Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cards from kids: A wonderful surprise

Today's mail brought in a wonderful surprise. I got four adorable handmade cards. These cards came from the Wright Family in San Antonio. They are such a wonderful family and I have such fun sending them handmade cards and supplies. The kids often send me their works of art as well. Here's some great photos that show their work and long with some detail shots.

From Kate:
The card is actually much brighter than the scan shows. She uses several layers of pink together along with beautiful die cuts, stickers, and cute layered flowers.

Inside she decorate with this adorable flower made from Making Memories. I love the detailing she added to the leaf to make it more authentic. She also lined the bottom of the inside of the card with these cute heart stickers and a Best Wishes stickers. She decorated the back of her card with this adorable flower and stamp. She has beautiful handwriting!!

From John:
John made this cute card. I love the blue sky and how he added a cloud.

He added cute detailing to the butterfly to show it's flying. Inside the card he put this pretty flower. I loved the punched images across the bottom of the card.

From Jill
Jill made this pretty in pink card and decorated the corners with a heart punch from Fiskars. She made a cute "Best Wishes" sentiment for the front and decorated it with a die cut flower. Inside she decorated it with pink and red flowers on the corners. She has such beautiful penmanship!

From Joseph:
Joseph made a wonderful rainbow card. I am so impressed that he puts the colors in the proper order. He stencilled letters onto the front of the card and use a heart punch from Fiskars on the bottom. He decorated the inside with cute smiley face stickers and stars. He was the winner of the School Spelling bee!!

It was really wonderful to get 4 nice cards in the mail today. You can really see the design, attention to detail, and thoughtfulness of their work. In addition to what I showed here, they also each wrote a whole paragraph in their cards that were incredibly touching for someone who is facing surgery. Their words are as touching as their art. (And these kids all have amazing penmanship, great grammar and spelling. WOW);

Today (2/3/10) I got another card from the Wrights, this one from Samantha! She used pink paper and stenciled words along with other cute images! Here are some fun pictures of her card
Thanks so much you all! Big Hugs, Holley


Anonymous said...

they are so sweet..it is such a special gift when a child takes the time to make someone a gift. sweet blessing :-)

Holley (Tondre) Barnhart said...

I know I was so touched by their cards. So wonderful.

the PaperTemptress said...

What wonderful and heartfelt gifts from these delightful artists! Truly warms the soul doesn't it? You are in our thoughts and prayers!

the PaperTemptress