Friday, December 31, 2010

Time to Celebrate!

Tilda is off to a New Year's Party. She's got wine and cheese for all. I would say I was off to a party too, but for some crazy reason I always seem to get sick on New Year's eve. This is a running joke between me and my DH, as it happened the first year we were dating and has happened again well more than 1/2 the years we have been together. We have learned to not make plans for New Year's Eve.Hope you will have a Happy New Year's party though!

Project Materials: Cardstock (Archivers, Neenah); Rubber Stamps (Tilda-Magnolia Stamps; Saying-Studio G); Ink (Memento); Buttons (American Traditional); Border (Bazzill); Brads (Imaginations); Die Cut (Spellbinders-Nestabilities); Adhesives (Pop dots, Glue All, Glue dots); Color (Copic Markers);

Thursday, December 30, 2010

You are Unique!

Here's another sweet stamp from Stamping Bella. I love the new punch that my DH got me for christmas. I used it on the edge of this card. I also have the matching corner punch to go with it. I got some wonderful rubber stamps from him too! Just watch the blog and you will get to see lots of new designs soon. Project Materials: Cardstock(Bazzill Bling, AC, Neenah); Rubber Stamps (Stamping Bella); Ink (Memento, Colorbox Chalk); Buttons (Jesse James); Edge Punch (Martha Stewart); Adhesives (Pop dots, Glue All, Glue Dots); Color (Copic Markers);

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One and Only Heart

I love this stunning Sweet Pea stamp from artist ching-chou kiuk. The stamp is called "One and Only Heart". She is just stunning. You can find her on this page (click HERE), the image is also sold on Plate #68.If you have seen the original coloring from ching-chou kiuk or some the beautiful cards created by other artists here on the design team, you can see how wonderfully versatile and different this stamp looks based on how it is colored. I chose to use a very light color for the dress and leave the background white. I chose a wonderful saying from Plate #33. As Valentine's Day approaches, I find this saying can be so true.

Hope you will all go over to the Sweet Pea site and take a look for your Valentine's Day inspiration.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010


"Sisters are different flowers from the same garden." Can't that be true? Then again, at times when I look at my sisters we really look just the same. Perhaps physically different, but inside, we are just alike. I love this cute stamp from Stamping Bella. Not sure which sister in this photo I am supposed to be. Though the oldest of the sisters, I am also definitely the shortest sister.Project Materials: Cardstock (Bazzill Swiss, Hobby Lobby, Neenah); Rubber Stamps (Stamping Bella); Ink (Memento); Ribbon (Michaels); Flowers (Prima); Brads (Basic Grey); Die Cut (Spellbinders-Nestabilities); Ink (Copic Markers); Adhesives (Pop dots, Glue All, Ribbon Glue);

Monday, December 27, 2010

Let's do the laundry!

Well now that the holiday has passed, it's time to get the laundry done. Getting home from our trip today has left a lot of tasks to cleaned up! These cute stamps came in an adorable foam mounted set that I used watercoloring on. My DH bought me some WONDERFUL rubber stamps for christmas. LOTS of them. I was so delighted with that. I can't wait to have some time tomorrow to sit down and stamp with them. You will soon get to see all my wonderful Christmas gifts from him :)

I hope everyone had wonderful holidays!

Project Materials: Cardstock (Hobby Lobby); Rubber Stamps (Colorbox); Ink (India Ink); Color (Watercolor pencils); Silver Liner pen; Adhesives (Pop dots, Glue All);

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'm nuts about you!

Here's cute Lori the Squirrel from the Hello Kitty family. I dressed her up in a cute orange outfit with a sweet quote "nuts about you". Made a huge batch of chex mix covered in white chocolate to take to the family this christmas. Never done it before but I have enjoyed my sister's, so she inspired me to make some this year. 42oz of Chex, 42 oz of Deluxe nuts (no peanuts), 1 bag of flat pretzels, 10 oz vanilla/choc animal crackers, 10oz box teddy grahams, and a whopping SIX POUNDS of white chocolate!! I mean SIX WHOLE POUNDS worth. I bought 3 packs when I started, then made my husband fetch 2 more before I realized I still would not have enough!

