Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blog Candy Game 1: Doctor Thank Yous....

YEAH! Feb is here and the blog candy games are starting today! The first thing I want to do is have a THANK YOU contest where everyone will leave a comment that is a short thank you to the DOCTOR who saved me. His name is Dr. Aboumatar. He is the owner and specialist (Epileptologist---i.e. a neurologist who specializes in epilepsy) of Austin Epilepsy Clinic. It's a long and complicated process from the first doctor's appointment to the actual set of surgeries that were done. It's amazing how detailed and how much testing happens before the neurosurgeon even comes into play. The Epileptologist actually maps out the entire location in the brain where the neurosurgeon will perform surgery. HUGE thanks to Dr. Aboumatar! He's an amazing man who in 5 short months totally changed my life. I have had a dozen doctors spend years and years saying they would help me and never do anything like this man did in 5 months. I'll tell you he was at the top of my christmas card list this year!

For this Blog Candy Contest, I am asking that everyone add a comment to THANK Dr Aboumatar for all his hard work at helping Epilepsy patients (especially Holley). I will say that he has also just helped a wonderful woman that I know named Stefani who had very similar surgery to what I had. I can already see the difference in her since her surgery in December!! I would love to get at least 100 thank yous for Dr Aboumatar by Feb 13th. And YES, I am gonna print these out and take them to Dr Aboumatar so he can see them! I want him to know how appreciated his work is and that it touches people, not only me directly.

Tons of prizes will be given out amongst the posters, I will be adding updates to the prize winner list daily. Grand Prize for this contest is 2 sheets (8 full size) worth of wonderful stamps from Sweet Pea Stamps. Deadline is 13th to post your "thank you" to Dr Aboumatar. My next appt to see him is on Feb 14th so I hope to tell you about it.

Cheers, Holley

WINNERS: (note--if you see your name here-be sure to email me your address htondre at AOL.com and let me know your name and which prize you won!) This list will be updated daily, so keep an eye on it!!

1) First poster of the contest prize!!-- Melissa Marie--Brand new Penny Johnson Stampavie "Star Girl Bouquet"
2) Person who posted 12th for 12 months of seizure freeness--Winner is ShersL84bed--prize--5 packages of Valentine theme embellishments--Cloud 9 rubons "Rich Hearts", Cloud 9 Rubons "Romantic Hearts", Handmade Art Shaker Boxes My Love, Scrappin' Creations I love You embellishments, and Self Adhesive Metal Charms in Love theme
3) First out of USA poster #3--Regina--prize brand new stamp from Sweet Pea rubber stamps
4) Cindy Parker (Walkerville, MI)-- Wonderful set of Imaginesce Flowers Bazzill Collection Petal Pusher Flowers in Red
5) Linda W-- beautiful set of Shoe UM stamps from I BRAKE FOR STAMPS (4 unmounted stamps--2 shoes and 2 hats from Plate #96)
6) Glenda Brooks--asst of Thank You theme stamps (unmounted Rubber stamps)
7) Lorraine--Wonderful UM Stamp from Sweet Pea Stamps
8) Lissette- Wonderful UM stamp from Sweet Pea Stamps
9) LoveCraftsFoever (Nataliya)--wonderful UM stamp from Sweet Pea Stamp
10) Sheetal Ahlawat - Brand New package of Making Memories {note}worthy flowers PLUS a beautiful pack of Doodlebug Design "sugar coated" brads in bumblebee
11) Shelly Hinkle--pack of Making Memories Butterfly Pebble Brads
12) Snoopy - Brand New Stamp Set from Anna Griffin Peyton Collection DS109
13) Juyle - 5 unmounted stamps from I Brake for Stamps company
14) Stamping Seraphims - 3 packages of Heidi Grace embellishments
15) Theresa Richardson - 5 packages of cardmaking embellishments
16) SueinCT - Brand New set of Hampton Art Clear Stamps designed by Ellen Krans "Thank You"
17) Mary Stuart - New Family&Heritage Fabric Stickers from Hot off the Press
18) Rosie - Making Memories Ribbon&Brads Set Plus Karen Foster Easter Brads set PLUS I'Kan'Dee Ribbon sliders set called Smile
19) Sherry (Topeka KS)-brand new scrapbooking kit from K&Company (6 12x12 papers, Grand Adhesions, Stickers, clearly yours alphabet
20) Brooke (Gingerbaby) - 2 mini stamp sets from Basic Grey --one has a cute pig, cow, bell, grass, "When pigs fly" and "I'm in the moo'd for love"; the other has a lion, a kitty, 2 paw prints and "Paws-itively Fun"
21) Donna Clark - Maya Road chipboard keychain "birds" plus a pack of KI Memories Icicles Flowers
22) Julie K in Taiwan - Basic Grey stamp set "whisper" sta-1337
23) Teena - Love Elsie Clear Stamp Set "Josie" (Flowers and borders) name on pack Josie Icons
24) Wanda (rnhockey6) - 2 packs of Parcel Jolees Boutique Spun Glass Snowflakes, Vintage Christmas Lights PLUS SandyLion 3d embellishments Ornaments and Jolees Boutique Snowflakes
25) HandmadeTLC - Hampton Art Stamp Set (comes in a reusble tin) "Sentiments" has 2 flourishes, Happy Birthday, Bird, For You, Congrats
26) Larisa - Brand new stamp from Sweet Pea Stamps
NEW Winners picked (will have to go through the box to write down your prizes)
27) Rene -
28) Leslie G -
29) Judy LaValle
30) Sharyn's Crafting Space
31) Mary Stuart
32) Shellie Sauve -
33) Teri (Medina Ohio)
34) ScrapManiac
35) Kim Hannan


