Friday, May 18, 2018

my hair!

Here's a hilarious image from the Grunplings of Taylored Expressions.  I love their attitude.  I has to pick this one about hair today.  As you may have read earlier this week I has surgery due to a fall.  Now I am stuck being one handed.  oh how hard is this?!?

one of the biggest issues is I cant do anything with  my hair!  ugh.  love my DH, he has been so sweet but he cant even make a pony tail. 


  1. Oh dear - I hope you're back to normal soon, Love this lion - he looks sooooo grumpy!

  2. Hi Holley this is a gorgeous card. I do hope you make a speedy recovering and can start doing your own hair again soon. Hugs Jackie

  3. This is wonderful, wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Linda xxx

  4. Hope you have a speedy recovery Holley, love the image and sentiment such a fun card.

    Sylv xx

  5. I love these grumplings - this little lion is no exception - great card.

  6. I had to laugh. I can totally sympathize! It's tough to even brush out long hair one handed! Hope you have a complete and rapid recovery!