Thursday, July 13, 2017

Love, Hot Airt Balloons

Here's a beautiful Hand-stitched Hot air balloon.  I wish I could say that I did this stitching myself, but I found this little beauty at a local resale store called Austin Creative Reuse.  I had to pick it up to make a card for a dear friend who just loves sewing and quilting.  It was much bigger when I got it (the paper background), but I trimmed it down to fit on this card.

I hope she will love it.  She's out of the hospital and now in rehab, so I go to visit her each day to see how she is doing.  I am fortunate to be off this summer since the job I started works for the local school district.


  1. A beautiful card Holley, so bright and cheerful. Cathy x

  2. That is just stunning! I would love to visit your shop...

  3. This is beautiful Holley!
    Linda xxx

  4. A lovely card Holley and gorgeous colours. I'm sure your friend will treasure it. I wish her well xx

  5. I am sure your friend with love this card, such a lovely design. Hugs Jennifer x