  1. Dear Dr. Aboumatar, I'd just like to say thank you so much for all your hard work and the special attention you gave Holley before, during and after her surgery! I'm very thankful that you were able to do your job without any flaws and that Holley came out of surgery well, and was able to still be herself! I know a lot of people fear brain surgery because they fear losing themselves, but I think Holley is just as great as she was before surgery, and most certainly, she is much better!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to keep my creative, wonderful friend here!

    ~Melisa Marie McConnell
    Somerset, Kentucky, USA

  2. Dr Aboumatar--Huge thanks for your wonderful work!! You make such a difference in people's lives, esp Holley's. I can see the difference in her since her surgery. Your work is very appreciated

  3. Holley!!! I understand how are you feeling and I´m very sure that all of us, from Magnolia-licious group are very happy for you. Now... in my language (portuguese, from Belo Horizomte, Brasil)
    Tenho a mais absoluta certeza que todos nós, que lemos o agradecimento da Holley, participamos da mesma alegria e do reconhecimento por um trabalho fantástico. Ser médico é uma vocação. Dedicar-se diariamente a cuidar da saúde do outro requer alma, dedicação e se importar com o ser humano.

    Por tudo isso, I want to let Dr. Aboumatar know that doctors like him make such a difference for his patients and their families too. God bless his hands!!:)))

    Your card is so cute Holley!!!
    Take very care of yourself!!

  4. Dr. Aboumatar, your dedication to your patients is inspiring and I want to add my thanks for all you do for sufferers of this terrifying illness. Holley is obviously an example of your success and for that we crafters and bloggers are grateful. Thank you for all you do and for caring.
    Sue S.
    Santa Ana, CA

  5. Oh Holley, what great news!! Thank you Dr. Aboumatar for your dedication and all the advancements you have made in the medical field and for taking the time to listen to your patient's needs. I know your patients appreciate all that you do for them!! Big hugs to you to Holley!

  6. What a cute card. That is so sweet of you to give to your patients there should be more people like you. Gloria M

  7. Thank you Dr Aboumatar for the wonderful work you've done with Holley and others. You sound like a very caring doctor who goes out of the way for his patients.

  8. A special thank you to an obviously dedicated doctor. You really took care of our very special Holley! Thank you Holley for being in my life!

  9. Thank you Dr Aboumatar!
    It is Dr's like you who REALLY care and go the extra mile for your patients that keep us ALL from losing faith in all the rest who don't!
    May God Bless you so that yo may go on Blessing others with your gift!
    Thank you for helping my friend Holley, and changing her life for the better!
    God Bless
    Cindi Parker
    Walkerville, Michigan

  10. Holley, thank YOU for reminding us of what is truly important! Your card is so sweet and Dr. Aboumatar will love it! Thanks to him for helping you so much...doctors are amazing!
    God bless you Holley!
    Rene :D

  11. Dear Dr. Aboumatar,
    Thank you for the wonderful work you do on behalf of your patients, especially my friend Holley. I only know her through the internet, but I know that she's a fantastic person who has benefited from your knowledgeable and compassionate work.

