So many fun cards and images to see at their store.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Look what I got, a prize!!

so everyone has been getting prizes from me, but guess what I got in the mail, a prize from Karin!!

WOO  HOO, she's over seas, so these stamps are a real treat since they are never on sale in the USA.

Here is what I got:

Thanks so very much Karin!  I can't wait to stamp these images up and create some cards.

If you guys haven't checked out Karin's blog, it's fabulous, she posts new work everyday HERE

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Guest Designer Jean

I got this awesome card in the mail last week from Jean.  What a delight, esp because I was sick (yes, STILL!!) and not feeling well, it was a special treat.  Thanks so very much for the awesome card you created using my fav color on the flowers.

Friday, March 20, 2020


Here's a brand new, super cute image from artist Sandra Caldwell.  She's 3110 Trip Fairy. You all know how much I just LOVE her!!  TOO CUTE. I am praying right about now for a trip fairy as I have already paid for a plane ticket and booked a place to stay for this summer. I seriously hope the worst of this virus will calm down enough that I can still go in Mid-June

Be sure and check out Sandra's newest images on her etsy group, BabycakesDND and she also has a facebook group Sandra Caldwell Stamp Fans.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Easter Wishes

Sharing this awesome Easter card using a cute image from Whipper Snapper and a sentiment stamp from Taylored Expressions today.  I hope you love this cute image. I am such a fan of both these companies and their rubber stamps.

I hope that everyone, even my overseas friends have gotten their packages now, I have been seeing both comment from the winners on my blog, as well as getting some emails and facebook postings to let me know they have gotten their goodies.  

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Happy Birthday

Here's an awesome Birthday image from Unity stamps.  They are having a great contest over on their Facebook group.  I just love these beautiful lady stamps that they create. Today I am wishing a very Happy Birthday to a dear friend from San Antonio TX.  I have known him since he was 4 years old.  Oh, the tales I could tell....what a delight to see him grown up now.  Hope you have a wonderful Day! 

Hope some of you are getting your goodies now.  If you share them (like your facebook or Blog) I would LOVE to see.  I would also LOVE to share any creations you make with them on my blog with you as the Guest designer.

ALSO, I don't know if I said this before, but anything I sent to you is MY GIFT to you.  Please, do with it as you will. I know some people who give out prizes get mad if people get rid of it, resell it,...I DO NOT.  Not at all.  Please ENJOY.  If you already have, don't like it, have a friend who wants it with it whatever you want :)  It's yours to celebrate with!!  Thank you for celebrating with me this year.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Dead Sea Toons

Sharing this awesome image from Dead Sea Toons today.  I just love the images from this artist.  If you haven't been watching her Facebook lately, she has come out with an awesome line of RUBBER stamps sold through Blank Page Muse called Creepy Cute Kids.  Just based on that name, you know I love them!!

I hope you will check the out, she also has some wonderful new stamps on her Etsy page HERE.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Girl with her cat

Here's a delightful image from The East Wind.  Isn't she pretty. I just love that she has a cat. I do so miss my cat (she passed away many years ago).  I added a simple artistic sentiment today, "Stepping back from her canvas, she saw her soul."

Hope you are ready for the new week.  I am over joyed that it is spring break.  I think both the kids and the teachers need this break.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

My Friend

Here's a quick and cute Stampin' Up card that I made at a local party some time ago.  I used one of those wheels to create my card base and then stamped that cute little tag with a stamp set.  It's one of those make a card in less than 5 minutes to show you how quick and easy it is to become a stamper.

Hope you all have a blessed Sunday and are getting ready for the upcoming week.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

WOO HOO Spring Break!

I am sure everyone everywhere is celebrating Spring Break....AT HOME.  Here they have cancelled SXSW which is a huge event in our city that brings in about $360,000,000 for the local economy.  I can't begin to imagine the hotels, restaurant workers, airlines, music venues, ... all those people with $300-3000 concert tickets who are just stunned.  I mean, I totally get not wanting to start a mass illness across the city but WOW, the huge amount of work and expense that has been put into this event and the financial losses both on the business side and personal side are massive.

As for me, I will be having a perfectly contest Spring Break at HOME.  that's where I like to be.  Resting and getting ready for what will surely be a long haul to finish up the school year.  Hugs all!!

