Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Looking Foxy

Here's the cutest image from Unity Stamps.  I just loved this cute fox.  I had to add some great Turkish lace to this card to make a CAS card today.   Did I ever tell  you guys we have a fox at our school?  I mean, we are not a school in the country, but a school in the middle of a million person metropolis.  WHAT?  every now and again the fox pops out during the day to she chagrin of the staff and the delight (or scare) of the kiddos.

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HEY--I'm so excited to announce that I added a store to etsy to sell Turkish Lace it's HERE:


Check it out, I'd love your feedback.  Right now I am doing small amounts with pieces big enough for cards and smaller (like tag sized), but if you LMK what you want, I can make a pack just for you!!


Jackie T said...

Hi Holley this is such a cute card. I love it. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Gaye said...

A student looked out the classroom window and said "Look a bunny!" Then everybody looked. I saw a fox approaching and had to get everyone away from the window. I opened the back door and scared the fox before tragedy occurred. Otherwise, I might have had 24 crying first graders. Cute card!

Fikreta said...

beautiful card!