Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Dr Who

I thought this fun image from Faery Ink with a Doctor Who theme would be perfect for today since I will be spending a whopping SEVEN AND A HALF hours, yep, 7.5 hours in the London airport. Woah, I am sure that airport is fascinating, but not many things are 7.5 hours of fascinating.

In fairness, You will really only have like 6 hours or so to kill as you know they will take 45+ min off on each side boarding and deplaning.


  1. Hi Holley this is a stunning card. That image is awesome. Which London airport?We have lots. Hugs Jackie

  2. Beautiful card and coloring, Holley. Love the look xoxo

  3. I agree Heathrow is not the best place to spend 7.5 hours in! Hope you brought your crosswords/sudoku/Colouring book/Paperback book!! Or you can just blog hop if you connect to their free wifi!!
    I agree that image suits the sentiment - awesome - beautiful colouring!!

  4. Great card Holley, love the sentiment x

  5. Fabulous card Holley, such a great image. I hope the stopover wasn't too boring. Cathy x

  6. You made great progress.This is really pretty and good idea on site !