Saturday, February 19, 2011

Are you a winner?

Please double check the lists and look for your name! Here's a master list:

Then check the most recent contest here, scroll to the bottom and see if you are on the list there:

I have been going through emails checking to see who's address I already have and whom I am's a quick list of who I couldn't find, sorry if you emailed me and I seem to have lost your email. It's been such a hectic month, please remail me your address if your name appears here:

Winners who I need to hear from:
Regina, Lissette, Stamping Seraphims, Mary Stuart, Rosie, Sherry (Topeka KS), Donna Clark, Handmade TLC, Rene, Leslie G, Judy LaValle, Teri (Medina OH), Cindi (From Feb 10th), Debbie (From Feb 10th posting), Cori, Shelley, MysticCat, Selena, Sucor, Ellis (Elenor), Vickie Kertz, My4Blessings, Annika, Phyl, Hlora, 2 Creative Chicks with Pizzazzz

Drop me a line at I am already setting packages together so it will make the end of the month simpler.

Look for the next contest, it's gonna start tomorrow!!


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  1. Ooooh I think that's me!!!! I just sent you an email! :D