    Jan L

  12. Dr. Aboumatar
    After reading Holley's story and hearing how her life has changed since her surgery, it gives me hope as a parent of two sons with Epilepsy, and a person living with Epilepsy myself. Thank you for taking on this condition and making people's lives better. You make a difference.
    Sherry Brown

  13. What a wonderful thing to do for your doctor Holley.

    Dr. Aboumatar:
    Thank you for all of your dedication to helping patients like Holley. It is wonderful that you continue to follow her progress even after it was out of your hands to make sure that she got the care that she needed. She is such an amazing artist and generous person. Thank you.

  14. Dear Dr. Whoever --
    I personally want to thank you for saving Holley's life. She brings such a huge amount of joy to so many and we just love her to pieces....
    Her inspiration and love of life is reflected in her art on a daily basis. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for using your talent to give us more time with Holley.
    Hugs -

  15. Thank you Dr. Aboumatar for taking the extra care and going that extra mile that helps Epilepsy patients. It's Doctors like you that save peoples lives. I would personally like to thank you for saving Holley's life, she is such an inspiration to us all. Donna Clark Trenton Mo

  16. Dr. Aboumatar, thank you for giving us a New and Improved Holley, and other patients like her. When I first met Holley through the internet, her thought process wasn't quite clear, but with it corrected her art work is to be admired from all aspects of art. Thank you Doctor, and with God's help, please continue to bless these patients with your mind/hands. God Bless and Keep you and yours. Audrey

  17. Dear Dr. Aboumatar,
    Thank you for the gift of Holley. I didn't know her before the surgery. I enjoy every new card she creates. Little of that would be possible with out your hands. Bless you and all those whos life you touch. lizzy

  18. It is doctors like Dr. Aboumatar who give the profession the credibility and honour it deserves. Doctor- you ARE making a difference in peoples lives. Keep up the great work.

  19. Thank you Dr Aboumatar. Your commitment and dedication to your patients like Holley is commendable and very much appreciated. You make a difference in so many people's lives. Bless you.

  20. Dr. Aboumater, Thank you so much for having the wisdom and knowledge to help my friend Holley. To be in the "life changing" business must be very rewarding. I am just so happy that Holley is better and that she can credit you for that!!! Thank you for all you do everyday, and for all you will do for people in the future!

  21. Dear Dr. Aboumatar,

    Thank you for your dedication to and caring for all your patients, who suffer from such challenges. I know that Holley is very grateful to you and I can understand why. Thank heavens she found you!

  22. Thanks Dr. Aboumater! Having a great doctor can make all the difference in someones life and you definetly made a difference in Holley's!

  23. Thank you, Dr Aboumatar.
    Holley is so grateful for your skill and dedication! To be able to impact and change people's lives like you do is inspiring. I thank y ou for allowing her life and creativity to flow into our lives.

  24. First I want to say to God be the Glory for saving our Holly from this devastating disease through your gifted hands and knowledge.

    I also Thank you Dr. Aboumatar for all the wonderful work that you do to help those suffering from Epilepsy to live a better life.

    I am especially happy for Holly who has shared her life changing experience with us, and the blessing that you have been to her.

    Thank you for your dedication to your work and to your patients, giving them a hope and a future with this life giving surgery.

    It is people like you that really make a difference in this world. God bless you Dr Aboumatar.

    Judy LaValle

  25. Dr Aboumatar thank you so much for all your amazing work helping people especially our Holley. The world is so lucky to have someone like you

  26. I want to thank Dr. Aboutmatar for all his hard work at helping all Epilepsey patients but especially my friend Holley.The world is a better place with Holley and Dr. Aboutmatar in it.

  27. Dr. Aboumatar thank you for doing your wonderful work and helping people like Holly! You have given Holly a new lease on life!