Project Materials: Cardstock (Bazzill, Metallic, Printed); Rubber Stamps (Hero Arts); Die Cut (Sizzix-Lori Squirrel from the Hello Kitty Collection); Ink (Colorbox Chalk); Adhesive (Pop dots, Glue all);

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas this year! I hope you are all where you want to be and all receiving blessings from God. Keep your loved ones close and have a very safe and happy holiday.Project Materials: Cardstock (California Paper, AC Specialty, Neenah); Rubber Stamp (Rubber Stampede); Ink (Memento); Sticker (Hobby Lobby); Ink (Memento, Colorbox Chalk); Corner Punch (All Night Media); Adhesives (Pop dots, Glue All); Color (Copic Marker)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Restless Thoughts

I just got this beautiful image from ching-chou kuik's fantasy art collection from Sweet Pea Stamps called Restless Thoughts, plate #45 . I love this maiden, she's both elegant and innocent at the same time. I put her on a 6x6" card and used a beautiful metallic pink cardstock and some Prima floral accents along with some shaped butterfly buttons to highlight the card. To the right is an enlargement of just the stunning image created by the artist and my coloring using Copic markers.

If you click the link included above, you can see the artist's coloring of this image and how differently you can make her look with your own coloring.

I added a wonderful saying "May all your wildest dreams come true!" This saying comes from stamp plate #70 . It's just perfect for all sorts of great occasions.

Hoping that all your wildest dreams come true!

Cheers, Holley

Project Materials: Cardstock(Bazzill, AC Metallic, Neenah); Rubber Stamp(Sweet Pea Stamps); Border (Doodlebug); Buttons(Grandma's Button Bag); Ink (Memento); Flowers (Prima); Color (Copic Markers); Adhesives (Pop dots, Glue All, Glue dots);

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tickled Pink--60's style

Here's a great stamp from Tickled Pink's Lil Lolita line called Mod 60's. I love their stamp images. Hope that everyone is curled up in their homes and taking it easy now. Hope all your christmas shopping is complete and you can relax and enjoy time with those around you. I look forward to curling up on the couch with my husband.
Project Materials: Cardstock (Bazzill, Neenah); Rubber Stamp (Tickled Pink Stamps); Ink (Memento); Flowers (Prima); Brads (Basic Grey); Adhesives (Pop dots, Glue All); Color (Copic Markers);

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Love you Bunches....

Here's a great stamp image from artist Mo Manning of a sweet girl who just wants to hold her cat. I know it makes many of us cringe when we see the little kids running up around the cats. I always warn people, especially children to not grab my cat as she is not shy about the fact that she doesn't like being picked up. Most of the time, I don't even pick her up.Project Materials: Cardstock (Bazzill, Neenah); Rubber Stamps (Mo Manning, Saying-Stamping Bella; Heart-); Ink (Memento, Colorbox Chalk); Die Cut (Spellbinders-Nestabilities); Buttons (American Traditional); Adhesives (Pop dots, Glue dots, Glue All); Color (Copic Markers);

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tilda believes in Angels

Here's Tilda and she wants you to know that she believes in Angels. So do I as I know they have been watching me this year. I pray they are watching all of you as well. As the holiday get closer and everyone starts on their holiday travel, please be extra safe! The angels will surely be very busy.Project Materials: Cardstock (Bazzill, Neenah); Rubber Stamps(Tilda-Magnolia Rubber Stamps; Saying-The Angel Company; Mini Stars-S.E.I.); Ink (Memento, Colorbox Chalk); Die Cuts (Spellbinders-Nestabilities); Adhesives (Pop dots, Glue All); Color (Copic Markers);

Monday, December 20, 2010

Announcing Squigglefly!

Here's a card using a digitial stamp from a new company that I will be designing for. This wonderful stamp company is called Squigglefly. I just love the stamp image used here, her name is Sweet Pea. I will start my time on their design team in January. This stamp is just Cute as a Button.I hope you guys will take a peek at Squigglefly's website and see all the wonderful artist's designs that are available. Here's a few things about Squigglefly that you should be aware of, Squigglefly has an rewards program! When you sign up for Squigglefly rewards it keeps track of your purchases and for every $15.00 you spend you earn a free image! You can redeem the free image whenever you want. Squigglefly doesn't let your download links expire! this is important because if your computer crashes, contact Squigglefly with your email address and they send your download links so you can retrieve all the images you have purchased from them!
Project Materials: Cardstock (Bazzill, Neenah); Digital Image (Squigglefly- Sweet Pea by Cheryl Alger); Rubber stamps (Saying-Hero Arts); Tiny Buttons (Grandma's Button Bag); Borders (K&Co); Ink (Memento, Colorbox Chalk); Die Cut (Spellbinders-Nestabilities); Color (Copic Markers);

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rest a minute

As the week of Christmas approaches and everyone starts to really get overwhelmed with the holiday season, stop today and take a moment to rest and reflect on what is most important to you this holiday. I know the holidays are tough for many, so please reach out to those around you who need to feel some love and support.

