Saturday, February 28, 2015

Blog Candy Winner list

Here's the main Blog candy winner list. 
US winners can send your mailing address to
Out of the USA winners send your email to me

If your name is in BLUE I have gotten your info, if in BOLD I don't have your contact yet, please resend it!!

Pre-contest winners-
Facebook Winners:
 Leadonna Quick Kimmel, Linda Lechnir Chidster
 Birthday message Winner for Sweet Pea stamps Owner Lynette:  VIRGINIA MONTANGA

Winner list for Feb 1st (this winner list will continue to grow):
1st to Post--Ike
Lucky #5 for 5 years of Seizure free life--Karin
Karin Rankin (send Email)
the Purple One
Erin Bently (send email)
Candace Ishmael
Linda Weber
Holly Young
Faye (send email)
Stacy H-W
Vinita Jain
Melody Strahan
Berina RGA
Barbara Macaskill
Susan T
Debbie (texas)
Terri avid reader
Carolyn Cochran
Kathleen Coughlan (send email)
Diane Hickman
Melisa Marie
Robin Bettis Novak
Teresa Godines#6857

Feb 2nd Winners--Bestie Stamps from Sherri Baldy (send your email)
KT Fit Kitty
Suzi McKenzie

Feb 3rd Winners
Scrapbook Blessings Club

Feb 4th Winners (please send Address)
Nikki C

Feb 5th Winners
Debbie E.
Jenn Beautiful
Shell B

Feb 6th Winners Sweet Pea Stamps
Digi Stamps please email your email address
Kaye Greening

Rubber Stamps, please email your address
Jean Bullock
Rhonda Miller

Feb 7th Winners
Susan Slomski
Carol Ann Freed
Audrey R

Feb 8th-send your address
Stamping Sue

Feb 9th  Email only needed
Avril Ann
Jane Stillman
Linda Simpson

Feb 10th--please send your email
Andree (Ace Cards)

Feb 11th
Teresa (send email)
UTs Hobby Time (send mailing address)
L.Kent (send mailing address)

Feb 12th (please send email)
Dar Bassie-Cripps
Karenladd (send address)

Feb 13th
Digi Stamps (send email)
Chrissy Sharp

Send Address
Ruby N

Feb 14th (please send address)
Gail Behrle

Feb 15th (please send emails)
Wendy McCarthy
Judith Taylor-Wright
Lea Brawn

The question of the day was how many times did John and I attend NBA All Star weekend after New York City in 1998;  The correct answer is 4!! We also went to Golden State, Philly, Washington DC, and Atlanta. The following people will get an extra prize (either physical or digital) added to their goodies--Conie Fong, Betsy, Shelley, Amy#8546(TheTigersHaven)

Feb 16th
Please send email
Lucie H
Vickie Hutley
Kay Dalton
Jennifer Bradley
Jackie Trinder

Please send address
Stacy H-W
Vickie Kertz

Feb 17th (please send your address)
Grandma Lee
Emily Thubbron

Feb 18th (note the big gift certificate winners will get announced at the end of Feb 28th!)
Please send your address
Nancy Dunlap
Lyn Christian

Feb 19th please send email
Tracy Welham
Laila B
Dar Bassie-Cripps

Feb 20th
Please send email:

send address
Stamping Sue
Karen Ladd
Jean Bullock

Feb 21st Please Send Email
Dar Bassie-Cripps
Janie Boots
KT FitKitty

Feb 22
Trace C (Send email)
Kaija  (send email)

Feb23 (please send email)
Trish D
Julie Gleeson

Feb 24
please send email
Beth W
Wend Shier
please send address
Pat Ridings
Mary K
Susan Salyer

Feb 25th (please send email)
Kate M

Natalie (send email)
Barbara Macaskill

Feb27th (Send email)
Nicky hxx

Feb 28th
Catherine Stannard (send email)
Consuella Jackson (send addr)
the Paper Temptress (send addr)

Total winners over 135!
If your name is in BLUE I have gotten your info, if in BOLD I don't have your contact yet!!


Did you miss the blog candy photos?  click here

Cherish Every Moment

I told you about a week ago that Artist Sandra Caldwell has made me my very own stamp in celebration of my 5th anniversary of Seizure Free life.  How awesome is that?? She's been a wonderful friend and she's an amazing artist. I have seen her stamps at several different stores  now and you can find her images at Sweet Pea Stamps.  This adorable Teddy is Celebrating 5 years for me.  I actually made this card and took it to my doctor's office on my 5th anniversary along with some wonderful treats for Doctor Aboumatar and his staff at Austin Epilepsy Care Center.
Here's a beautiful close up of the image that Sandra made just for me.  (How cool is that, "made just for me?")