  28. Laura Murphy nc_scrapbooker@yahoo.comFebruary 1, 2011 at 2:44 PM

    A big Giant Thank You to Dr. Aboutmatar!!
    Super glad that Holley and you found each other :)

  29. Many thanks Dr.Aboutmatat big work what to do to Holley and anather Epilepsey .My Two friends have Epilepsey and i now they very sig.Greetings from Finland.

  30. Dr Aboumatar, You are owed so much more than a thank you can see. You are making such drastic changes for the better in so many people's lives. Not only have you taken such terrific care of our friend, you put her in the hands of a talented neurosurgeon....and have followed her every step of the way. Not many doctor's go to those lengths anymore. Facing several medical difficulties of my own, I can state that for a certainty! So, though it is so very little, thank you....Holley is indeed blessed to have had her care placed in your hands!!

  31. Dr Aboumatar, A special thank you to you for saving the life of our Holley. With God by your side and giving you the gift to do the sugery. Holley is one talented lady and has many gifts of talents.
    Again thank you so much for your profession.

  32. Hey Doc.A,
    We are so thankful for your professional skills & knowledge that really has saved our friend Holley. We Appreciate that you & your staff have taken care of her and continue to monitor her progress.

    Keep up the awesome job your doing to help others!!

    Holley wonderful job and so fitting to go along with the notes that you'll be giving the Doctor......You Rock Hon!

  33. Dr Aboumatar,
    Not everyone realizes the number of poeple whose lives they touch. Just through her creative talent, she has touched people across the country when she shares her work. I have been inspired by many of her creations, so I thank you for saving her life and letting her share hers with us, Pat

  34. Thank you Dr. Aboumatar, it's funny how we can touch the lives of sooo many people with one action, we are blessed to have Dr.'s like you dedicated to excellence, your help with Holley, has touched so many more lives, bless you. Karen

  35. I would like to say a very big thankyou to the amazing Dr Aboumatar for all of the amazing work you have done and still do for people who need your help especially the beautiful Holley who is such a wonderful and very special lady and appriciates all you have done for her greatly,you are a very remarkable man who in my opinion deserves an award for what you do it touches me that there are still beautiful people in the world such as yourself so thankyou so much its people like you that make the world a much nicer place to live.
    Love Lorraine(from the U.K)

  36. Dr. Aboumatar you have hands of gold and dedicated to your profession, a special thanks for all the healing you do and lives you save. Thank you.

  37. Dr, Aboumatar you are a special person. Thank you for being wonderful in your field you are making such a difference in this world. You are giving hope to wonderful people.

  38. Dr Aboumatar you have given a wonderful creative woman the gift of a normal life. Your great work not only helps Holley but also the hundreds of other people who love and care for her. Please don't ever stop what you are doing.

  39. Dr. Aboumatar - Thank you for your work healing wonderful people like Holley! You make a difference in people's lives.


  40. congrats on have a secessful surgery.. and may the outcome for everything you be equally wonderful
    I love your blog and cards
    Debbie in las Vegas

  41. I am very thankful to Dr. Aboumatar to helping Holley have a chance to be the sweet lady she is without having to endure her illness.

  42. Dr Aboumatar - Thank you so much for "fixing" Holley. She had a seizure at my house and it was very scary. I am so happy for her - she is now enjoying a life that the rest of us take so much for granted. Audrey R in Austin.

  43. Thank you Holley!!
    I meant every word I said :)
    ~Melisa Marie

  44. Dear Dr. Aboumatar,saying "Thank You" isn't enough for The appreciation we all feel about you..God guides your hands and knowledge as you use your skills and cure patients and give them better and more productive lives!!Because of you Holley is now a whole person and shares so much inspiration with the people she loves..
    I wish we had more doctors like you!!

  45. Dr. Aboumatar, you certainly sound like a one in a million very caring and totally committed to your patients doctor from the little Holley has told us on her blog. The world would be a better place if there were more like you and as I have come across quite a few doctors in my life both as a nurse and as the mum of a prem baby who was late diagnosed with CP and a mum who has had a brain tumour in the past few years and a granmother who had Parkinsons disease I have met , worked with and been on the recieving end of care from many who by comparison aren't in touch with their patients. I would like to thank you for the care you have obviously given Holley and for all the other lives you have touched in such a positive way on both Holley's behalf and all those friends she has in blogland.

