Friday, March 3, 2017

Bearly Mama

Here's a brand new stamp from artist Sandra Caldwell of Babycakes DND on Etsy.  This new image is called Bearly Mama Day #1404.  I just love these cute bear stamps.  Check out this fun image and all the other brand new stamps today on her Etsy site.

Been packing up things, here's what has gone out in the mail already:

The following items went out on Thursday
Ktfitkitty, Glennis,  Birgitta, Marjeta  (item 1of 2), Kaye, Kaija,  Karin (item 1 of 2)
Lucie,  Jean M, Beverly, Shelley, Shell, DJ, Shannon, Sammi, Sue W

The following items went out on Friday
Papersmiles, Barbara, Robin,  Mel C, Stamp NK, Teresa G, Vicki, Marjeta (item 2of 2), Karin (item 2 of 2), Candy, Rhonda, Donna

Whew, that's 28 packages down....I have a huge set of packages that are all wrapped up now and have their labels on them so they will be going out tomorrow.

so yesterday I was asked a couple questions that I thought I would share as I am sure it's not just one person's curiosity (if you have a question, send it to me);

Hi Holley,
I am also a card maker and, as my cards seem to pile up faster than I send them out, I always wonder what others do with their completed cards? You posted one or two cards for every day in February, which really impressed me...and are often posting throughout the year. I would love to see more info on your blog about your process, how you color you digis and what you use for coloring. Also, do you donate your cards, or send them to family and friends? Do you sell them? Knowing a bit about the process makes seeing projects even more fun for me...and I might even pick up a tip or two. Thanks again for a fabulous February celebration...and hello to March!
Karen Ladd

Karen, I do a card everyday for my blog.  So at least 365 a year.  Now that's a LOT of cards.  Like you said, I also find I have cards piling up in my house faster than I can send them out (or go broke with postage doing so).  I do a combination of gifting cards to certain people, those who I know appreciate something handmade and will also USE the cards (as opposed to stockpiling them in their own home).  I also donate them to several places.  My primary location is the local church which I attend. We have a bazaar each year and I sell them there very inexpensively.  Most of my cards are created as part of a design team work and thus I received free papers, free stamps and other supplies to make them.  I am not trying to re-coup the money I spent on them.  I am just happy that they cards find a new home and the charity which the church is sponsoring gets some much needed financial assistance.

I don't sell, necessarily, but when I teach card-making classes I will take lots of sample cards with me that might sell.  When I say that I don't sell, what I mean is that I don't MAKE cards with the idea of selling.  That to me can take the fun away from making cards if I always have to keep in mind the idea "is this going to sell?" with every stamp I get, every supply I buy, every topic I enjoy, every embellishment I add on.  I want to make what I love, I don't want to make what I have to make that sells.  I have done it before, a museum wanted 10 copies of a set of seashell cards.  So 70 cards.  UGH, I wanted to poke my eyes out after that.  I hate making the same card over and over again.  So in short, I make what I love for pleasure first, not for what I think I can sell.  Just my own preference.

I use Copic Markers for coloring.  That's been my preference for the last 8 years or so.  I am an engineer by trade but I did take art in both high school and college.  I will have to set up a tutorial type project sometime to share more details on a project if that interests people.

Hope this answers your questions today

Cheers, Holley


Larisa said...

oh, this card is so cute.. And the lace is wonderful as always..

Em Louise Fairley said...

Such a cute card. Thanks again for your generosity xoxox

Jackie T said...

Hi Holley your card is gorgeous I love those bears they are so cute. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Jean said...

THis is so cute!

Fikreta said...

your card is so nice!
I sent my cards to organizations like children hospital or nursing home.

Melody S. said...

I feel you about making g the same one over and over. This time last year I made 125 invitations and RSVP cards and envelopes for my oldest son. It felt like it took forever, and I was so sick of them! Then she only used 25! I wanted to kill her! Lol

Melody S. said...

I feel you about making g the same one over and over. This time last year I made 125 invitations and RSVP cards and envelopes for my oldest son. It felt like it took forever, and I was so sick of them! Then she only used 25! I wanted to kill her! Lol

KarinsArtScrap said...

what cute bears and beautiful card Holley.

I sell my cards, make them however I wnated, but I also sent them to my family and friends for there bierthday's.

gr karin

Unknown said...

Gorgeous card and that image is so adorable. Love the lace border. Hugs Jennifer xx

Cara said...

Such a cute image and the laces you use are just stunning!

jeanchaneyaz said...

Your answer is very helpful. I am finding my home bursting to the seams with too many cards. I used to be able to donate them to the group that sent to our military, but, for some reason they think we don't have enough service men anymore to do this.
Another cute image from Sandra!

Linda Simpson said...

This is gorgeous and love the beautiful image. I make lots of cards and use them for family and friends. The majority of them go to raise funds for charity.
Linda xxx

KT Fit Kitty said...

Your card is so cute, Holley! Such an adorable image, right up my alley! I love that beautiful lace and bling too! Eek, I see my name on your list! Thanks so much, very excited and can't wait to see the goody you sent me! That's awesome, thank you! And I really enjoyed reading your answer to Karen's question. I am always curious about what people do with their handmade cards, so thank you for sharing that. I make mine for hospitalized children, seniors in nursing homes, and of course for family and friends. I love knowing that I'm brightening someone's day!

Virginia M. said...

Cute Bear card. Love the color scheme and the lace. I try and give my cards away to friends and family.
Virginia Montagna

Karenladd said...

Thanks for answering my questions Holley! I always like hearing more about the creative process for bloggers that I follow, and wonder what they do with their completed projects. I'm with you on not wanting to turn my love of card-making into a business. Not only does it take the fun out of it, but I can do without the stress! My cards get donated to various charities and I used to donate most of mine to Operation Write Home before they disbanded. My sister gets a batch of cards along with her birthday present every year, and I give many of them to my daughter to use as well. Like you, I don't need to recoup my expenses, because I craft for the joy of it...but those cards do pile up! Love your sweet bear card...and fabulous coloring as always. I'm just a beginner with alcohol markers and am always impressed with beautiful shading and design.

Andree said...

A gorgeous card Holley. An adorable image and beautiful lace. It's nice to read about what you do with the cards you make xx

Robin said...

Your bears are so very adorable! Loving the lace! Thanks for all the info. I don't make near as many cards as you but mine stock up as well. It's nice to get some ideas about what to do with them. Hugs, Robin

Karenzkardz said...

Fab card. Such a cute image xx

Laine said...

Another cutie Holley.

TRACEY MO said...

so cute love it tx

Kaija said...

How beautiful card and stamps are absolutely wonderful!
Sometimes I have sold cards on the cheap.
My sister owns the gospel to the house where my cards go.
All proceeds will be donated to benefit the world's poorest children.
I'll take a little material costs.
Annoying in December when some thieves stole a large tank, where the money was.
Now the tank is placed with chains attached to that outsiders can not take it.

DonnaMundinger said...

Adorable new image from Sandra! You do such fabulous work. I've got cards in boxes up the wazoo. xxD

Unknown said...

Fabulous card Holley. I always have a surplus of cards but never seem to have the right one when I need it! Cathy x

Marjeta said...

Love your card with those sweet bears. What abaut cards I made? I love to cheer friends of mine with them. i allsaw love to make chocolate box for little birthday present.


Karenzkardz said...

Aww such a cute image Holley xx