Sunday, May 31, 2020

Will you be my Quarantine?

Will you be my Quarantine?  I am guessing a lot of people have suddenly gotten a lot CLOSER to their loved ones.  LOL!  For some it was good for others, hmmm, not so much.  For me and my DH, it's been good.  We get along great and it's nice to have him around all the time.  He can easily and productively work from home.
I love this adorable set, it's free at the Cat's Pajamas website, it's called the Social Distancing Digi, check it out HERE.  They also have a great contest every month called the TCP Tuesday Challenge, join in!

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Toilet Paper, anyone?

Here's a wonderful stamp from The Cat's Pajamas using a great digi stamp set that they gave out in their store for free!  This adorable stamp comes from the Social Distancing Set, find it HERE.  I made this cute card for their contest this month, click HERE for that.

Hope you enjoyed this funny card today.  I will say my local grocery store, the neighborhood one that is just a block away (not the mega store that is a couple miles from here) STILL only has like 1 small selection of toilet paper.  Seriously people?

Friday, May 29, 2020

Feeling Slothy?

Here's a super cute little coffee theme stamp and sentiment from Newton's Nook.  Aren't they just TOO cute?  They go perfect together.  I love this sweet little set.  I also used some wonderful Turkish Lace to go with the color scheme.

Today is the last day of the coffee theme challenge, I hope you got a chance to join in and play!  (click here).  Cheers all, Holley

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Coffee and Cats??

Here's two of my favorite card items, coffee and cats.  This adorable stamp set from Unity stamps is just perfect for the coffee theme contest this week! Don't you love this adorable stamp?  I love it!  What a darling cat theme stamp and coffee to boot!
I also added some great lace and a sentiment, "To one cool cat."  Be sure and check out the fun contest, HERE.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Don't even talk to me...

Here's an awesome image from Lizzy Love. I adore her great girly images, esp this character (though, she does have some pretty cute zombie girls too).  Here's a fun coffee theme image for the contest that is going on this week (HERE).  Join in the fun!

Hope you like the orange on this card this week.  Have a wonderful day.  Our 5th graders are "graduating"  so adorable!  Cheers, Holley

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

A work of art

Here's an awesome image from Rabbit Hole Designs. I just love their fun and funny images, along with this gorgeous lady image.  Check out their shop, they have a wonderful variety.  I esp love some of their hilarious animals, all coffee themed!!  I added a great sentiment to this card, "You are allowed to be both a Masterpiece and a work in progress Simultaneously."

Made this cute card for the current coffee lover's contest HERE.  Join in the fun!

Monday, May 25, 2020

I like...

Here's a hilarious stamp combination from The Cat's Pajamas Rubber Stamps. I just love their funny images, esp the fun coffee theme stamps that they have.  I can't believe we are on our last week of school now, though today is a day off.  The last day of school is the 28th and the teacher's last day is the 29th.  That's weird as last year the teacher's had a whole work week after the kids were off.
They have a fun contest on their blog, check it out!  I love to share my TCP cards with them each month.  Have a great last week of May and if this is your last week (or your kid's last week) of school, have a great start to summer.

Sunday, May 24, 2020


Here's a fun coffee theme card that I created for a wonderful Coffee Lovers Hop (click HERE) with some awesome prizes!  WOO HOO, check out the amazing creations in this hop, I am just blown away with everyone's creations. WOW.  I love coffee theme cards so this theme was right up my alley.

The hop ends next Friday, so you will see a few more coffee theme cards this week.  This fun stamp is Bugaboo.  Cheers, Holley

Saturday, May 23, 2020

How have you Bean?

Here's a hilarious coffee theme card using a funny sentiment from Technique Tuesday stamps.  This fun coffee theme image comes from La Petite Market on Etsy.  I made this card for the wonderful contest going on over at Coffee Lovers Bloghop.  (Click HERE)  There's so many amazing creations to check out and all of them are coffee themed!

Have a great day!  Enjoy some coffee.  Cheers, Holley

Friday, May 22, 2020

You nurses are awesome!

Here's an awesome nurse stamp called 3152 Wash Yo Hands by artist Sandra Caldwell.  This stamp will be added to her store, Babycakes DND on Etsy today.  Check him out along with all the other new images she will be adding!  Too cute.  And perfect for the times that are happening right now.  I added a sentiment for nurses right now, "You are awesome." so you could give this card to your favorite nurse/medical worker.

Hope you have a great weekend!  Cheers, Holley

Thursday, May 21, 2020

I'm tired of this virus!

Here's an awesome image from Ike's Art.  Add with it a funny saying that I typed up on my computer. I think the attitude on the cat goes well with the attitude of this sentiment.  I'm tired of this virus!  I know we are all tired of this virus and the effect that it is having on the whole world!  All the death and devastation it has caused people, physically emotionally and financially.

Huge hugs out there to everyone who has been effected by it. I pray we will all pull TOGETHER as one and get through all this together.

