Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tilda has flowers for YOU (Blog candy day!)

Here's a wonderful image of Tilda, she's so sweet and she has flowers just for you. I love this saying, "I get by with a little help from my friends." Whether you are local or in cyber space, you were all so wonderful last year, so now we are having this Blog Candy month full of give-a-ways to share back to you all the amazing miracles that I received last year! {{Hugs Everyone}}

Tilda has some blog candy just for you today, It's a copy of Magnolia Ink Magazine. This one is shown in one of the photos that I have in my blog candy photos. I got this one back when planning all this (which was Dec/Jan). Date on it says "No. 4 2010"

Winners have been announced! Go to the list of winners and scroll down to see who won the MAGNOLIA contest from Feb 23rd!! (CLICK HERE) Still time to sign up for the main contest from Feb 14th (CLICK HERE);

So here's a question for the day (not really just about leaving comments, but in general...) anyone getting ready for some special occasions: Birthday today? having a baby girl? having a baby boy? having a baby and you don’t know yet? Celebrating a Wedding (for you or family)? Engagement? Making cards for someone’s Graduation soon? Moving? Something else special? Let’s hear it….

Project Materials: Cardstock (Flame Mica, Neenah from The Paper Temptress); Rubber Stamps (Tilda-Magnolia); Ink (Memento); Border(K&Co); Brads (Queen & C0.); Saying (Vellum); Die Cut (Spellbinders-Nestabilities); Adhesives (Pop dots, Glue dots, Glue All);


  1. Good Morning, Holley!!! This is just too, too cute!! I love Tilda and wish I had this one! She's just adorable and I love that saying as well! We are gearing up for my granddaughter, Kaitlyn's, third birthday! On St. Patrick's Day!! I can't believe how fast she has grown up! It makes me want to cry!!! LOL!!
    Have a wonderful Wednsday!!

  2. Your generosity amazes me Holley. You are a sweet heart :). I have been really busy these days with preparing for my little niece's function. She was born in DEC. last year. we will celebrate her birth in April. My brother and sister-in-law deferred the function till our visit to India. So thoughtful of them. I thought of making invitation cards for the function. Only my brother knows about the plan ( not even my husband:) I am making quilled invitation cards with the saying" Ten little toes.." on the front with a quilled flower and swirls to decorate it. I am really excited, have already made half the cards. We will be taking them with us when we visit family in India.

  3. This is sooo cute! Love the saying, always have :o) I have a daughter who's birthday is March 21st. I have been so busy the last few days babysitting, running here and there. I have a granddaughter who has an April birthday, 2 grandson's in May, my dad in June, brother and hubby in July, son in August, sister and daughter in law in Sept, granddaughter in Oct, grandson Nov. and son in Dec, 2 granddaughter's in December, then it's Christmas, so I'm never done :o) We have birthday's in every month...! Good thing I love to make cards :o) tee hee! Have a wonderful day, and I have a little blog candy so come over to my blog, I will pick a winner March 3rd...Hugs!!!

  4. Cute card. I'm just enjoying my new granddaughter, born in January, and getting to babysit! This is the first little girl in my side of the family since me!(so well over 50 years!)

  5. Nothing special going on here now. Just some regular crafting, work and such. Love your card.

  6. What a fabulous card. Nothing going on in the near future. But my niece is getting married in October so will be helping with that and in May my DD will be 7 so will probably start planning and making the decorations next month.

  7. Hi Holley...
    That Tilda is so sinkin cute!! I love every one of them!! My son just got engaged over Christmas. So hard for me to believe...I feel way to young to be thinking of my children getting married and moving out! Speaking of that - he moved to his own apartment a few weeks ago. Huhhhhhh...exciting but sad times! I really love his fiance though and I think they will be very happy - though they do not have a date planned yet. Thanks again for all your generosity!!
    God Bless...
    Cheri Kinder

  8. Holley
    Your Tilda card is wonderful! I love the coloring you did on her.
    I am about to make announcements for my 17 year old son for his graduation in June. I am so proud of him. He will be continuing on to Veterinarian school.

    Smiles Sher

  9. This is super sweet! Let's see...other than Easter, my sister-in-law's birthday, my mother-in-law's birthday, my daughters' school auction...nope, nothing else going on! ;D
    I love being busy with craft stuff!
    Thanks for your wonderful candy opportunity!
    Rene :D

  10. I lovee that card, and love to use song lyrics for sentiments! Who cannot get by without help from friends?!
    Coming up soon is my birthday--nothing special about that except I have a weight goal I am aiming for. After being diagnosed with diabetes, I turned my life around and since July have pulled my sugar down far enough to stay off meds, work out almost every day, eat sensibly, discovered Spinning classes (extremem biking) and have lost almost 50 pounds. So my goal is to lose those extra few pounds and make it to 50 before I get another year older!!
    Thank you so much for your generosity and your inspiration, both in life and in crafting!

  11. Adorable card set! I mainly only have birthdays coming up soon for me...although my boyfriend and I just bought a boat which we'll be getting next week so I'll probably be making him some kind of captain card :)

  12. No special celebrations coming up here, just celebrating each day that the Lord hath made!

    Thanks for offering up blog candy, you are so much fun Holley, and I am blessed to have the opportunity to get to know you through your blog and Scrapbook Place.

    Be well.

  13. She is one of my fave Tildas, Holley! Beautiful job of coloring. I'm making Baby cards for the church sale. Handmade cards go really well!

  14. Cute, cute card! We have a busy year ahead. Two graduations, and dh's daughter's wedding in June, and my oldest son's wedding in October. Lots of celebrating in store!