Project Materials: Cardstock (Misc, Bazzill, Neenah); Rubber Stamps (Studio G); Ink (Memento, Colorbox Chalk); Buttons (American Traditional); Ribbon (Sheer); Die Cut (Spellbinders-Nestabilities); Adhesives (Pop dots, Glue Dots, Glue All); Color (Copic Markers);

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Going back to a theme I showed earlier this week, here's a thank you card that I made in a very different fashion than my usual lately. This card uses bold type stamping with Marvy markers on Glossy Paper.Project Materials: Cardstock (Hobby Lobby, Glossy); Rubber Stamps (Pear, Stick-Stamp in the Hand; Word-Hero Arts); Stipple Brush; Ink (Marvy); Adhesives (Pop dots, Glue All);

Friday, December 17, 2010

Things can only get better....

The holidays sure can be stressful can't they? I know that is true! I have practically been in tears a few days this week myself. Why is such a nice time of year also one of the most stressful times of year? Is everyone having their 40th birthday this week?!?!? OK, that's really not at all why I was stressed out, but Dec 14th was definitely one of the worst days, Let's all take a deep breath, relax and have the rest of the year go well :)Seeing a card with this saying so makes me think of the song "Things can only get better" from the 80s by Howard Jones.

Project Materials: Cardstock (Yellow Mica-California Paper Goods, Bazzill, Neenah); Stamps (Mo Manning-Stamping Bella; Saying-Stamping Bella); Ink (Memento, Colorbox Chalk); Flowers (Floradoodles), Die Cut (Spellbinders-Nestabilities); Adhesives (Pop dots, Glue All); Color (Copic Markers);

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fairytale Princess

Here's an adorable fairytale princess from Starving Artistamps. Too sweet. I just need a knight to save her from the dragon. Weather outside here has been warm and wonderful. Doesn't make me feel like making winter-y cards, though even if it was cold outside, I seldom feel like making winter theme cards. I guess you will just have to smile at ones I make :) Huge thanks and hugs for all the comments, emails, phone calls, facebook messages yesterday about the birthday.

Project Materials: Cardstock (Bazzill, White Sheen, Neenah); Rubber Stamps (Princess-Doodlefactory from Staving Artistamps; Saying-Sweet Pea stamps); Ink (Memento, Colorbox Chalk); Hand Dyed Skittles; Sheer Black Ribbon; Adhesives (Pop dots, Glue All, Glue Dots); Color (Copic Markers);

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This is Grossmere from the same artist as yesterday. I added a saying that I find appropriate "I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be." After all the things that have happened in this past year, that is so true. I could have never predicted where I would have gone nor where I would be now. But, when I look at where I am, I am right where I belong. At home with my DH of course.Wishing you all a wonderful day!!

Project Materials: Cardstock (Bazzill, Neenah); Rubber stamp (Stamping Bella); Ink (Memento); Flowers (Prima); Brads (Basic Grey); Buttons (American Traditional); Adhesives (Pop dots, Glue All, Glue dots); Die Cuts (Spellbinders-Nestabilities);

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Princess in Red

Well, I can't believe I am gonna share this, but today is the big 4-0 for me. Hard to believe that it is already here. I thought a princess card in red was just the right theme today. Though I guess I could have made a joke with something of an old lady or the like. This has just been the best year, so 40 or not, I won't forget 2010.Project Materials: Cardstock (Bazzill, Neenah); Rubber Stamps (Girl-Stamping Bella; Saying-Rubber Stampede); Buttons (American Traditional); Netting (Magic Mesh); Die Cut (Spellbinders-Nestabilities); Ink (Memento, Colorbox Chalk); Color (Copic Markers); Adhesives(Popdots, Glue dots, Glue All);

Monday, December 13, 2010

Telsa--Sweet Pea Blog HOP

Welcome to the Special Sweet Pea Blog hop!! We are having a surprise blog hop today!!
Here's one of the wonderful new artists available from Sweet Pea rubber stamps. The artist name is Nikki Burnette. Sweet Pea is currently selling two sets of rubber stamps from this artist. This stamp is Telsa from Plate #73. I just love the look of this image. As soon as I saw her, she had to have bright red hair and some fire in her attitude.
As our gift to you, our wonderful followers, visitors and Sweet Pea Stamps customers, one lucky person will win the ching chou kuik Fantasy Art collection Red Riding Hood sheet of stamps (Plate #65), shown below. Just leave comments along the way.

