Sunday, March 11, 2018

I Heart ???

Ha!  This stamp just cracks me up. I do love naps and my husband would totally get this card.  He knows how much I need a nap now and again.  Good thing is that he never cares or complains if I take one!

Hope you are all having an awesome March.  I did get the following packages in the mail on Saturday:  Beverly J, Linda, Candy, Juanita, Kathy B, DJ, Jennifer D, Barbara S, K Azeka, Lee T.

I have just about all the rest packaged up now and just needing the postage on them to go in the mail.  There's a handful that will require a trip to the post office because they weight more than 1lb.  Good thing about this year is dies are not that heavy!!  I will get all the rest in the mail this week as it is spring break, so keep your eyes out and PLEASE let me know if you don't see your name.

Prizes and emails went out this morning for winners of Sherri Baldy Stamps:  Sammi, Sylvia A, Barb, Darcy, Jan LTC, Audrey, Jennifer Dillion, Jennifer Kray

I also contacted the winners of the Oddball Art stamps prizes- Beverly Jordan and Donna Mundinger; as well as Miss Rach for Fikreta, Dennis Freeman, Pat Martin, Andree, Jan LTC.

Cheers, Holley


  1. Cute card! The saying makes me smile!

  2. what a cute card Holley, Well I like now and than a nap too.

    Gr Karin

  3. How fun, great sentiment! Happy Spring break!

  4. Hi Holley this is a stunning card. I only need a nap when I have a really bad headache. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  5. Naps are a wonderful thing! I nap better than I sleep at night so I take many naps! LOL
    Cute card! You have been a busy little bunny lately and deserve a nap or two! TFS!

  6. Hee hee, this one just makes me laugh. Love that Grumpling, and I also love naps!!

  7. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !


  8. Fun card! And of course this is late, but I did get my package!! Thank you so much!