Let me thank all of you for celebrating this month with me!! I am so incredibly thankful for everything that I now have. It's truly been an unbelievable journey from where I was 5 years ago. I never knew what was in store for me.  I didn't begin to realize the change that was in store for me when I went to the hospital in Feb 2010.  I hope that all of you who suffer through medical problems day to day have hope that you too will find the answers.  Don't give up hope!  Keep searching for the right doctor. I was with a doctor that I THOUGHT was great for so many years, it took me four months with a new doctor to essentially solve my problems.  Hindsight is 20/20.  If your doctor is not helping you, listening to you, making your life better, pushing you to better your life, seek other medical attention.  Huge thanks to all those crafters out there who supported me back then. I have always said, "Crafters are the nicest people"

Later tonight or early tomorrow morning I will be posting a HUGE winner list of a bunch of grand prizes, so please leave a comment here and keep an eye out!!  If you see your name on the current winner list in BLACK, then drop me an email with your email or address as needed.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Kiss me!

Here's the cutest stamp from Oliva and Co or on her Etsy site Atelier Oz I showed the sweetest Teddy bear card last weekend using another stamp from this artist.  Here's a sweet little girl image from her. I have some wonderful prizes from this store.  They have everything from adorable teddy bears to detailed zetangles, to cute animals and fun alphabets!

I am very much trying to add in those colors periodically that I don't use often, such as this turquoise or blueish green combo with the yellow.  I am using a paper bag brown in the background.  So, here we are at the end of the month, one super special card tomorrow, using a great image that was custom made for me!  Today I will pick winners who will get images from Atelier OZ. 

Have you seen our Winner List?  It's getting longer everyday!  Please check it each days as new winners get added. Here's some names that I haven't heard from yet---if you see someone you know--tell them  Terri Avid Reader, Carolyn Cochran,
Melisa Marie, Diane Hickman, Robin Bettis Novak,
Jenn Beautiful, Suzi Mckenzie, Margo, Wendy McCarthy, Cumbrianlass, Judith Taylor Wright, Conie Fong,
Vickie Huntly, Kay Dalton, Rosalee, Emily Thubbron,
Matley, Nancy Dunlap, Trace C, Kaija, Jan LTC,
Julia Gleeson, Gillian  drop me an email so I have your email to send your prize (either via email or your mailing address)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I'll be your snuggle bunny

So, this has to be about the cutest stamp ever! She was designed by Artist Sandra Caldwell and is sold by Sweet Pea Stamps, she's called Old Maid Bunny.  I created an adorable sentiment "I'll be your snuggle bunny."  But I also think this image would be so adorable for Easter as well.  I used gorgeous papers today from Paper Temptress to create this card.
Here's a wonderful close up of the image. I colored her with Copic markers. She and the sentiment were printed out on Neenah Classic Crest Solar White paper.

The base of the card is a gorgeous shimmery metallic called Gold from the Mica/Metallic line.  The card is 5.5" square card, which is easy to make from an 8.5x11" piece of paper.  It then leaves you enough cardstock to later create borders or other embellishments on a different card.  The fun pink die cut heart borders are using Pop Tones Razzleberry.  The shimmery text printed sheet comes from Hambly Screenprints.  This sheer sheet is a gorgeous touch to add shimmer and color and is called Script Tease.  The other cardstock is a small layer of black behind the sentiment, Basis Black.
Just a few days to go now, so be sure and check the winner list!! 
Let me also say if for some bizarre reason I have left someone out of the winner list,  there will be a post contest drawing as there is always extra packages and packages/digi stamp prizes that will go unclaimed, so on the 28th a post will be set up in case I miss anyone!! (Also on the 28--all those bigger prizes like those die cuts, large stamp sets, $25-30 gift cards and such will be listed, so there will be one HUGE list that day)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Be strong

Well, it's another Bugaboo kind of day!  Woohoo.  This company is giving away some awesome gift certificates to their store.  The image I am using today is called Strength Fairy.  I totally LOVE the sentiment that comes with this image, if nothing was more perfect to go with this month's celebration but this sentiment.   "Sometimes, to get the best out of life you go through some of the worst.  No one said it would be easy. BE STRONG."

I almost even have to say something about the hair, as when I had my surgery they literally shaved my head down the center, around the back, almost like a reverse Mohawk.  something like the girl here, but not nearly as nice. in fact, way worse.  I had already cut off about 2 foot worth of hair to donate to Locks of Love, but it was definitely a shock to see myself in the mirror the first time (that was about four weeks post surgery)

Here's some additional cards created by  Friends and Design Team Members of Your Scrapbook Place who has monthly Anything Goes contests HERE.


So, what other types of crafting do you guys like?  I also do a lot of jewelry making.  I made all kinds of wonderful necklaces and earrings for the church's bazaar last year.  I have done and taught classes using polymer clay (mostly jewelry making, mokume gane and stamping). Hmmmm....dabbled very lightly in books or other deco making or doing fun crafts with the kids for things like Vacation Bible study.  What other hobbies do you like?

