Thursday, February 5, 2015

You & Me, Always

Here's a gorgeous image from Slinky Tart, this used to be Stamping Chef, if you are familiar with her images, so if you have been on Facebook or her website before and been wondering where she went, she has changed company names and is now known as Slinky Tart. She'd added some super hot images to her site as well!

So, here's a little fact about Epilepsy--this will affect at least 1% of the world's population. Over 30% of the cases, doctor's have no idea why a patient has it.  Two thirds of patients who have epilepsy will be helped with the first medication they are given, regardless of the medication that it is.  The remaining patients will often not ever have complete control with medications.  This leads to a life long issue of uncontrollable seizures, medications and increased health issues.  Once a patient has tried more than 2 medications or is simultaneously on three medications doctors have little hope that they will be medically controlled.  At that point being tested for surgery is often a valid option.  Most people do fear surgery (and rightfully so).  Frankly when I found out that it was coming, my first response was calling every church and friend I knew to start asking them to pray because I know only about 30% qualify for surgery so despite the realization that surgery is approaching, it was super important to qualify.

OK, let's get on with the question of the day--what's your favorite color?  how about your least favorite?  lately my fav is tending towards pink/orange.  I seem to use blue/purple the least.

How about you?


Natalie said...

I love purples, but when it comes to coloring with copics, I'm haveing a hard time with purples.
Lately I like a peach-teal- or peach-lightolive-combo. I do not know why. :)

New Creations said...

I love to play with all the colors but blue is my favorite color, and the least one is grey.

Shelley said...

My favorite color . . . so hard to pick just one. It's a tie between black, blue or pink. However my favorite color combos to use in card making is purple and cream - or maybe green and cream,

Betsy said...

My favorite color is blue, with pink running a close second. My least favorite color is ... hmmmmm ...... I don't really have a color I don't like!

Melody Strahan said...

This image is smokin'! Love this card Holley!

My faorite colors are pinks and reds, pretty much any value from pale pastels to neons and Darks. My least favorites are oranges and purples. Not sure why, but I just don't use a lot of them. :)

I understand about the 30%. My first husband was among them, but was not a candidate for surgery. Sometimes it was scary when he was having seizures. I think they finally found some newer drugs that were controlling them better than in the past though.

I am so glad you are doing so well! I pray someday everyone with epilepsy will be completely cured!

cebelica said...

I didn't know Stamping chef changed their name. Thank you for the info. I love the card you made wit their image.
Also, thanks for sharing those facts about epilepsy. I didn't know those things. I'm glad your surgery was successful and that you are fine.
As for me, I love pink, turquoise, teal, purple, blue and white colours the most. I'm not too keen of green and blach or grey though.
Hugs! xx

Holly Young said...

super sexy card Holley, and as always your coloring is fantastic. I love that lace too. My favorite color is light purple, but lately I've been doing blue/green combination on my cards. My least favorite color is orange - but ironically I have an orange card on my blog today! It's funny when people ask me what my favorite color is I always want to ask "for what?" I mean I love purple, but I wouldn't want a purple house!

KT Fit Kitty said...

Beautiful card, beautifully coloured! My favourite colour is pink. I love pink and green together. I don't think there are any colours I don't like.

lora said...

Beautiful card...gorgeous image and

Larisa said...

Aww, such a pretty image and sooo beautifully coloured.

Rhonda Miller said...

I love your card.
Thank you for sharing these facts.
I tend to use more blues/yellows lately and less greens.

Laila B. said...

My favorite color is turquoise I love to combine it with pink and the least favorite is brown!!!

Unknown said...

Great composition on your card and coloring. My favorite colors are green and purple. Least favorite is red as I grew up with 3 redheads in my family and my mother dressed me in red everything.
Virginia Montagna

Kim Hannan said...

Cute card Holley!

Linda Simpson said...

Gorgeous image, love the colours and gorgeous lace.
Linda xxx

jane stillman said...

What a saucy card-love it. My favourite colour is probably lilac/purple - I don't have a least favourite x

Marjeta said...

Hello again!
You asked for my favourite colour. I must say that my favourite colour combinations are black and red, brown and orange, green and blue. Have a nice day, and jes you made a beautiful card as always.

KarinsArtScrap said...

fabulous image and fantastic card Holley
Gr Karin

Kate M said...

