Friday, June 9, 2023

Thanks Dear

 well, I count this as day 10 since I arrived so late on day 1, I didn't get to do anything but get to my place of stay from the airport.  Wow, has it already been 10 days.  most people would tell me that they only get 10 (OR LESS) days on their whole vacation.  I tell them, work a job that's as low paying as mine and you will get off all summer....Bwhahahaha  well, i am just partially kidding, I do love my job, esp the summer off part, but esp the cute little kiddos.

Here's a cute card using a Unity Stamp today, don't we all need a big coffee?  well, i must say, coffee is a big deal here, but I don't ever see any BIG coffee size.  I think there is a Starbucks, well, it's Istanbul, so of course there is a Starbucks, but any normal restaurant, you don't see grandee sized coffee.

Thanks to the DH for that awesome christmas gift of a plane ticket that got me here!  WOO HOO.  You are totally the best ever


Taty said...

hello Holley the coffee themed card is wonderful a beautiful stamp. Taty

Gaye said...

Great card and grand Christmas gift!

KarinsArtScrap said...

great card Holley

gr karin