Wow, just three days left?  can you believe it?  have you been keeping an eye on the winner's list? you best check NOW!! CLICK HERE  Just in case this is your first day here, be sure and go to Feb 1st!!  that is the main drawing for the whole month from which winners and grand prize winners will get drawn as well!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

This is not the Easter Bunny

Here's a funny image (or maybe a dark image) from SLS Lines. It's a rabbit holding a bottle of poison that he has poured on these eggs to make them disappear.  Needless to say, I don't think he's the easter bunny!  Check out this image here at the SLS Lines store, He's called Easter Bunny, Grumpy Bunny.  I added my own sentiment that says "You'll never find these eggs again."   Ha! 
Let me ask this, do you all ever make cards without stamps?  I have in the past, with either gorgeous die cuts or really nice embellishments, but I don't seem to do it much now.  I pretty much always seem to start my cards with the image in mind first, then I go from the image, to the cardstock, then to finding the perfect sentiments/embellishments.  What order to you do your creating in?

Have you checked the Winner List today?  Please do!! It's getting updated frequently now, so check often and email me as soon as you see your name.  Hugs!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Make a Wish

Sharing this fun Shaped Card for the SSS Challenge this week.  I hope you are loving all these Bestie Images from Sherri Baldy. They are having contests all over the place but I did this one especially for the Scrapbook Stamp Society Challenge Blog.  Hope you will join in with a fun card over there to be eligible for a prize!  I know the last time I posted one of these shaped cards a follower asked me how it was attached to a back, I left them a response but don't know if they saw it. As was the last card, this card is also attached with a rectangular card behind it.  It uses a very large rectangular envelope.

Speaking of prizes, I have prizes from Sherri Baldy as well! So leave a comment for me today!  Do you have any favorite Besties?  I guess I should ask favorite Besties that you don't own yet, lol!  She designs so many of them, I can't possibly (make that my bank account can't possibly) keep up with all her amazing stamps.  She also has things like fabric, cute little dolls, charms, die cuts,...just everything you can imagine made!  Amazing.  I have been there from the get go with here, back when she was just starting her own shop.  I can even recall having this fun conversation about copic markers.  I told her "Hi, my name is Holley and I am a copic-aholic"  That made her bust out laughing.  Needless to say, she's a true artist for life so she took to copics like a duck takes to water!  She really is a super nice person.  Huge thanks to her for celebrating with me and giving away images during my celebration!

Please go check on the winner list, as the month comes to an end, winners will start getting added faster now, so if you see your name, just drop me a message, with your email or mailing address.  At the end of the month I will be promptly emailing the digi-stamp winners as well as wrapping up the packages.  Each day I will be posting in march to let you know what's gone in the mail!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Meet the Goth Girl

Here's one of the newest releases at SLS Lines. I was totally in love with this girl when I saw her. I colored her up with fun pink hair and a matching pink scarf and glove with orange/pink polka dots.  How fun is that?  She's called Goth Girl with Goldfish and Balloons.  I love this image! She's totally looking like she's in a fishbowl.  Awesome.

if you like fab and funky, then you will love SLS Lines.  If you like Beautiful Fairies, you will love SLS Lines.  Check out her amazing drawings on Etsy.

Can you believe we are on the last week of the month? I know I can't. 

Have you checked the Winner List today?  Please do!! It's getting updated frequently now, so check often and email me as soon as you see your name.  Do you see someone you know?  tell them they won a prize and to come check the list   Faye, Berina RGA, Trish,  Jenn Beautiful, Rhonda Miller, Audrey R, Suzi McKenzie, Karin Rankin, Betsy, Teresa, Chrissy Sharp, Margo, Gail Behrle, Shelley, Wendy McCarthy, Cumbrianlass, Judith Taylor-Wright, Lea Brawn, Conie Fong WINNER LIST

Saturday, February 21, 2015

2 cute ink digital stamps

Here's an adorable image from 2 Cute Ink Digi stamps.  This awesome store is giving away their own prize today of three image to a winner.  I also have set up a deal with the store and will be giving away some stamp assortments from them as well!  I hope you love their fun images.  They have the cutest owls, the sweetest little animals, so adorable.  This cutie is called Patches the Dachshund Dog.
Drop by 2 Cute Digi Stamps and tell me what your favorite images are. I also love the Birthday Pug (gotta make a card for my sister with that one), the owls (check out Scuba owl--ha ha!!) and the Halloween ones (check out  Batman Cat or Vampire Owl). So fun.
Cheers, Holley
The winner list has been updated!  Check it to see if your name is one there!! If your name is in bold black print, then I haven't gotten your email with your email or address so please send your info

Friday, February 20, 2015

You are Loved

Here's a super cute image from Sweet Pea Artist Sandra Caldwell.  This wonderful image is called Old Lady Love Letter.    I used a combo of red and greens on her so I translated that onto the card itself.  I hope I managed to do that without it looking anything like Christmas.  I added a simple sentiment from Cosmo Cricket "You are Loved."