Interesting information on this horrid medical condition.
Love your sassy card - that image is super.
At the moment I am back in my yellow mood, and I love it with navy blue or black for impact!

Glennis F said...

I tend towards blues and purples, and not so much orange and red

Jackie T said...

Hi Holley this is a gorgeous card I love the image. I like using blues and purples. There are so many lovely colours. Hugs Jackie

Unknown said...

Fabulous card as always Holley. My favourite colour is Lilac lime green is the one I do not like much. Hugs Jennifer xx

Pat said...

Love that card, and that bit of lace at the bottom is perfect! I love using Teal with either brown or pink. My least fave color is purple, with orange as a close second.

the Purple One said...

Awesome Card Holley! Orange is hot now! :0) My favorite color is still purple!! Hugs!

Lucie H said...

Lately I've been in a Mardi Gras frame of mind. My last couple of sets of ATCs have been purple, green and gold. Also I did some shaving cream backgrounds in Victorian colors.

Sylvia said...

Great card Holley, my favourite colour has to be blue don't think there is a colour I don't like other than the muddy brown you sometimes get when over colouring with inks.

Sylv xx

scrapperme said...

I pretty much like all colors except brights. It really depends on what the color will be used on. But if I really had to narrow it down I would have to say deep reds like burgundy and also black and white.

Laine said...

So pleased that things are more settled for you medically Holley. Here's to a bright future and talking of bright. I like bright shades, you may have noticed. Don't particularly have a favourite colour. She is a very sassy lady, lovely colour and detail.

jackie preval said...

very sexy and nice and bright

SHartl said...

You always make the most amazing cards and I only wish I could color as well as you! My favorite color right now is pale green...natural and soothing! So glad that you are continuing to do well!

Cindy H. said...

Your husband must have an awesome collection of beautiful cards so glad you have him as your best friend to support you each day that God has given you. My favorite colors are Silver and Light or medium Pink so pretty together. My least favorite color is anything neon Yuk!!!

Teresa Godines #6857 said...

Awesome card, love the lace. My favorite color is purple... any shade will do. However, I find that I craft with lots of greens.

Unknown said...

My favourite colour is blue and I absolutely hate purple

Andree said...

A fantastic card Holley and a super gorgeous image. I love the lace and buttons.
My all time favourite colour is turquoise and I tend to love pastels more than bright colours. It was interesting reading your piece about epilepsy. I worked for many years as a carer and many of my clients suffered from epilepsy - and I do mean suffered. None of those I met ever qualified for surgery and they were so severely affected that they required full time care. I'm glad that you were able to be helped x

bissecat said...

Great card very sexy too.I like green,turquoise,brown,but all colors are beautiful when they are harmony.

ShersL84bed said...

I'm always interested to read facts about Epilepsy. I was lucky to be controlled on my first med but it also had serious weight gain within a few months. My youngest son was also controlled with his first, but his weight gain was awful too. He had stretchmarks like crazy, but we were thankful the seizures were gone. My older son wasn't so lucky. His first medication did not work, and they had to add a second one. Epilepsy medicine is so expensive, and unfortunately insurances want to put you on generics, and they just don't work for everyone, like a generic antibiotic would. Guess I better get on with your question huh? lol fave color this year is purple, least favorite is yellow.

Unknown said...

Hi Holley, a really hot sexy card, your hubby should love it. My favourite colour is apple green. it was the colour of my school uniform and I always felt so special in it. but the colour of my card depends on the colour of my topper.

kaye G

DJ said...

I love blues/green, teal colors. I really don't have any least favorite colors, I use most colors depending on the type of project I'm working on.

Susan T. said...

Great color choice! Perfect for Valentine's Day!

Unknown said... it...not a fan of purples...not sure why..but it's a color I use the least

Unknown said...

Very pretty and sexy card! I really like blues and purples lately and I don't dislike any color.

Gail Behrle said...

Wonderful, sassy, sexy card! The lace sets it of beautifully. Great coloring as always. My brother has epilepsy, which thankfully has been controlled with medication. He is now 60. My favorite color is purple and if I had to pick a least favorite, it would be brown.

Kathy said...