  46. Dear Doctor Aboumatar,

    Holley Barnhart is one of the most wonderful gals I know. She is loving and giving, and beautiful inside and out.

    I, amongst many others, am eternally grateful to you for the help you have given Holley. We are blessed to have Holley within our circle of friends, and are further blessed by the healing touch you have given to her.

    May you continue down your path of healing others.

    Best regards, Amy

  47. dear doctor...thank you for giving our friend, holley, a new start by being epileptic-free. i hope you can help many others with your special talents. rush

  48. Dr Aboumatar,

    Thank you so much for helping our friend Holly and all the other epileptic patients out there. We appreciate you keeping all these special people in our LIVES! It is very hard to find doctors these days that have the passion and heart that you do. Maybe one day! Thank you for your help you are an angel on earth for people that need your help.

    Thanks greatly,

    Donna Johnson (Connecticut)

  49. jerri Scott said...
    Dr. Aboumatar, Thank you for helping Holley get through her illness and out to the other side...to wellness. She inspires us and makes us smile with her creativity, vitality, and sense of humor. Without you, Dr. and your talent and skill, we would certainly miss a wonderful cyber friend.

    hugs, jerri

  50. Dear Dr. A. - thank you so much for incredible help you gave to Holley. Modern medicine has done miraculous things these days!

  51. Doctor Aboumatar--thanks so much for the wonderful changes you have made in Holley. I can see how wonderful your work has allowed her to move on with her life and get her health back!

  52. To Dr. Aboumatar,

    Many of us don't know Holley personally but are inspired by her talents. Thank you for giving us Holley back to share her creativity with us.

    That is only one little piece of something that you give back to your patients with your dedication. Thank you so much for all you do.

    Big Smiles, Lisette

  53. Doctor Aboumatar, Thank you for fixing Holley's issue. You've made a very positive change in her life.

  54. Thank you Dr. Aboumatar for being the kind of doctor that cares more about the patient that how money they earn. These are a rare breed.

  55. Thank you Dr Aboumatar for your wonderful job, Big Heart. You are very special in Holey's life, and others like her. If we would have more people like you, this world will be preffect. Thank you.
    And big congrats to you Holey.
    Hugs Nataliya.

  56. Thank you, Dr. Aaboumatar, for the wonderful work that you do to help so many people. They can have a whole new wonderful life because of you.

  57. Dear Dr. Aboumatar,

    It has been so exciting to watch the incredible changes that have taken place in Holley over the past year since her surgery. Thank you so much for dedicating your life to helping people with Epilepsy. This is a subject that's close to my heart, because I have an adult daughter with poorly controlled Epilepsy. Seeing the wonderful change you have helped make in Holley's life has been extremely encouraging to us. God bless you for all you do.

    Shelly Hinkle

  58. luck girls for winning..
    I hope to join the winners circle
    thanks for hosting the blog candy
    Debbie in las Vegas

  59. No way! I won something! I planned on checking daily - as I usually do - what a great surprise on a cold snowy evening in WI! Thx Holley!

  60. Dear Dr. Abumatar,
    Thanks for your continuous efforts to make life better for your patients.Though I may not personally know you, but Holley's description of your endeavors in curing her, have made me really thankful for all your work.

  61. Dear Dr. Abumatar,
    Thank you for your passion and dedication in all that you have done for Holley and for all of your patients. Its no accident that you've crossed paths. It's all a part of His plan!
    Blessings to you~

  62. Dr. Aboumatar thank you for being there for Holley and your dedication to your field of medicine.
    stamping sue

  63. Thank you so much Dr. Aboumatar for saving our friend Holley and her creative talents.

  64. THANK YOU - Dr. Aboumatar for helping people with epilepsy - especially Holley and also Stefani! Your work touches many more lives than you will ever know! Because of your work, I have been inspired by Holley and her creative genius! Thank you so much!!

  65. Doc,

    As long as I have known Holley she has lived with seizures. You have made a HUGE difference in her life. She loved life before seizures but she is now living a life she loves. Although I do not know you, I know you have a skill and a gift from above. I pray that God will allow you to show his wonderful world to many more by your ability to return people to a better lifestyle. God bless your works through him.

