Sunday, January 26, 2020

Suprise, MORE blog candy!!

I am sure you thought you would get to see something else today, well surprise,  it's even more blog candy today!  WOW.  There's so much, this is mostly stamps and die cuts with just a few embellishments tossed in there.  SO MANY goodies to give out this year.  WOO HOO

SO many goodies coming!  Did you see yesterday's blog candy posting?  It's over 20 images worth of UNITY STAMPS!!

if you missed the other postings, go to the bottom of yesterday's posting for additional candy links!

The celebration starts on Feb 1st, so be ready to start getting some goodies :)


New Creations said...

Oh Gosh! Such a huge collection!!!
There are so many of my favourites! Excited now more!!!
You are just amazing!

KarinsArtScrap said...

wowwwwwwwwwww just one word Holley STUNNING

Gr Karin

lora said...


Gaye said...

Truly amazing!

Karthikha said...

Omg! I've never seen such a huge blog candy!! Super excited for feb now 😁

Jackie T said...

Wow Holley you have so much to give away for your celebration. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Susan T. said...

Wow! What an incredible amount and selection of goodies! Can’t wait!

Linda Simpson said...

WOW Holley, each year gets bigger and bigger.
Linda xxx

Melodyscraps, mixed media goddess said...

Just an amazing display! You have so many dies here that I so totally am going to try to My love affair with die cutting started with the very first blog candy prize you sent me...some years ago now. lol Now I'm a cutting die junkie! Thanks Holley for your wonderfully generous heart, and congrats on your big anniversary!

SHartl said...

Whoa!! So much crafty goodness there. I am loving all the dies and stamps!

Jean said...

My goodness@! That is a lot of blog candy!!

Em Louise Fairley said...

OMG! xoxo

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Fikreta said...

wonderful collection of prizes!

Audrey R said...

Holley - unbelievably wonderful set of prizes!!’

Mel C said...

Wow, so many great items!

ionabunny said...

OMG where did you find the halloween llamas?? I love alpacas/llamas and halloween and there they are together in one spooktacular set. A mummy llama!! I'm crying here LOL. The cats are gorgeous too. So much lovely candy. HUgz

Amy Martin said...

Wow!!! So much goodness!!! So mamy butterflies.. And a dragon fly too. Love those!!

monique said...

geweldig en zo verschillend superssssssssssssssss

Linda Vigil said...

Whoa...mind blown! said...

Wowsers!!! What a stash!!!