Each comment you leave will earn you an entry - so the more comments the better the chances! The drawing will take place on 12/20/2010. Below you will find the list of stops - if you joined us somewhere along the way don't worry as it is a circular hop. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

Here's the list for the Blog Hop: Sweet Pea Stamps
Alexandra Lundgren
Angela Sowell
Christine Riley
Connie Piotter
Holley Barnhart (YOU ARE HERE)
Jennifer Willis
Katarina Maserak
Kym Kreates
Randi Wall
Traci Porter

Thanks for stopping by!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Knit Happens

It's my favorite kitty Fluffles getting all tied up! I guess everyone gets tied up a bit during the holiday season, but Fluffles is literally getting tied up while playing with the yarn. I found a funny saying to go with this cute stamp, "Knit Happens." So have a great weekend and watch out if you start playing with the yarn!Project Materials: Cardstock (California Paper, DCWV, Neenah); Rubber stamps (Fluffles-Stampendous; Saying-Stamping Bella); Ink (Memento, Colorbox Chalk); Color (Copic Markers); Ribbon (Doodlebug); Adhesives (Popdots, Glue All, Ribbon Glue); Die Cut (Spellbinders-Nestabilities);

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stamp in the Hand

Here's a card I made as a thank you card for my doctor recently. I was sending him some copies of art I had published in some Epilepsy calendars and books many years ago. The art contest is called Expressions of Courage. Project Materials: Cardstock (Hobby Lobby, Glossy); Rubber Stamps (A Stamp in the Hand, Magenta); Ink (Marvy Markers, Adirondak); Stipple Brushes; Adhesives (Glue all, Double stick tape);

Friday, December 10, 2010

Mimi and Chilly

Here's little Mimi and her new polar bear friend, Chilly. So sweet. I love this new little girl design from Penny Black. I colored her up just like Santa. The scan of the card takes away the subtle grey tones that I added to the polar bear to give him shading. Will try using darker color next time or using warm greys.Project Materials: Cardstock (Bazzill Bling, Neenah); Rubber Stamp (Penny Black); Ink (Memento); Border(Bazzill Swiss Border, Ric Rac); Buttons (American Traditional); Adhesives (Pop dots, Glue Dots, Glue All, Ribbon Glue); Color (Copic Markers); Die Cut (Spellbinders-Nestabilties);

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Here's Alice designed by Christy Croll. This stamp comes from Stamping Bella in Canada. I love this artists work. Her stamps are so cute. I added a fun saying and a tea pot in the background from Kraftin' Kimmie stamps. It's been cold here the last couple of days so come on over if you "Care for a Spot of Tea?" You can have some here with me.
Project Materials: Cardstock (Bazzill, DCWV, Neenah); Rubber Stamps (Alice-Stamping Bella; Saying, Coffee Pot - Kraftin' Kimmie); Ink (Memento, Versamark); Buttons (American Traditional); Border (K & Co.); Die Cut (Spellbinders-Nestabilities); Adhesives (Pop dots, Glue dots, Glue All); Color (Copic Markers);

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Here's a sweet card with just a simple christmas tree. What more could you want to decorate your christmas tree than some adorable buttons? I guess those of you who follow the blog know that buttons are one of my favorite decorations! Too Cute. Wish I had a little tree and cute button ornaments on it.

Project Materials: Cardstock (Bazzill, Hobby Lobby, Handmade Paper from India with Green Flock); Rubber Stamp (Hampton Art Stamps); Ink (Memento, Colorbox Chalk); Buttons (Jesse James); Brad(Unknown); Adhesives (Glue all);

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Swan Princess

Here's a stamp by one of my favorite artists from Kraftin' Kimmie stamps. I just love her work. This image is her version of the Swan Princess. I like the beautiful dress that I left in a light blue color with darker blue highlights. I added some cute birds in the background with the phrase "You're a tweet-heart."Project Materials: Cardstock (Bazzill, Neenah); Rubber Stamps (Kraftin Kimmie; Background, saying-Hero Arts); Ink (Memento); Die Cut (Spellbinders-Nestabilities); Borders(Doodlebug); Button (American Traditionals); Adhesives (Popdots, Glue Dots, Glue All); Color (Copic Markers);

