Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Product Review: Prismacolor Premier Markers

I have received several sets of the new Prismacolor Premier markers and want to give my opinion of them for you. I have two sets of color markers: one has a chisel style tip (right), the others have a brush style tip (left).

These markers are acid free, archival, quick drying, and do not bleed though standard weight paper. They are also permanent and water resistant. What I like most about these markers is they are excellent for detail work. I love to color in stamped images and the tips of these markers are smaller than other art markers. This feature makes them easier to control. They come in 8 colors. I personally loved the brown and orange; the card I did below shows the brown, orange, red, and green colors.

Personally, I prefer the brush tip, but I think this is because that is what I am accustomed to using. However if I wanted to both color and do writing, the chisel tips would be ideal.

Here's a simple card that I made using these markers. The color does not streak or leave lines when coloring. This image has very small details so these markers are perfect for this project. I also love the water proof aspect. This means I can be working on a watercolor style design and add in my detailing with these markers and it will not run. I can also put my detailing or drawing in and then use watercolor pencils to color over an image drawn with these markers.

Overall, these markers would work great if you like to draw in ink, add journaling in your scrapbook, add detail work to fine line designs or when you need markers with watercolor work. These markers are not used for color blending the way you would use the Prismacolors dual tip markers or comparable Copic markers. They are great for illustration and fine detail work. Most stores I see online place a box of 4 markers in the $5-6 range. As I do more experiments with them, I hope to add more card samples.

Note: I also have gotten a new set of their Assorted Markers. This set has 7 pens in black all with different tips. Stayed tuned for a review of this product in the future.

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