Here's a close up of the image, currently available in Digi Stamp format at the Sweet Pea store!
Here's a fun secret (well, guess it's not much of a secret now, is it?)--Sandra Caldwell drew me a stamp just for my 5th anniversary!!  Can you believe that?  How sweet is that!!  She made me the cutest image to celebrate my 5 years of seizure free life.  I have already made a wonderful card from it and I will be sharing it with you all on the 28th!!
What is your favorite card size?  I seem to be migrating more to the 6x6 size, but I often find it hard to get envelopes.  Or, the envelopes are exactly 6x6, so anything bulky won't go in the envie.  It often makes me trim down a 6x6 card a 1/4 or so to ensure it's going to fit in the envelope when finished.
Have you checked the winner list?  there's lots of goodies and I haven't heard from all the winners on there, if you name is in BOLD letters, I haven't gotten an email, drop me a line with either your email or your address. When I get your info, I change your name into blue.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Meet Hannah from Limited Runs

Here's the cutest stamp from Limited Runs!  I just LOVE this girl. I added a fun metal embellishment that says Hugs and Kisses.  Too sweet.  I also love the blog badge that she has with this fun image on it.  This image is called Hannah.  She's on the link I included near the bottom of the page. I have wonderful prizes from this artist's store to give away this month.
I hope you have been having fun with me during my celebration. I can't believe how fast this month is going by and how much work (lol, mailing) is piling up.  HA! Just kidding, I am looking forward to hearing about everyone's little cheers of happiness when they get something good from their mailbox, be it their email box or their actual letter box.  The wonderful owner of Limited Runs is generously giving away sets of digi stamps from her store and I will also be buying stamps from her store to give to you all!! I hope you totally love her images as much as I do!
Let me ask today, who's your favorite paper company?  I guess you guys can tell that I do love Bazzill.  I love Paper Temptress, esp those Mica/Metallic sheets she sells (oooo and those ruche and those Hambly Overlays and those....);  I love patterned paper though I often find it hard to put them on cards because I love the paper so much I hate it when I am covering up the beautiful patterns on them!  How about you?
Have you checked out the winner list?  Please do!!  I need to hear from the winners, if you don't claim your prizes I might have to give them away....

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Skellie Loves You

Here's some awesome cards using images from Bugaboo.  They are giving a very generous gift certificate to their store today!  WOO HOO.  Have you ever seen their images?  they have stamps of just about everything you can think of!

This card is one I call Skellie Loves You! I totally adore this whole stamp line of images at their store.  Skelekinz are just the cutest. I think I own at least 2/3 of them already.

Here's some other cards that were created by the Design Team Members of Your Scrapbook Place!


Next week I have a three more cards to share with you using fabulous Bugaboo images and another wonderful gift certificate as a prize. 
For today's question, how about you Pop over to the Bugaboo store and tell me which of their fun stamps are your favorite category?  I guess from previous comments you know one of my favorites is Skelekinz; I also love a bunch of images in their other girls/women category, and I also love the digi sets they do which have either complimentary stamps or stamps with matching sentiments.
What's your fave?
Have you checked the winner list?  Please do!! Your name could be on there already!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Make us Laugh

So the people over at Ike's Art are having a challenge called Make Us Laugh, I took this sexy image and added this funny saying from Riley &Co.  "1 day of coal. 364 days of fun. (I'll take my chances)"  HA!!  That's awesome.  I just love the look on this lady's face. That's totally something I can imagine her saying too.
Now, that's a little Sassiness that I love.  I also love the Halloween/goth type images that you see over at Ike's art too.  So many great stamps (also if you love birds, dogs,....there's lots like that as well).

So, hmm, question for the day? are you getting ready for any special events that you are crafting for?  my sister in law is having a baby.  I have a couple birthdays in April/may.  I do love to make a few cards for Easter time, but I am definitely running behind on that!  How about  you?  weddings? already making Christmas cards? what's your current topics?

Have you seen the winner list?  it's been updated!  Drop by and check it out!! There's a link on the right hand side of the blog.  There's now TWENTY NINE winners that I haven't heard from so GO CHECK THE LIST!! then email me!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Cute as a button

Here's the sweetest image ever from artist Sherri Baldy!  There's a wonderful contest going on over at Scrapbook Stamp Society Challenge Blog.  This challenge is to create a shaped card.  Here's my card for the current challenge using an adorable image with a purple and yellow combo (and a hint of orange too!).

Totally some of my favorite colors and a bunch of my favorite embellishments as well, buttons and flowers with a little bling and die cuts!

Out of curiosity, do any of you scrapbook? do you scrapbook as much as you make cards or vice versa?  I guess since I don't have kids (due to all the medical problems that weren't fixed until age 40), so I rarely scrapbook unless we had a vacation or some other special event.  Of course there's a lot of overlap in the materials we use card makers and scrapbookers....