Monday, December 6, 2010

Introducing: Mimi

Introducing one of my new favorites: this little girl (on the left) is named Mimi. She comes from the Penny Black stamp company. I just love the designs they make with her image. I have bought a handful of them, so you will be seeing some great cards with her. This card is Mimi and her friend, such cute little angels. Must be behaving well before Christmas, as I keep hearing the parents around me telling their kids "Santa is watching"Project Materials: Cardstock (Bazzill, Bazzill Bling, Neenah); Rubber Stamp (Mimi-Penny Black); Buttons (American Traditional); Die Cut (Spellbinders-Nestabilities); Saying (Sticker); Ink (Memento, Colorbox Chalk); Color (Copic Markers); Border (Doodlebug); Adhesives(Popdots, Glue Dots, Glue All);

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Have a Magical Day!

This rubber stamp is a striking image from artist ching-chou kuik of Sweet Pea Stamps. She calls it "Flowing in Blue". You can see the artist's depiction on this page here (near the bottom). As you can see, I have done my own version in a much different color scheme to show you how different it can look. I just got this stamp and have fallen in love with it!I left the design on this card very simple because I want to show the real beauty of this stamp. I added a simple statement "Have a magical day" from Plate #21. It's a wonderful sentiment that can be used for all sorts of occasions.

So just as the card says, Have a magical day everyone!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dream a little Dream

I love this cute little image from Hero Arts Stamps. What a sweet little girl who's dreaming of beautiful flowers. Must be tired of fall and looking forward to spring already. Of course here in TX, there is not a huge difference. I do enjoy the pretty flowers in spring though. Now that I walk so much everyday I do notice the smallest things about people's yards as I see them every single day.Project Materials: Cardstock(Bazzill, Neenah, Archivers); Rubber Stamp (Hero Arts); Ink (Memento); Sticker (K & Co.); Flowers (Prima); Buttons (Jesse James); Adhesives (Pop dots, Glue Dots, Glue All); Color (Copic Markers);

Friday, December 3, 2010

Puppy Love

Well, if you never had puppy love before, you ought to catch it now. How can you not love this little guy? one of my favorite stamp companies has always been Whipper Snapper. This cutie is no exception, he's a keeper. I definitely had to add some great stamps from this company to my wish list for Christmas.Project Materials: Cardstock (Bazzill, Neenah); Ribbon (Michaels); Rubber Stamp (Whipper Snapper); Ink (Memento); Buttons (Jesse James); Die Cuts(Spellbinders-Nestabilities); Adhesives (Pop dots, Glue All, Ribbon Glue, Glue Dots); Color (Copic Markers);

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm watching you

I get lost in the eyes of this image. It's like she is looking at me and right through me at the same time. I love the faces on this Sheet #14, plate #43 images from ching-chou kuik. The sheet is sold together so the individual stamps are only sold as a single collection. They are so worth it though. They each have such a different look and expression.Since I added pink as the main color of the flowers, I wanted to use pink as the accent color of the embellishments on my card. I picked a wonderful color of bazzill paper that would complement the pink and then added adorable pink accents, just enough to bring out the pink in the coloring. I didn't want to add too much embellishment on this card as the design has a lot to see in it, so I wanted to keep the design of the stamp as the focal point. I did have to use that adorable pink butterfly button though, that was just too cute to leave out!

Project Material: Cardstock (Bazzill, Neenah, AC); Rubber Stamps (Sweet Pea Stamps); Ink (Memento); Borders (K&Co); Butterfly (Jesse James); Brads (Bazzill); Adhesives (Pop dots, Glue All, Glue dots); Color (Copic Markers);

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Social Butterfly

This beautiful dancer comes from I Brake for Stamps. What a social butterfly she is. I guess I wish I was a more social person, I can be, but that is really not my personality. Sometimes I want to just be like a dancer and follow the part I have been taught. I love the background stamps I used in this image too, a beautiful smaller size butterfly and a swirl, below I put links to the website so you can see what each stamp looks like originally.Stamps used (you can click each name to see the stamp individually): Ballerina, Social Butterfly(word), Swirl Flourish, small butterfly image; Next time you order from I Brake for Stamps, be sure to use my coupon to save yourself 10% off your entire order: SAVE10HOLLEY

Project Materials: Cardstock(Bazzill, Neenah); Rubber Stamps(I Brake For Stamps); Ink (Memento, Colorbox Chalk, Watermark); Adhesives (Pop dots);