Thursday, July 26, 2018

is it winter yet?

LOL, is it winter yet?  I have this adorable Grumplings set from Taylored Expressions in Summer theme.  I am some days wondering about winter, but when I say winter, I mean TEXAS winter.  Not winter.  Texas winter that we normally get, which is in the 50s or so.  I can live with that for a little while.  Now last year, it was just absurdly cold for us (and I think most of you as well).  So, I am pretty much kidding when I ask for winter, because I know how brutal that can be.  I literally ordered myself a coat from CANADA.  bwahahaha!!!

Hope you are all enjoying the summer heat for now. I am sure before we know it we will be wishing for summer again.  Take Care and have a wonderful summery day!


  1. Cute card, great sentiment! I’d be happy with temps below 100.

  2. Such a sweet card. I'll happily take dry heat all year, please xoxo

  3. LOL love the image and sentiment.
    Linda xxx

  4. Lovely card and fun image. This is an appropriate image for the heat wave we are having over here in the UK, it is how I am feeling at the moment!

    Sylv xx

  5. Such a fun card and image Holley. We are sweltering in the UK at present. There was a humongous electric storm last night. Hopefully it will settle soon.

  6. Really cute card, love that image , I am enjoying a real Summer in the Uk at the moment. Like we used to have when I was younger!!

  7. That's adorable! I just move from CA to CO so I'm looking forward to actually having seasons.