Friday, March 13, 2020

Bluto Bunny

Here's a brand new image from artist Sandra Caldwell, its 3087 Bluto Bunny.  TOO CUTE.  This adorable image will be added to the Babycakes DND storer on Etsy today along with several other wonderful new images.  Be sure and check them out!
I am also using some great Turkish Lace to go with this cute image. I hope you adore the darling embellishment from Jolees.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Sent with Love

Here's another great Cat's Pajamas stamp that is perfect for the current Furry Friends contest on their blog. I just love this company's stamps.  I will also say that I am not a huge fan of clear stamps, but TCP and a handful of other companies (like Stamping Bella) have excellent quality clear stamps.  I just love them.  I highly recommend Cat's Pajamas clear stamps even if you steer away from clear images usually.

Check out the awesome challenge over on their Blog, TCP Tuesday challenge.  I am also using some great Turkish lace on this project.  This adorable bear I got as a freebie set on a wonderful sale on their blog. Isn't he TOO awesome?

The following digi prizes got sent out:
Cat in Sweater image: Yvonne3d, Jeanie Ellis, Linda Simpson, Shell B, bissecat
Kittacino & Cattacino images: Linda S Vigil, Linda Simpson Frances Freeman. KellyKardsFL, IKE 

Coco Palm Studio Shopping: Em Louise,  Fikreta, Sandra, Monique, Frances F
Coco Palm Studio Fall girl: Linda Simpson, Tworce pasje Danki, Shell B, Claudia M, Tracey Welham

Victoria Thorpe Lady Crimson- Sandra, Karin, Frances Freeman, Claudia M, Christi
Victoria Thorpe Queen of Hearts- Linda S vigil, Monique, Fikreta, Linda Simpson, Sandra

Sherri Baldy images:  Yvonne3d, Tworcze pasje Danki, Suzanne H, ShellB, Mel C, Rachel D, Frances F, Jeanie Ellis, DJ, bissecat, Marjeta

Limited Runs Gift Certificates:  Sandra, Mel C, Frances F

Ike's Art Winner:  Sandra

Sheepski Winner:  Rhonda Miller

Please let me know if you see your name and haven't received your image!

ALSO--did I send you this stamp?? I know it went out yesterday...please check for it, I have the DIE CUTTER THAT MATCHES IT!  I will send you the matching die cutter as well.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Thanks for being so patient this year

Thanks so much for all your support last month and for everyone being so patient while I was so sick.  Usually I would have so much of the packages and most of the digi stamps out already, but WOAH, that illness just stopped me in my tracks.  I got sent home from school yesterday because my pink eye has come back and looked just awful (and of course is contagious).  I am also getting the sore throat back again!

So the following packages went out today:

Shelia, Marjeta, Teresa G, Jeanie E, Gwyneth, Billie Dee, Monique, 2nd package for Tworcze, Em Louise, Dorothy G, Ike, Mel C and Melody Strahan.

I only know of 3 people whose packages I have left:  Audrey, Tracey M, and Susan

IF you didn't see your name amongst the packages mailed over the last several days, you can check back through the last couple days, drop me an email and I can double check and see if I mailed out your goodies.

NOW--thanks for being so patient, I will start doing the DIGI stamp prizes today.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Wild About You

Here's a super cute Stampin' Up set that I bought from a parent of one of the kiddos in my last school.  I do so adore this cute image.  I am also using some awesome embroidered ribbon that I got not on my last trip to Turkiye but several years ago on a trip there.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Caffeinated Love

Here's an awesome image from Unity stamps!  Don't you love all their coffee/tea images?  I do, I think I own all of them.  This one is super cute.  I thought this card was just perfect for Monday too.  I hope you all had a great weekend.

OK, so on Saturday and Sunday I got a LOT of packages ready and took them all to the post office, here's what was mailed:

Amy, StampNK, Linda S Vigil, Jean M, Shannon H, Rhonda M, Frances F, Christi, Gaye, Cara, Karthika, MelodyScraps, Bevery Jordan, Phaline, Pat, Kim K, Lora (2), Anna B, DJ, Linda Dicks, Shabneez, Yvonne, Fikreta (2), Tworcze pasje Danki (1 of 2)

Thanks so much for being patient with me, I have about 15 more packages to get out, it will take several more days as I also need to get some card making done, lol, imagine that :)