Have you checked the winner list?  CLICK HERE...lots of the winners haven't sent an email yet with their email or their address, so please do!!  Also, if you haven't signed up each day, be sure you do so, as the candy winners are currently chosen up through Feb 7th, so you are welcome to leave comments on the remaining days during the month to be eligible for the remaining prizes!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Friends make life bear-able

Check out this adorable Teddy Bear stamp.  Isn't he the cutest?  I am totally in love with this artist's images.  This image is called Dolly and Me Raggedy Bear.  Will have lots of gift certificates to this artist's wonderful digi stamp store.  She also has beautiful flowers, zetangle words, fun Halloween and cute babes.  The store is Alelier Oz in Etsy. She has a facebook Group Olivia & Co.

I hope everyone had a happy valentine's day.  The hubby and I stayed home to watch NBA All star weekend.  Here's a little fun fact, I went to NBA All star weekend TWICE before I met him.  We dated maybe a month or two before traveling to New York City together for our First NBA All Star weekend together.  Can you guess how many more times we did that trip as our vacation?  I will say that we have not gone since I had surgery.

Leave a comment today to be in the drawing for the cute images from this company.

Have your check out our winner list yet?  there's a link at the upper right hand side!  if you see your name on there, just send me an email with your info!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

I Love You

Here's an awesome image that I got from The East Wind. I just had to use this image to make a beautiful valentine for the hubby.  I hope he loves it.  Have a Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  I have always wondered if this was celebrated all over the world or just in the USA?

Did you all know that there actually was a Saint Valentine?  St. Valentine is also the Patron Saint of Epilepsy.  Well, that's my little bit of  info for the day.  I guess it didn't occur to me before, but perhaps he was praying for me when I had my surgery so close to valentine's day!

Have a great weekend and Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!


Have you checked the winner list lately?  You might be on there! check it by clicking here.
Have you signed up for the MAIN blog candy's the Feb 1st posting, if you haven't, be sure and go back to Feb 1st and leave a comment there as winners get drawn from there all month including grand prize winners.

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Mustache

Here's a wonderful rubber stamp from one of Sweet Pea's newest artists The East Wind.  This great image is called Lucy Loo Mustache.  I am totally in love with the Lucy Loo stamps!  Even though she does look very serious here, I did this card in a playful them by added the sentiment "Laugh with me."  I do think it's even funnier that a lady with such a serious face would hold up a mustache and give you that look.
I wanted to keep this card simple so I used some specialty papers, lovely lace and some shimmery embellishment bling called Candi.  They come is gorgeous color combos.
Here's a close up of the Lucy Loo image.

Check out all the East Wind images available in rubber stamps only at the Sweet Pea store.  We also have a wonderful group on Facebook that you can share your creations and participate in regular contests to win prizes, it's called Sweet Pea Stamps Friends and Fans
I am so excited to have prizes from Sweet Pea stamps! 
So what's your favorite holiday to craft for?  I guess I don't really have to say it if you have seen my blog for any length of time, you probably know which holiday gets about 2 months of the year. Yes, for me, it's Halloween.  After that probably making fun sexy cards for the hubby so, not necessarily valentines, but just love theme in general.
Have you checked the winner list?  New winners are getting added!  I haven't heard from a lot of the winners of the list! If you see your name on there drop me an email

Thursday, February 12, 2015

SLS Lines Challenge

This awesome image comes from SLS Lines.  I made this card for the new SLS Lines Challenge. The contest is Anything Goes. I just love the sassy look on this lady's face. I added the sentiment "Your life is a story, make it interesting."  This image is called Marie Antoinette queen.

Drop by the SLS Challenge blog and share your creations for your chance to win some awesome images. (Click on the Challenge button to see the challenge for the month)

So today is the actual anniversary of my 5th year, the day in which I didn't have seizures.  My 2nd brain surgery took place on Feb 11th of 2010.  It ended well in the evening.  I of course was out for pretty much the whole day. I do recall coming out of the anesthesia in the evening, basically screaming at the top of my lungs.  They did give me some more pain medication, but when they are working on your brain, they very much don't give you a lot of medication as they are afraid of you falling into a coma, passing out,, it's pretty much up to you to suck it up.  They need you to stay coherent. So for me, very much a lot of praying.

Fun thing today, drop by the Challenge blog and tell me which of the DT cards that you like best...

