Monday, January 31, 2011

It's Blog Candy month

I am having a HUGE celebration this month--Feb will mark one year following two brain surgeries. This time last year I was horribly sick and at the end of my rope. I met a new Doctor in November and at my first appointment the man told me I needed to have brain surgery. Needless to say, I was devastated and totally overwhelmed. My stamping friends and blogging buddies where a real lifesaver for me. You guys rock! I got so much wonderful support and an outpouring of help from so many people.

In Feb 2010, Doctors did two surgeries eventually removing a large portion of my left temporal lobe. The results have been remarkable. It took a couple of months to heal, but since then, I have made a amazing recovery. I have been truly blessed with NO seizures since. Not only no seizures, but also no headaches, no eye pain, no day to day sleepiness, so many problems that I had before all went away. I can go outside everyday now, work out (I dropped 70 pounds!) and I am back in wonderful health. In mid Feb, I will hit my 1 year seizure free period. For that, I want to give back to you all!!

Contests will start with the first posting in Feb and will continue through-out the month. As postings are made, many will clearly state if there are prizes involved, others may also have prizes and some will just have surprises!! I have wonderful prizes from Sweet Pea Stamps, The Paper Temptress and Squigglefly PLUS a ton of wonderful brand new goodies from all sorts of companies like Basic Grey, Magnolia, Making Memories, Jollees, Little Yellow Bicycle, Hampton Art Stamps and more!! I will send prizes all over the world!! I will keep a tally of prizes (you are eligible to win more than one) and will mail everything out at the end of the Blog Candy month.


Stay tuned then....the first candy posting will come soon. Be sure to read each candy posting game and follow the rules for each game.

Hugs all!


  1. Holley, we have talked about your surgeries and I think its remarkable. I am so happy for your sucessful outcome. It must be life changing for you. I wish you good health to continue in your future.
    Thanks for such a fun blog and some games coming up in the following month. I'll stay tuned. Smiles Sher

  2. Hugs to you Sher! It has been wonderful for me, all that has happened due to the surgery. More than I ever thought would happen. Dr Aboumatar was a real God-send to me. He's a wonderful doctor.

  3. Holley, I'm so very glad that everything has improved for you, not only greatly, but swiftly as well!

    I can only imagine the pain and nervousness you went through, but I'm really glad that you had so much support not only at home, but from your online friends as well!

    I remember your blog post where you posted about your new jeans, with the size sticker on them. You were SO happy!! 70 lbs is a big feat!

    keep up the good work, and here is many more years of being seizure free!! (and headache and eye pain free!! I suffer from horrible migraines and even fiorcet and relpax are rarely helpful!)

    I really do wish you the best of luck for all the years to come.

    ~Melisa Marie

  4. OMG!!! I had no idea that you had ahd to go through all of this, well i geuss right now its just thank G"d its behind you and you can move forward. I wish you great health and much happiness and i am sure that you feel absolutely fabulous now that you've lost all the weight and have been seizure free.

  5. Hi Holley

    I'm so pleased to hear that you're doing so well, and have lost all that weight too - CONGRATULATIONS, and here's hoping for many more happy and healthy years to come.

    Judi x

  6. I аm so pleased to hear that you're doing so well)))I really do wish you the best of luck!!!

  7. Hi Holly,
    I am a new follower of your wonderful blog. And congratulations for your recovery.

  8. Thanks to you all! I hope you are all going to participate in all the games, I have wonderful things to share with everyone because I am so blessed and so thankful and I want to share my happiness with everyone!!


  9. Holley, it is so wonderful to hear your good news. I am so happy for you! We look forward to having you back at snagging stampers soon.

  10. Dr. Aboumatar, Thank you for helping Holley get through her illness and out to the other wellness. She inspires us and makes us smile with her creativity, vitality, and sense of humor. Without you, Dr. and your talent and skill, we would certainly miss a wonderful cyber friend.

    hugs, jerri