Monday, October 18, 2021

Skull Patch

Dear Fear, you've overstayed your welcome!  Here's a fun patch that I got along with some great Turkish lace that I bought in Turkiye this summer.  I thought it was a perfect share around Halloween Time.  How cool is this?  I guess in America these patches are kind of expensive for buying and sticking on cards, there they are around 3-10 lira so 35cent to 1.50, but I rarely get anything as big or fancy as 1.50.

Now, here I'll make a big confession that there were these tiny but amazingly sewn little flowers and mirrored little embellishments (for clothes or something) but of course I am thinking cards.  They were tiny but super cute and matching so you could use them everywhere like I use buttons.  Needless to say I walked out with a good $60 worth they were super cute and like a lira or 2 lira (.30 each) somehow I got a couple hundred lol.  I'm not talking about 60 lira, i mean 60 USD (480 lira).   Frankly it could have been more, I probably spent $200 at that store getting all kinds of amazing things.  Hopefully I will share something I use them on soon.  For that money, I dang well better use 'em.

HEY--I'm so excited to announce that I added a store to etsy to sell Turkish Lace it's HERE:


Check it out, I'd love your feedback.  Right now I am doing small amounts with pieces big enough for cards and smaller (like tag sized), but if you LMK what you want, I can make a pack just for you!!


Jackie T said...

Hi Holley this is amazing. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Gaye said...

It sounds as though you picked up some terrific embellishments.

KarinsArtScrap said...

fantasticccccccccccccc Holley
Gr Karin

Fikreta said...

looks so nice!