This card is HOT! Plus I love the lace. I love blue tones, but I don't use they very often on cards except for winter snow. I'm not sure why. I don't like neons, but all other colors work for me. Interesting info about epilepsy. Thanks for educating those of us who aren't famililar with it.

Unknown said...

What a Hot HOT ((( H O T ))) Card!!!! ;)
Favorite color is Teal - Least Fav is Brown!!!

Nikki said...

What a sexy card :) she's hot!!!
Fave colors love those teals and greens least used color is purple I own very little if it
Hugs Nikki

Jean said...

My favorite color seems to be blue. I use it most of the time. Least fave is maybe orange.

Jean Bullock said...

Just about any color of blue seems to float my boat, especially turquoise, aqua and teal. LOL, my dad would love to get that card - don't think my mom would appreciate it.

Unknown said...

Hmm.. Purple is such a long time my favorite color. I also love teal. Yellow or orange... my least favorites.. yuch. And again you have made a sexy smexy card... (one for your husband....?). Love it!

L. Kent said...

I like most colors. But it really depends on what I'm using it for. For cards I like deep blues and deep reds. But I have been trying to expand from my usual black and white. Actually used yellow the other day! lol

Debbie said...

I'm not so much into A favorite color as I am into favorite color combinations. That said, I do love BLUE, any shade, depending on what it's coupled with. I love other combos like pink/lime green, aqua/red, black/almost any color!

Karenladd said...

Thank you for sharing info on epilepsy as well as inspiring us with your creative projects! I think that many people don't realize that epilepsy is often not controlled with medication and are not aware of the surgical option. So glad that it worked for you! My favorite color all year round is deep red but I also love blues!

Karenladd said...

Oh, and my least favorite color to use is pink! There are so many shades of pink and I can never get my papers, ink and embellishments to coordinate!

Sandy Hentzel said...

TSC was my first digi team! Cute card. My dev color is black/white combo. My least fahrenheit is orange.


Vickie Kertz said...

Always love greens especially olive. There is really no color I really dislike.

Janny's Cards Creations said...

Beautiful card. Greetings Janny

Janny's Cards Creations said...

Beautiful card. Greetings Janny

UTs Hobby Time said...

Lovely card. I like all your button embellishments in your cards.

My favorite colors are blue and black.

* Shell B.* said...

Holley, this card is wonderfully sexy and any guy would love it .....did you make it for John for Valentines Day?
So thankful that your with us today and your health continues after all you've been through!
Color wise I seem to swing towards the blues & greens for cards = )

Unknown said...

Fabulous bet hubby will love it. Hugs Jennifer xx said...

wow I just absolutely LOVE how clear the stamps are! They are just the right size for coloring in with any kind of markers and any kind of embellsihments. said...

By the way Holley, my favorite colors are reds and teals, well I love them all especially "rainbow" effects

riliska said...

I love the purple colour, bt I use it seldom, because I have not enough inspire for this.. We are in winter here now, and all is white around..

Stacy H-W said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stacy H-W said...

What a beauty Holley! I tend to like bright intense colors. Purple is my favorite but I like reds and oranges too

Berina RGA said...

I love pink and peach... the least color I seem to be using is blue..

ionabunny said...

Cute card. Love blue. Don't tend to use much yellow. Your epilepsy bulletins are very interesting. Hugz

Audrey R in Austin said...

Holley - Blue is my favorite color, but I love all colors!

Jenn Beautiful said...

Holley this is beautiful!! I just LOVE Tamara's work!! My favorite color is pink, my least faborite would have to be greens, anything outside of bright yellowy greens I sruggle with. Thank you for sharing such important information along with your beautiful work. Education is important, and I appreciate what you're doing. Keep up the good work. ♡♡♡

Amy Martin said...

Very cute sassy card. Love this image. My favorite color is Teal. and my least favorite is red. I use it when needed and some things it looks great on but I could never wear the color.

Rosalee said...

My favorite color is Black and my least favorite is pink. Cute card.
Hugs, Rosalee

debbie said...

combination right now is teal and purple... least favorite is yellows

Angelicnwa said...

my favorite color to work with are the blues. But I also love colors that go with brown!

Angelicnwa said...

my favorite color to work with are the blues. But I also love colors that go with brown!

Lyn C said...

My favorites are the southwest sunset colors.
My least favorite is probably orange

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