Have you checked the winner list lately?  You might be on there! check it by clicking here.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Home is where your Honey is

Here's a stamp from a brand new artist at Sweet Pea stamps.  Well, she is brand new to Sweet Pea stamps, but for those of you who come to my blog regularly I am sure you recognize this artist, it's Sandra Caldwell!!  After Squigglefly shut down in Feb.  Sweet Pea signed her to carry her adorable images, so drop by over there to check out her newest designs.  This cutie is called Old maid bee so I colored her up with blue hair!  I am using wonderful papers from Paper Temptress today to complete this card.
The base of this card is using gorgeous color cardstock called Tuscan Sun Brawny.  The image is printed out on Neenah Solar White Classic Crest and die cut using Lifestyles.  The yellow cardstock is from Pop Tones Lemondrop.   I cut out the banners using die cuts from CC Designs.
Here's a close up of the Sweet Pea stamp colored using Copic Markers.  Too cute, eh?

So, which die cut machines do you all have?  I am a little shy to admit how many I do have, lol, I originally got a Sidekick, way back when they were brand new.  Then used it enough to break it and buy a new one.  I had a dear friend give me an original red sizzix many many years later.  I bought myself a cuttlebug, which is probably the machine I use most often (and I have replaced it already once).  I also have a BigKick?  I can use the larger sizzix dies but the not the super large ones.  I like this machine because its just easier to turn the handle and run things through it than the orginal size.  So for embossing, I tend to always use the Sizzix and cutting I always use the Cuttlebug. (Oh and I also have the Making Memories Slice--from when it was brand new as well as a Cricut)
How about you guys?
which machines do you have?  which dies do you like?
I just saw something the other day I have never seen, I don't know, perhaps there is no seller in the USA for them they were Trimcraft First Edition Dies.  Anyone tried these?
Have you seen the winner list?  click here
Have you signed up for the other days? if there is no winner listed, then the prize hasn't been given yet, go back and leave comment!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Meet Molly

Check out this awesome stamp from Limited Runs Stamps. I am totally enamored with this stores images!  Not only the beautiful girl like this, but there's also some fun and funky Halloween images, some adorable cupcake images.  She has so many different topics!  some are just really quirky, which you know I love!! This stamp is one of her really pretty ladies though, it's called Molly.   She's near the bottom of the page.
One of my favorites on that page is the one called Madison and the Hatchet.  Too fun.  I totally adore the Owls she has, and the cupcake images are hilarious!!
Check out those Cupcake images and tell me which one is your favorite!  For me, that Button one is TOO adorable, the Jack in the Cupcake is too funny, and Witch Splat is great.
Have you seen the winner's list?  click here.  Keep an eye on it, as later today I will add more.  Also, if you haven't signed up on Feb 1st, be sure to go back and sign up there as it is the main prize list which will have winners chosen all month long including the grand prizes!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

My funny valentine.

Here's and adorable image from Sherri Baldy that is just perfect for that valentine that you want to make. I definitely like funny cards more than sappy style cards, so a sentiment like my funny valentine is more fitting. I don't think my hubby is the type for the overly romantic cards, ok, after 16 years, I know he's not going to turn into that.

I am entering this into the SSS Challenge blog this week. They are having an Anything Goes + Valentine contest, so drop on by over there and join in the fun.  The prize over there is Sherri Baldy images.  I also have some wonderful Sherri Baldy images as prizes too!! Woo Hoo.

I have started a winner's list now, click here to see it and check if your name is on it!  Be sure to sign up on all the open days to win as lots of prizes haven't been chosen yet.

So, what are your favorite stamp companies? both digi and rubber stamps....for me, I do love me some Besties, Sweet Pea, Unity stamps (esp those funny puns),  LOVE Lizzy Love's images,, there's more, but those immediately come to mind, how about you?

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Penny Black in Paris

Here's an adorable image from Penny Black from her Mimi stamps in Paris theme. While visiting family this Christmas in Iowa I learned that one of my nieces just loves Paris. I had given her a set of stickers and a little book that she could decorate.  She made me a darling little handmade card.  When I got home I cut her a bunch of Eiffel tower die cuts and gathered some assorted Paris theme items to send, along with this card.  Also while we were crafting together I was able to show her my sister and her husband who happened to be celebrating Christmas in Paris that year.

Be sure and leave a comment today for the blog candy drawing.  If you haven't been commented each day, go back starting on Feb 1st and leave comments on the other days this month as the drawings haven't happened yet....and you have until this evening before new drawings happen!!

So, have you ever been to Paris?  I have not. The only place that I have traveled to is Istanbul. It was wonderful, I highly recommend it and I would go back there again, any time that I could.  I would love to hear where you guys have gotten to travel.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

I believe....

Here's a gorgeous stamp from artist Terra Biddlespacher. I totally love this artist's images! I don't know if she is currently selling her images at her Etsy store, but she used to have multiple stores selling her images in rubber.  I am thankful to have gotten some awesome stamps before they were gone.

Hope you all are having a great weekend, Yesterday I started the winner list, so if you haven't checked, go back to yesterday's posting and take a peek. if you haven't posted comments on the earlier Feb postings, please do so as the winners for the earlier days this month are about to be chosen!!