    Barbara Schneweis (Lubbock, Texas)

  66. Dr Aboumatar,
    What a difference you have made. Your work, and the work of other doctors, makes such an impact in people's lives. Your hard work and dedication is such a blessing in so many lives. Not only do you touch the lives of the ones you work on, but also their family and friends (even online ones). Thank you for all you do!

  67. Dear Dr. Aboumatar,
    You must be a very special person to have chosen such a career, to specialize in this particular kind of medicine that helps so many people who may have given up hope. You touch the lives of so many people that you don't even ever meet or hear from whenever you perform a surgical miracle. I would like to thank you for your committment to making lives better.
    Becky D

  68. Dear Dr. Aboumatar,

    What a blessing God has given you through your hands; the gift of healing! You have shared this gift with my friend Holley, and given her faith and confidence a kick in the pants. Thanks SO much.

    Keith Bible

  69. Dear Dr. Aboumatar,

    I am so thankful that Holley finally found a doctor who treated the patient and not the symptoms. You have given her a life she never thought was still possible; no more seizures, no migrains, no short-term memory loss, not to mention all the side effects of the medicines she used to take.

    She used to plan her life day by day. Now, she can go places, and plan things without the nagging fear that a seizure or a migraine will come and take it all away. In short, you exchanged fear for freedom and words cannot describe the joy that comes with that!

    Thank you for being the best doctor you can be. Thank you for saving Holley from years of distress and fear. Thank you for caring about improving her quality of life instead of just managing her symptoms.

    I hope you never take for granted the gift God has given you. You have been such a blessing to Holley and all who know her. May God bless you for being such a good steward of the talents He has given you.

    Holley's friend,

  70. Dr. Aboumater, A very special thank you to you. Your work in medicine is so very important and it really does changes peoples lives. Thank you for your dedication and especially everything you have done for Holley. Wishing you a wonderful life full of many more successes. All the best, Teresa

  71. Dear Dr Aboumatar,
    Thank you so much for giving Holley her life back. My 23 year old daughter has suffered from seizures since she was a baby and been treated for LGS and has had so much regression over the years.
    It is so emotional for me to hear when someone is finally seizure free. It is a whole new life for them.
    People think of sport figures and other celebrities as their heros but it is doctors like YOU that are the real heros!!
    Thanks again,
    Theresa Richardson
    (mother to 23 year old with profound MR, LGS, and CP)

  72. Dr Aboumatar, thank-you for being such a dedicated doctor. The world thanks-you for taking the time to listen to your patients and hear there needs. :)

  73. Dear Dr. Aboumatar,

    I am Christi Rogers, Holley's cousin so I've known and been around her since I was born. I remember her during her late teens into early 20's noticing the older she got, the more she was changing (not physically but mentally). Often she would say she feels fatigued and lethargic from her numerous medications (plus still having seizures almost daily) and wouldn't show or couldn't develop too many strong personal connections with many people. The decision for surgery was very hard on her, but she had her husband and prayers from all around the world for her to make it through. Dr. you have helped achieve that and then some, it was a long and hard recovery for her but the old Holley I remember is back. The one who can argue when she wants to, defends herself verbally without problems, even acts a little feisty at times, and she has no problem what-so-ever telling someone how she feels. She's been blessed with a second chance and NOW she says why didn't she do it five years ago, but maybe that would of meant God wouldn't of brought her to you. I'm not sure how you feel about religion but I tell the Dr's I work with who have the "God complex", don't ever think your God, pray to borrow his hands for a moment or cover over yours and be part of a miracle. That's what you have done including saving a wonderful person, and I give you so much thanks and gratitude for what you do for a living. Keep up the great work and continue to strive to learn more about the complexities about the human brain.

  74. I want to thank the wonderful doctor. I have epilepsy, and it was my neurologist that gave me my life back. I now drive and have a job, and so I understand your gratitude.

    You made a wonderful card Holley. Thanks for having such a fun celebration of gratitude.