Two winner items went in the mail today:  Jeanie Ellis and Jean M.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Sharing this adorable card today using a stamp from Maria Medel  Illustrations. She has some darling images including one I just got of Totoro!  Oh my,  I just had to get that image, for those of you who don't know I have been in love with that character lately!  This Christmas my DH got me Totoro socks, Totoro doll, a Totoro puzzle and a totoro mug!

Well, I hope this cute card made you smile today, check out the MMedel Illustrations shop on Etsy if you get a chance!  She has some darling images.  This cute girl was no exception, I got her, a couple other girls, Totoro, and some darling cat images.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Dream. Live. Repeat

This is one of the cutest images in a cool set of stamps sold at Notturno Digital Arts on Etsy.  Check out her stamps and other works HERE.  Then you can drop by her Facebook group and get some adorable freebie images like this one! (click here).

Hope you liked this black and white theme card with some wonderful Turkish lace to go with it.  Have a great day!  I am now up to walking 8 miles a day...getting ready for that long walking vacation. I told my DH that I just wanted to be able to go anywhere I wanted and not to be stopping and quitting just because I can't "walk" anymore, lol!

The following items got mailed today:  Kelly J, Larisa V(2items), Karin (2 items), Linda S,  Gaye V

Monday, May 18, 2020

Flowers for You

Here's a darling image from All Dressed Up.  I made this card for the Your Scrapbook Place Challenge this month.  All Dressed Up is our current sponsor. You can find their wonderful image HERE.  This cute image is called Flowers for You.  She has a couple of other cute images that I like, a darling elephant, a cute cat girl with her cat and a llama stamp.

Drop by and join in the challenge this month. You can share any new card you have created and be in the drawing for a prize from All Dressed Up this month!

Announcements were made saturday!  CLICK HERE

The following prizes have been mailed:  Denise, Karen, Marjeta (2 envelopes), Shabneez (2 envelopes)

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Just for laughs!

Here's a hilarious image from a Tim Holtz set. I just love these cats. I am sure you notice that the same artist has also made wonderful stamp images for Katzel Krafts as well as  Cat's Pajamas Rubber Stamps. I do so adore them.  This stamp set comes with a variety of Hilarious sayings which all made me laugh!  This card says, "At times I'm grateful that thoughts don't actually appear in bubbles over our heads."  

How hilarious is that?  I also added some cute tiny buttons and some lovely lace from Turkiye.  Hope this card gave you a little chuckle today!


Announcements were made yesterday!  CLICK HERE

Saturday, May 16, 2020


Had to add this funny I HEART You image into the DH week on the blog.  I am sure he would get a little chuckle out of this card at least.  Actually I think it looks a little creepy to me, at least that is what I thought when it was finished.  Only he would appreciate it, lol!

I wish I could say where this image came from, if you know, I would love to be reminded. It is a digi stamp that I downloaded.  The name doesn't have the name of the company it is from though.

Have a great weekend!  Cheers, Holley

So here are the 1 Million Blog candy Winners:

OK, so here's how the prizes winners were chosen.  I took everyone's name ONCE, chopped up paper to evenly sized pieces and wrote your name plus USA or NON USA on it and put it in baggies to mix them up

Then I had the hubby pick three names from each baggie, three from the USA Baggie and three from the Non-USA baggie, Here's the names selected, AFTER they were REMIXED and drawn again to put them in random order, THIS BELOW is the order winners will choose their prizes in:

When you go to the prize page. please tell me which prize you want, by giving me the number on the prize, that will help a lot.  Each person will pick all three of their prizes at once.  So if you are the first person on the list, EMAIL me you list of choices and I will put it HERE so the other winners know which prizes are taken.

Here's the order that the winners will PICK:

1. Denise Bryant  TAKEN 12, 16, 24
2. Karen Ladd  TAKEN 29, 30, 31
3. Marjeta TAKEN 5, 9, 45
4. Shabneez TAKEN 3, 25, 39
5. KarinArt Scrap 10, 14, 6
6. Kellys Kards FL 7, 20, 43

Once everyone has chosen their goodies, I will mail out the prizes!

I also decided to pick a handful of bonus winners to get 2 prizes each from the remaining prizes, so I TOOK ALL the USA and NON USA names, put them all in one baggie and picked THREE more winners!!  You will pick AFTER the prize winners in the order chosen, you get TWO items each.

You will pick after #6 above picks.
7. Lora   44, 32
8. Gaye  8, 23
9. Linda Simpson 1, 2

Then I decided, why not pick three more, these winners will get ONE PRIZE ITEM each, picking in the following order, after each person chooses.

10.  Beth W 21
11. Jean ===   Your turn to pick, email you desired item number to
12. Jeanie Ellis

Hope this is not too confusing.  Congrats to the TWELVE winners!  Gaye, please contact me ASAP with your prize choices, Linda Simpson, be ready with your choices next!