So, hmmm, what shall we talk about today?
Epilepsy affects more people than multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and Parkinson's combined – yet receives fewer federal dollars per patient than each of these.  About 50,000 Americans will die annually from Epilepsy (ie Status Eplipeticus, SUDEP, accidents from seizure activity);  That's higher than number of people who die from breast cancer.  When you have uncontrolled epilepsy, your mortality rate is 2 to 3 times higher than that of the general population.

Now you know why at age 40 I never thought I would be alive. I am so very grateful every year that I have now.  I was not only that person with epilepsy, but the person with uncontrolled epilepsy. The one who took 4 different medications plus medications to stem the side effects of my medications.  I was also the person who would look at the medical chart on the back of my doctor's door and realize that I had taken just about EVERY kind of pill on there. I was quickly running out of options.

Never cease to be grateful for what you are given, be it the day it's given to you or 5 years later.  Life is so precious!!

So, hmmm, back to what we should chat about today, what's your favorite stamp topic? for ladies, cute girls, funny or funky images, puns or silly sentiments

Friday, February 6, 2015

I am blessed

This gorgeous Sweet Pea image is from artist Katerina Koukiotis and is called Snow Angel.  Isn't she stunning?  be sure and check out the artist's coloring as well so you can see how different it looks my my coloring here.  I thought I would start off February with this wonderful image as I am celebrating my five year anniversary of the brain surgeries that saved my life!! Now that's a real blessing!!
Here's a wonderful close-up of this stamp:

Be sure and check out all of the amazing stamps from this artist at the Sweet Pea store and share your gorgeous creations with us at our Facebook Page--Sweet Pea Friends and Fans

Well I can't wait to start a winner list, I know I said 7 days, but how about a few early winners:
If you see your name on this list email me your address (USA winners) or email (non-usa winners);; I will put your name in BLUE when I have gotten your email.  Then play on as I will often have winners that will be chosen more than once!

Pre-contest winners-
Facebook Winners:
 Leadonna Quick Kimmel, Linda Lechnir Chidster
 Birthday message Winner for Sweet Pea stamps Owner Lynette:  VIRGINIA MONTANGA

Winner list for Feb 1st (this winner list will continue to grow):
1st to Post--Ike
Lucky #5 for 5 years of Seizure free life--Karin

If you haven't left comments on any of the previous Feb postings, including the 1st, go back and leave comments for each contest as no winners have been selected yet!!

How about a Sweet Pea Stamps question today?  Have you seen all the artists that this store has been adding?!?  WOW, they just signed The East Wind, Sandra Caldwell, Amanda Byron (Faery Ink), Lemon Shortbread! So many well known artists.  They also have a whole line of artists that you already know and love: Ching Chou Kiuk, Mitzi Sato-Wiuff, Teresa Sherman, Norma Burnell, Karen Middleton....So WHICH of these artists are your favorite? here's the site link, there's some artists available only as rubber stamps.  Do you tend to use more rubber or more digi?

Thursday, February 5, 2015

You & Me, Always

Here's a gorgeous image from Slinky Tart, this used to be Stamping Chef, if you are familiar with her images, so if you have been on Facebook or her website before and been wondering where she went, she has changed company names and is now known as Slinky Tart. She'd added some super hot images to her site as well!

So, here's a little fact about Epilepsy--this will affect at least 1% of the world's population. Over 30% of the cases, doctor's have no idea why a patient has it.  Two thirds of patients who have epilepsy will be helped with the first medication they are given, regardless of the medication that it is.  The remaining patients will often not ever have complete control with medications.  This leads to a life long issue of uncontrollable seizures, medications and increased health issues.  Once a patient has tried more than 2 medications or is simultaneously on three medications doctors have little hope that they will be medically controlled.  At that point being tested for surgery is often a valid option.  Most people do fear surgery (and rightfully so).  Frankly when I found out that it was coming, my first response was calling every church and friend I knew to start asking them to pray because I know only about 30% qualify for surgery so despite the realization that surgery is approaching, it was super important to qualify.

OK, let's get on with the question of the day--what's your favorite color?  how about your least favorite?  lately my fav is tending towards pink/orange.  I seem to use blue/purple the least.

How about you?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Snow Queen

Here's an awesome stamp from SLS Lines.  I totally love her images!! I am starting on her design team now, though you all have seen her images when I was with Squigglefly. This gorgeous image is called Snow Queen.  At any rate, I am super happy to be using her images and happy to say that some lucky winners will get stamps from her store.  Do you like zombie santa?  gorgeous snow queens?  beautiful fairies?  funny monsters?  she has all that! 

Which stamp type is your favorite...must admit it's actually kind of hard for me to pick, you all know I like the quirky and weird as well as I totally like to make gorgeous oooo-la la sexy cards for the hubby, there's too many choices there. I think my original favorite at her store was this one Cute Goth Girl. When I showed that one to my hubby, he just chuckled and said "yeah, she's got that mischeavious look on her face."