  75. Thanks to the wonderful and talented doctor (Dr Aboumatar)) for helping Holley remain seizure free for a year!! What a gift you have and you couldn't have shared it with a nicer person. thanks again for all you do!
    Nancy Dunlap

  76. Dear Dr. Aboumata,
    We all thank you and God thanks you for your life-saving surgery and support to Holley and John. By all measures, your work was a miracle with God watching by to make sure all went well. It is so comforting to know that you stepped outside the 'box' to encourage Holley and John through the procedure and recovery. You are a true gift, showing God's grace. Thank you!

    Arlene Smith
    Austin, TX

  77. I won! I won! Thank you so much, Holley!

    Snoopy :D

  78. I think modern medicine is wonderful and amazing and I am thankful that our technology and medicine could do so much to save someone! Thanks so much!


    Valerie Erickson, Sparta WI

  80. Dr. Aboumatar,
    Congratulations! You are receiving thank yous from so many people that you didn't know your work would affect, but it has. We rejoice in the amazing work you do and are appreciative of how this has helped our friend Holley and her family. I try to thank my doctor always for his care of me, but I'm surprised that others don't often say it - even though I know most feel it. So we wanted to help Holley affirm your good work.
    And Holley, Congrats on your recovery. May God continue to watch over you and keep you safe.

  81. Dr. Aboumatar,

    I really want to say more than thank you for all you have done for Holley. I have long admired her as she struggled through the seizures and meds, and I admired her courage to go through with the surgery, and still admire her as she makes a new life, a new way for her life. She is one courageous young woman. I believe that you were placed in her path at just the right time. We are blessed by the countless hours you spent/spend keeping up to date with all things epilepsy. Thank you for pressing on, for not giving up, for caring for Holley - giving her hope with your assurance - that there would be an end. With gratitude, Jan Ekrut

  82. Dr. Aboumatar:
    I don't know you or Holley, but I was reading through a thread on a rubber stamp chat board and clicked on Holley's blog to read about the fantastic and miraculous recovery she has had. Thank God, and thank YOU for your part in her healing.

    It's a great testimony and it's wonderful to see so many grateful people. The ripple effect is always larger than we think. You have given hope and touched many lives through this one medical case.

    I wish you the best in your profession and in your personal life.

    Angela Schwindt

  83. Dear Dr. Aboumatar-
    What an awesome story Holley shared on her blog about her life. She said that she had many dealings with doctors that tried to help her with no success. Finally she met you and now she is celebrating one year with no seizures! What a miracle.

    Thank you, Dr. Aboumatar, for your hard work in your specialty and sharing your talents. May God bless you and your work.

  84. Dr. Aboumatar,

    I don't know Holly but came across her blog and was delighted to read about her great recovery, thanks to you.

    It is heartwarming to read that there is hope and people can get better from this condition. My Father had epilepsy so I know the effect it can have on the person and their family.

    Thank you again for giving hope to so many people.

  85. Dr. Aboumatar
    Just found this blog and don't know Holley but I am very grateful for Dr's such as yourself. It is amazing the dedication that is shown Thank you again

  86. Dr. Aboumatar,
    I just wanted to thank you for saving Holley. I imagine you're a little like my doctor and think your just doing your job and what you were trained to do but you see, it isn't like that at all. All doctors are trained and it is their job to "help" people. You all took an oath but there are those that stand out in front of all the rest. Those that take that extra step to explore, search and find a way to help their patients and you Sir are one of them. Not only did you prove it by helping Holley who was under a doctors care for year with no relief until she was under your care but you also helped Stefani. They are just two people among so many that suffer from Epilepsy and through your dedication are two among so many who finally can enjoy relief.
    Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart (how fitting as it is Valentine's Day) for helping all Epilepsy patients including Stefani and my dear friend Holley.
    Sincerely and gratefully yours,
    Susan Slomski

  87. Dr. Aboumater,
    How are you doing?
    I am delighted to read Holley's recovery journey. Doctors, like you, are God given gifts to humanity. I know many doctors are not thanked enough-or are even asked about their day. I try to ask and thank my doctors. I am often surprised by their graciousness that someone asked and thanked them.
    Healing begins with the heart-of the patient, doctor, God and whoever else provides positive energy to the situation.
    Bless you for your extraordinary work as Holley's doctor. Thank you!

