Sunday, August 3, 2014

You Make My Heart Sing

Here's a CAS card that I did for the hubby.  Making a quick and short trip to see my sister while she is stateside for a bit.  She's been teaching English in Abu Dhabi and will be returning there soon.  Will miss the hubby on this trip but I will only be away for days.  Thought I should leave him a little note.

Hope you all are having a great August. I know summer must be winding down, we are well in the hundreds here now.  As hot as it is, it's at least 10-20 degrees hotter in Abu Dhabi.  I was teasing my sister earlier telling her, "Who on earth ever thought you would be coming to SOUTH Texas to find a cooler place to be in the heat of summer?!?"

Have a great week


  1. This is adorable Holley. I love the little birds and the sentiment. Have a good trip and visit with your sister x

  2. This is beautiful. I love the sweet birds.

  3. I've been away a few days and haven't seen much of my email, but I'm glad I decided to go back and see this one! Lovely work Holley!