So which SLS Lines image is your favorite? I can't wait to see which of us like the same stamps...(and hey, it's OK if we don't match...we all like different things. What I love about crafters is that they CRAFT not necessarily what they craft, but that they love the same hobby I do....) Oh, and that they are generally the nicest people ever!! Hugs! 

I haven't announced any winners yet, so if you didn't play any yet, be sure and go back to Feb 1-3 and leave a comment each day so  you will be in the drawings!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tainted Love

Here's an awesome image from East Wind, they are having a challenge over on their blog called Tainted Love...guess I am dating myself by saying that was a big hit when I was in college.  So I chose to make a card with this fun image (which is perhaps something I might have worn back then, sans the green hair because I was in the USAF and that wouldn't have happened).  I added a sweet sentiment for my  hubby "No ME without YOU"

Drop by their Challenge Blog and join in the fun.  Also--did you all know they were making RUBBER stamps of East Wind images?  they are--at Sweet Pea stamps!  I just made a card with one that I am about to share real soon!!

Now for the blog candy fun of the day...
Hmmmm, well clearly by checking out this card, you can see one of my favorites for d├ęcor is die cuts and esp skulls, I also love cardstock stickers for sentiments.  You don't see it on this card, but I use a LOT of buttons, they are another regular go-to item for me. (oh, and Ribbon...I seem to have an addiction to ribbon)

So, tell me, What are your favorite embellishements?  what can you never get enough of?  what are you always buying but never using?

Have you signed up for the other blog candy?  be sure you go back to Feb 1 & 2nd and leave comments on each day to be in the drawing!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Me + You = US

Here's a lovely image from Sherri Baldy for this week's challenge at the SSS Challenge Blog.  The contest is Anything Goes + Valentine.  I am using the cutest new image and coloring in browns and greens to get myself to start loving a new color combo.  I hope you all like it as well.

Drop by the SSS challenge blog and join in the fun to win wonderful stamps from artist Sherri Baldy!  I am also happy to say that Sherri is joining in on my celebration. She's been a dear friend for many years and will be giving away digi stamp prizes. 

So, question of the day, Are you a Besties Lover?  Do you use Digi Stamps?

Did you sign up yesterday? it's the main blog candy sign up for the month and will have winner's drawn all month long, so be sure and go sign up if you haven't already.  Else, leave a comment each day as winners will get picked everyday!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Time to start the celebration!!

Can you believe it?  February is here!  Not just Feb, Feb 2015! That now makes it 5 years.  5 years ago I was so sick that I couldn't do so many basic things in life and was in total denial about my health even though deep down I knew my only chance to get better would be surgery. So I am very much one of the lucky ones who not only qualified for surgery, but also one whose surgery resulted in completely stopping my seizures so far. 
I celebrate each year I am given now, and most especially by giving back to all my crafty friends, both new and old as they were my best supporters, my wonderful friends, my lovely prayer team, and what often kept me going!!  I am so thankful for that.
This fun card is made for you all my friends.  There's a wonderful ANYTHING GOES contest over at Your Scrapbook Place, it starts today!  So join in over there.

OK, down to the nitty gritty details!  For those of you who are new, I will have blog candy all month long, I usually announce winners about a week or so after (i.e. around the 7th or 8th the main winner list will get started, then updated everyday).  I don't mail out the prizes until the end of the month as I anticipate that many winners will have multiple prizes.  So, it's a good idea to play everyday!! And at the end of the month I have a lot of big prizes that will go out (die cut sets, larger stamp sets, big gift certificates....) so lots of winners will get additional prizes. 

ALL countries are welcome to play however, please understand if you are overseas that I have to limit what I can send to either flat items like rubber or stamp sets or digital stamps.  I am happy to share worldwide but postage is crazy, lol!!  So digi prizes are a great way to celebrate!

Everyday I often ask some fun question or like to send you to a website and have you check things out...there can often be a method to my madness, sometimes I am curious to learn about you or see what you like, who knows?  I might have a special prize just for you!  One year I had a lady tell me she loved giraffes.  Well guess what I, if you answer the questions, you are more apt to get a prize that you LOVE as opposed to something more random.

THIS posting is the MAIN prize listing and will have winners picked off of it all month long, so be sure to add your comment here, even if it's late in the month. I will always be coming back to this posting to pick winners for some extra items.

Now, lets make a PRIZE announcement! WOOHOO, what a way to start huh?  we had two pre-game prizes, one was for people who shared on my Facebook, we had almost 100 people do so, the winners are:  Leadonna Quick Kimmel, Linda Lechnir Chidster

Second was the people who left a Birthday message on my blog Thursday for Sweet Pea stamps Owner Lynette:  VIRGINIA MONTANGA

OK, here we go....leave your comments, once a day!

Did you miss the blog candy photos?  here they are CLICK HERE