Friday, May 15, 2020

My Whole Heart

Here's a beautiful Unity Stamp. I just love their images. This one comes from the Kit of the Month (KOTM).  My DH gets me the KOTM every month.  Isn't he a doll?  How sweet is that?  I get a huge sheet of rubber stamps every month from Unity stamps thanks to my DH!  That man not only is my WHOLE Heart, he knows me too well.

Wishing you all a very happy weekend.  Be sure and check in tomorrow to see if you were one of the lucky 6 chosen to get a prize!!

Huge Hugs!

Prizes available--Blog candy was announced, be sure and sign up -- HERE
(current count is over 998,500!!)

Did you see the prizes?

WE HAVE HIT 1,000,000!! Prizes announced on Saturday, last chance to sign up is 12 noon Central time USA!!

Thursday, May 14, 2020


Since we are picking cards just for the DH this week, I had to pick at least one Coffee theme card. I do seem to love coffee theme cards and making them a lot more than I like drinking it.  My husband however--he's a real coffee lover!  For real.  So here's a coffee theme card just for him.

Have a caffeine filled day today!  (if this was my week, it would be coffee AND donuts, but since it's his week, just coffee).

Cheers, Holley

Prizes available--Blog candy was announced, be sure and sign up -- HERE

Did you see the prizes?

WE HAVE HIT 1,000,000!! Prizes announced on Saturday, last chance to sign up!

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Happy Birthday DH!

Sharing this adorable Whipper Snapper card today for the DH's Birthday.  I  hope he has a wonderful day even though we are stuck at home.  His party will consist of me, him and a big PB Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory (assuming they still deliver it).  I hope he likes it.   He said he didn't want anything this year, so I plan on making a donation to the Austin Area (Capitol of Texas) Food Bank in his honor.  I know that is his favorite local charity.

Hope he has a special day!  I will make sure to shower him in love and kisses.

Prizes available--Blog candy was announced, be sure and sign up -- HERE

Did you see the prizes?

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Do I go with this card for his birthday?

Thought of perhaps a sexy card for the DH's bday this year, but hmmmm, I am still looking through my stamps to decide.  At any rate, I made this card with him using a stamp from Slinky Tarts.  I think they have since changed their name, but I don't recall what the new name is. If anyone knows that, please just leave a comment for me.

Also using some great Turkish Lace on this card.  Really makes me miss being in Turkiye but they much like us, are completely closed down, in their homes.  Their kids have a TV channel which shows school everyday and they do computer time with their teachers.  It's like the whole world has all stopped at once together.  May we all pray this comes to an end by 2020.

Prizes available--Blog candy was announced, be sure and sign up -- HERE
(current count is over 998,500!!)

Did you see the prizes?

Monday, May 11, 2020

I can't believe

Here's a hilarious card for the week, "I can't believe how much I'm not sick of you."  I made this cutie for my DH of course.  All this week I will be sharing cards I made for him since this week is his Birthday.  So get prepared for some LOVE cards lol, well, love or funny. Hmmm. that's almost everything huh?

Have a great day everyone. I hope this card brought a little smile to your face.  Cheers, Holley

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Did you see the prizes?

Sunday, May 10, 2020


So my DH bday is this week (the 13th), so I have decided I would choose cards this week that are for him.  I will start with this one.  It's from a simple card kit, but I changed it totally from the stuff they gave me.

I feel for those who are having Birthdays this year during the pandemic, esp those who would much prefer to be having big parties and other such events.  My DH is just fine staying home and being together but I know a lot of people wish for other things.  Thank you so much if you refrain and choose to stay home!

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(current count is over 998,500!!)

Did you see the prizes?

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Guest Designer Yvonne, PLUS--HERE's the PRIZEs you can chose from if you WIN!!!

Here's a stunning creation from Yvonne K using a die cut that I gave her as part of this amazing creation for Sherri Baldy.  WOW, Yvonne, such stunning work.  Don't you love it?

Prizes available--Blog candy was announced, be sure and sign up -- HERE

Here's the PRIZES you can choose from if you are the winner!!  WOO HOO, I finally got some photos taken.

There will be three USA winners and three international winners.  Each person will get THREE prizes of their choosing.   The winners will be picked by writing each persons number on a piece of paper and chosing the winner. THEN each winner will be put in RANDOM order to pick their prizes.  There's 45 prizes to choose from, so everyone will have plenty to pick from, hopefully we won't have too much overlap in what people want.

Here's the goodies:

Friday, May 8, 2020

Autistic Child

Here's a wonderful Autism Child stamp from artist Sandra Caldwell.  It's #3148 in her store, Babycakes DND on Etsy.  It will be added sometime Friday along with a  bunch of other new stamps.  Isn't he special?  At my school, working with autistic kids is what I do all day.

Hope this month has started off well for you.  huge hugs to all the Special needs kids out there and their families!

Prizes available--Blog candy was announced, be sure and sign up -- HERE