Thursday, January 31, 2013

Zombie Girl

So, right before the celebration begins, you know I had to start up with this fun image. I guess when you have been through such a as brain surgery, you must learn to keep a sense of humor and since for me things turned out so well.  I must say the saying does make me laugh, "I can see clearly now, the brain is gone...."  Now for me, that is very much true.  Perhaps the pretty lady holding a brain on a plate is a bit much, lol!

Plus of course, in my case, they did only remove the back left  hand temporal lobe, a decent size piece of it.  Risky place for brain surgery as the Temporal lobe actually controls your memory in several different ways both recall and storage. To make it a full three years without having a seizure is wonderful and so I am now ready to celebrate!!  This great stamp comes from Queen Kat and is called Zombie Doll from Carissa Rose.

So, what's going to happen during blog candy month?  each day (maybe a surprise now and then) there will be a chance for you to leave a comment on the posting, I will pick a winner.  Sometimes the winner will be a lucky number, sometimes the winner will be every 10th posting or some random choice....Winner's won't get announced until a couple of days later.  That gives my friends all over the world a chance to catch up.  You are welcome to sign up for every contest, please do so, but do so once.  Some days there might be a special question or guessing game, read the post to see....some days there  might be multiple winners.  Eventually I will have a master list of all the winners that you can be checking.  All prizes will get mailed at the END of the month, usually pretty quickly, if you see your name on the winner list, you can email me your address.  I do expect some people may win more than once, so feel free to play in all the contests.  Lots of winners will be named at the end including a Grand Prize of 8 stamps (2 sheets worth of rubber) from Sweet Pea stamps!! 

Best Wishes and Good Luck everyone!!  The next blog post starts the games.

Hugs, Holley


  1. Clever card - you have a great sense of humor, and a fantastic reason for having it! I'm so happy that things turned out so well for you; what a wonderful reason for a month long celebration.

    Oh, and thanks - that song will be stuck in my brain for the rest of the day! ;-P

    ~ wendy

  2. LOVE ZOMBIES! this creation is awesome! can't wait for next month!!!

  3. That is too funny! Yeah, I didn't think they took your whole brain out but that stamp and sentiments sure are great for the occasion. You colored her fantastic.

  4. such a lovely card Holley.

    What a great candy you start tomorrow goodluck with this all.

    greetings karin

  5. Love your card and your sense of humor. Congrats on three years, and I wish you many more. I like the color combinations too.

  6. Fabulous sense of humor and a wonderful card! I play boradgames with my friends that involves brains and zombies so are used to it! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  7. LOL love the sentiment with that card like most men lol
    hugs Nikki

  8. oh my goodness Holley, this is hilarious! I just love your sense of humor!

  9. Hi Holley! Your zombie girl is really funny!!
    This month candy is going to be so much fun!! Love it!
    Hugs from Spain

  10. you are funny :). Its been a year since I know you. I think last year this time only I participated in your celebration. Great.

  11. )))She is not Zombie even, she is cute!!

  12. Sometimes it is good to make fun of life's struggles. Everyone needs comic relief. I love your zombie.

  13. Funny card and funny sentiment^_^ Made me smile^_^
    Beautiful zombie lady^_^

  14. Wow sexy lady an a humor!This I love.

  15. To still have a serious sense of humour after everything you have been through is fabulous Holley (even if it is a bit warped!! LOL)
    Great card, fab colours. How exciting this month will be!!
    Dawn xx