  88. Dear Dr. Abumatar,

    Thank you for using your incredible talent to save the life of our friends. I can think of no better way to make your mark in the world than by saving lives. You will be truly blessed in the next one.

  89. Dear Dr. Aboumatar,
    I am thankful for your treatment and care of Holley. To be able to live a life free (or nearly free) from seizures is truly a gift not to be taken lightly. Thank you for taking Holley as a patient and even more for your dedication to all those who have benefited from your talents.

  90. Dr. Aboumatar - Thank you very much for all you do to help your patients live seizure free lives. A huge burden must be lifted off them and their families. One cannot imagine what living with epilepsy might be like. I am an RN who works in a home for mentally handicapped individuals many of whom have epilepsy. What a blessing it would be if some of them could be helped by a physician such as you. Please know that the gift you have given Holly, and I'm sure many of your other patienst is so much appreciated. Wanda

  91. Dr. Aboumatar

    Thank you so much for saving my friend Holley. She's a remarkable woman. She has touched my life and lots of others. You are an angel. May God bless you

  92. Dr Aboumatar

    Your ambition to help those that need hope keeps people like Holley with us and able to share her creativitiy and her great smile. Thanks from the world of crafters!

  93. Dr. Aboumatar,

    Thank you for changing Holley's life for the better. My own Mom was an LPN before she passed away, and I know firsthand of the ability that a Physician has to change someone's life. You have given the world a positive influence by renewing Holley's body and spirit.
    And because of you I have found a new friend in Holley, but she doesn't even realize it yet, because I met her online through a cardmaking website, a hobby that both Holley and I share. I have a feeling we will be fast friends! So thank you for the gift of friendship. Take care, Dr. Aboumatar, and thank you for all you do, and for indirectly honoring my own Mother's memory by your service in the medical field.


  94. Dr. Aboumatar,
    As a person who has had many health issues in my life, I understand how Holley feels about you - the right doctor makes all the difference in the world! I only know Holley through her blog, but the changes in her life this year are amazing. Thank you for taking such good care of her for us!

  95. Dear Dr. Aboumatar,
    I'd like to thank you for the wonders you have given back to Holley! I don't know her personally, but have a grandson who had some seizure issues and I know the terror and helplessness involved. To have someone so very special care for his patients is a wonderful feeling! Please know that your work is much appreciated!!!!!!
    Thank you again!

  96. Dear Dr. Aboumatar, thank you for your dedication to and caring for all your patients. You have given the world a positive influence by renewing Holley's body and spirit. I am so happy to find this blog and I'm a follower!
    hugs. Larisa. xx

  97. Dr. Aboumatar - thank-you for your dedication to your patients, especially Holley. Your work and the healing hands of God have given Holley and others back their quality of life. May God Bless your life and the lives of those you touch.

  98. Dr. Aboutamar, Thank You so much for your hard work and dedication to your patients (like Holley) and to the medical community. You may never know how much you affect others who are not your patients just by saving the lives of your patients. Holley is so creative and thoughtful, and by helping her, you have helped me, because I can continue to be inspired by her through her blog . Keep up the great work! You have touched so many people through your hard work and dedication.

    Happy Valentines Day!
    Shellie Sauve ssauve7@aol.com

    Happy Valentines Day!!

  99. Dr. Aboutamar, Thank you for using your talent to save my friend Holley and all the other deserving people who are lucky enough to have you as their Dr. Holley certainly has a lot to look forward to and thanks to you, she is able to move on with her life hopefully for many more years!!
    Juanita ladyj@ncweb.com

  100. Dr. Aboutamar, thank you for helping so many people. Holley's descriptions of you show you to be a truly dedicated, caring person.

  101. What you have done for Holley is nothing short of miraculous! How wonderful that you have been able to create such beneficial changes in someone's life. Thank you for helping Holley, and a lot of other people I am sure!

  102. Your work is nothing less than a miracle!

  103. There are very few doctors who go the extra mile for their patients, Thank God you have one who does. How wonderful God is that He worked through Dr Aboumatar and healed you.

  104. Dear Dr Aboumatar, thank you for your dedication to your profession. It's comforting to know that there are doctors who truly care about the quality of care they provide to their patients. You have changed Holley's life and for that we are grateful! Blessings to you and your family!