  15. Hi Holley,
    Wow this is just too cute. Love that Tilda (don't actually have that one). That sentiment is just perfect too - just you! I have recently celebrated my 50th birthday so had a fab time!
    Dawn x

  16. Hi, Your card is too cute, love it!!! St. Patricks Day is a biggie in my family so I'm working on them and my granddaughters graduation in May. And lots of birthdays. Thanks for your generousity.
    Take care


  17. Cute card Holley! one can never have too many friends (or enough help from them... especially when you are moving, LOL).

    Hubby and I are getting ready to celebrate TWO of our upcoming anniversaries!

    This march, on the 18th, we will celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary.

    This upcoming August we will be celebrating our being together for 15 years!

    These are big milestones for us, mainly because we were so young when we got together, well, ok *I* was young. Hubby is 9 years older than me. So, starting so committed with someone at such a young age was a HUGE deal for me. And to look back now and see everything we've been through together, the obstacles we've overcome, it's amazing :)

    I'm super happy to have such a wonderful, loving and supportive husband.

    Aside from our anniversaries, both of our birthdays are in June. Hubby's birthday is on the 16th and mine is on the 24th.


  18. Well, first of all, thanks for the flowers. They're lovely and I know they'll stay fresh a long time! Gearing up for three birthdays in the near future, other than that just the same old, same old. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work with us, and thanks for the candy opp.
    Sue S.

  19. Love it!
    Love Tilda!
    Love you! You're such an inspiration to me.

  20. Very pretty Holley, I love Tilda.
    I will be making an anniversary card and my aunt has been in rehab after an auto accident so I will make her some thank you's since she has already had a lot of help and will be getting more in the near future.

  21. Wow! So cute Tilda with flowers!!! My husband has his 48th birthday today. I made a few salads for festival dinner, and we had a nice day in family. Only now in midnight I got a time to spend in front of computer, and I am really pleased you made this B-day card today. I showed it to husband and his word was *thanks*)))
    Hugs. Larisa. xx

  22. wonderful card! I am mad about Tildas, but I have not any stamps of them at me. So I am always charmed with the other's jobs) Thanks for sharing it with us.))
    My little sister has her 12's birthday today) I love her, and I always wish her to be happy.))

  23. this is lovely. I love the side piece that you used What did you use to make it Got a big month coming up for cards. Many birthdays in march

  24. She is so cute! I've got loads of birthdays coming up in the next few months, so I'm busy with birthday cards... The trouble is Happy Birthday doesn't inspire me much for a sentiment...


  25. Beautiful card! I love the orange. No real special events coming up for me this week.


  26. Sweet card!
    I don't have a special event until May, which is my 70th birthday, and then in October it is our Golden Wedding (50 years)

  27. I love the flowers Holley. My real ones are coming up at about 3 inches, and they'll be just like the ones that you colored. Right now I'm packing a whole bunch of cards for my grandson that is in Afghanistan, let alone other goodies for he and his unit. Thanks for asking. Love, Audrey H

  28. Holly, I didn't know you before you had your surgery, but glad that you are doing wonderfully well. Life is so precious. I know that first hand, as I have had brain surgery and I have been fighting Leukemia since 1999! All I can say is that I'ml doing great and glad that you are, too. Isn't life grand?

  29. I love her little pigtails.
    I'm working on a birthday card for my youngest. She'll be 19 on Friday.
    I'll be making the grandchildren St Pat cards. And all three of my brothers are born in March.


  30. I love your Tilda card, Holley. She's so beautifully colored and you've embellished the card so nicely. The great sentiment is the perfect finishing touch.

    I'm making a gift for my niece's birthday. I have to send it to her though. We live too far apart to be together for her day. :(

    The other big occasion we are preparing for is the 46th anniversary of the christian boy's ranch where we live and my hubby works.
    God has been faithfully providing the needs here all of these years. That calls for a celebration!

  31. Hi holley love your card, we seem to have a couple of birthdays every month in my family but as I have 2 siblings and 3 step siblings and hubby has 2 siblings who all have families I guess that s no suprise really and my step niece has just got engaged so I have an engagement card to make. Have never seen a magnolia lagazine, what kind of things are in it?

  32. Hi Holley - I love Tilda and the other images from this artist. I am always making cards for some occasion. Mostly birthday, some graduation, shower, wedding, anniversary, and all the holidays. Graduations are coming up! I love blog candy and am hoping that I will win one of the cute UM stamps that you have before the contests all end! Audrey R.

  33. Hi Holley! We are getting ready for my oldest daughter's high school graduation. In fact, she has her audition at the college tomorrow for a possible music scholarship!

    So besides getting her ready, it's just now occurring to me that we're gonna have a graduation party in May and I have a bunch of things I'd like to fix up around the house before then.

    Exciting stuff! Hmmm ... that also means graduation invitations and cards and decorations ... ahhhhh!

    So, yes, we're getting ready ... lol.

    Snoopy :D

  34. I thought I put a comment but maybe it did not take.. I am getting ready for my daughters birthday..
    Debbie in las Vegas

  35. Well I know I stopped bye yesterday thought I'd left you a comment.....Sweet card with Tilda!
    Got some kind of flu bug going on here, so I'm not doing all that good.


  36. Really like this image and the saying. To be honest I don't have anything big going on in my life that I am making cards for - sometimes that is a good thing! Keeping busy with doing birthday cards, and I do need to send a few thank-yous to some friends for some nice things they have done.

  37. Honestly, I just celebrated my graduation from College, and now am relaxing. Good for you on all your good news!

  38. We are awaiting the arriving of my son. He is in the Army and I haven't seen him since July. He should be coming home soon (March or April). That is the big thing we are all getting ready for. Also my grandchildren are having their Birthday next month....3 of them. March 1 is my grandson who will be 4, March 9th is my granddaughter who will be 8, and March 14 is another Granddaughter who will be 12.