Saturday, January 1, 2011


OK, you wanted to see, can't even see all the stitches on the back side here, but it goes down the center of my forehead, around to the back of my skull and comes out the front of my left ear!! 81 staples. After about 2 weeks, they just yank these suckers out. UGH!

I used to have over 3+ feet of gorgeous long brown hair. Before christmas, I cut off over 2 foot of it and donated it to Locks of Love, who make wigs for people with hair loss.

Here's me now: You can't even see the scars unless you are really looking!! (you can really feel the indentions on my head though)
Holley -n- Husband John Dec 2010


  1. OMG....that is a ton of metal that you were carrying around, it's a wonder it hurt when it all was comin' out!!

    Hugs Shell~Alaska♥

  2. Amazing, that is great that you donated your hair. Hopefully someone out there is already recieving the benefits of it.

  3. Oh Holley, It looks sooooooooooooo painful, but of course I'm a chicken when it comes to pain...LOL. I just thank God that you had the surgeon, medical staff, husband, etc. that helped you through this. Praise the Lord.

  4. OH my goodness Holley, even though it really looks painful and scary it was so so worth it! I am still amazed that the operation was even possible! It truly gave you your life back!
    the PaperTemptress

    PS: you look so happy with your husband! You are a very lucky person!

  5. Hugs y'all!! I am so happy now. I was SO nervous coming out of surgery and just praying a lot that no seizures would every come again. About 2 months into healing I felt so wonderful!

    p.s. I am so happy with husband. He's the BEST!! That man stayed at the hospital with me and slept in chair, took such wonderful care of me, he's really my life partner!

  6. Oh Holley,
    How wonderful! (About your comment above, not your stitches/scar) ....I am sorry you had to go through it (and it looks so painful) but now you are better and have that all behind you.
    Hats off to your wonderful DH! Oh you two look so beautiful together.