Sunday, February 20, 2011

La La Land's Rosie has a Blog Candy question....

Here's an adorable stamp from a company that I like called La La Land. How can you not love them just because of their name? This cutie is named Rosie. I colored her up in reds for spring, which it is looking more and more like here in TX. I am really loving the weather lately and enjoying it everyday. So, have you already signed up for blog candy on the 14th? if so, are you ready for some more????OK...this contest will go through the week, its for die cut prizes, I have brand new dies from several companies (sizzix, quickkutz, cuttlebug,.....);

For this contest, the questions that you must answer are
1)what type of machines do you have for die cutting? (For example, I have a sizzix mini size, a old style red sizzix, MM Slice, and a ProvoCraft Cricut) --you can also include machines that you have easy access too--i know many share machines with their family and at local stores;
2)which is your favorite of them? (For example--I have really been using the old sizzix the most as I am in love with the Nestabilities!! then I get on a kick and use my Cricut)
Contest will go through to Friday the 25th with winners announced on Saturday!!
3)have a free second, how about voting for your favorite card last week (see the vote in the right hand column), just pick your favorite card in the list.
This contest will end on Saturday, will announce winners on Saturday afternoon.
Project Materials: Cardstock (Bazzill, California Paper Products, Neenah); Stamps (La La Land); Ink (Memento, Colorbox Chalk); Die Cut (Spellbinders-Nestabilities); Adhesives (Pop dots, Glue All, Glue dots);
OK, the winners have been picked!! See the list posted on the main blog candy winner's list:


  1. Cute Rosie. I love her pony/buns??( hair).
    1) Wow! You have a whole bundle of them Holey. I have big shot, but still learning to use it to it's full potential. Oh! I remembered, I have a side kick too. It was my first machine. I got it to get a hang of die cutting.
    2. Big shot does the work for me, but I would want to switch to wizard or cuttlebug, because I have recently stated using spellbinders, and they don't cut properly in big shot. ( I am still learning.)
    3. My favorite cards are two: All Tangled up, and Turn into a butterfly. But as I could choose only one, I chose Butterfly.

  2. Nice card! I really like the shaped layers on this one.

    For your contest...
    1) I have a tiny machine called jeart craft. It's similar to the small ones in America, like sizzlet or cuttlebug (I think)

    2. I love turns into a butterfly, but you've done a great job on all of them.

  3. Hi Holley. All your cards are beautiful, and i made my vote.
    1. I'm using BigKick Sizzix. And this is only what i have. It's can emboss, and cut. I am happy with it for now.
    Hugs Nataliya.

  4. 1. I have a cricut
    2. The cricut is my fave, as it's the only one I have, lol
    3. I voted for the Thursday card - Turned into a Butterfly
    Beautiful card you have posted today!

  5. Nice card!!!
    1. Sorry, I have not any machine. I wish I had one at least, but now it is beyong my means...
    2. -
    3. My favorite card is All Tangled up.
    Hugs. Hlora

  6. 1. I only have the Sizzix Big Kick.
    2. guess I will say big!
    3. Turn into butterfly- beautiful card!
    stamping sue

  7. Hi Holley,

    Love the reds!

    1). I have a Cuttlebug but I am planning on getting a Pazzles Creative Cutter at some stage.
    2). I love the Cuttlebug. I use Spellbinders Nesties with it too.
    3. The Turn into a butterfly card totally tickles me : ) ( I have added my vote).


  8. such a cute card! she is so cute in red!
    I have a Cuttlebug machine, and its my favorite, I don't think I have tried any other machine so I have nothing to compare it to, my fave card last week was mother for charlie.

  9. hi Holley. I love your rosie card :) her braids are SO cute, the remind me of pippy longstocking. haha. :)

    For the questions:
    1. I have an original cricut (my baby bug) and the original old red sizzix (with system/cuttlebug converter).

    2. I really love my cricut machine. I have 6 cartridges for it. I use it a lot! But, I am starting to love my sizzix more and more. I only have 3 sets of dies for it, and 6 cuttlebug embossing folders, but I am hoping to get some nestibilities soon. I REALLY want some of hte labels ones and the oval ones.
    While the cricut is fun, and you can do more with it, the sizzix is more adaptable because you can use several different products with it, not just sizzix dies, but other dies and folders.

    3. I voted for hte butterfly card for my favorite! as I told you when I commented on your post of that card, it reminded me of the book "the very hungry caterpillar". I had that book when I was a kid, and as an adult, I still have that book. yes, the original one I had when I was younger! My grandma kept it for years, and gave it to me many years ago.
    I also have the pop-up version of the book, which is SUPER fun!!

    Keep up the good work Holley!

  10. Hello Holley! Nice card again)))
    1. I have not a cricut... That would be greay yo have it, but even the Christmas wishes come to be true seldom here...
    2. I wouls love any machine if I had))))
    3. I love your wonderful cards - Pretty In Pink, Belle's Wishes, I love you Beary much, The Seahorse

  11. Hi Holley
    1) I have the big shot, the old red sizzix machine and the sizzix sidekick.
    2) My favorite is definitely the big shot. Some of my sizzlet dies didn't cut very well in the old red machine, but they all work great in the big shot.
    3) My favorite card is the All tangled up one, but I really love them all and wish that I could color like you. Audrey R in Austin

  12. Hi #1.I have a multiude of machines.. the sizzix sidekick and the old red sizzix machines. and cuttlebug and textured boutique and cricut bug and 2 cricut expression machines. #2 .i love my cricut machines!! and textured boutique for emboossing..#3 turn into a butterfly.

    have a great day Holley :-)

  13. 1 - Sizzix (old red version) and Cuttlebug

    2 - Fave is the Cuttlebug for quilling cuts

    3 - Fave card was all tangled up

    You rock Holley! Need I say anymore - big hugs!

  14. Hi Holley.....I have the old time Sizzix and BIG SHOT, which I use all the time, as most dies, incl. Spellbinders, work wonderful on it.
    Looove the Butterfly Card
    Liane :-)

  15. Ooooh! I'm so excited about these prizes. I only have a Cuttlebug and I love it so much, it gets used on almost every card I make.

    I voted for the SWALK card! I don't know if it's just the image or the colors, but it really caught my attention the moment you posted it.

    Holley, this whole month of prizes has been so exciting! The prizes just keep getting better and better! You've really spread a lot of happiness! It's been a blast celebrating with you!

    Snoopy :D

  16. Hi huni i love this image too i don't have any of these stamps yet but you use them so beautifully.

    I have the sizzix bigshot and its the only one i have and its one of my best friends lol I use it all the time and I also love using lots of different companies dies and folders in it,I so would love a cricut but its a little out of my price range at the moment boohoo.
    My fave card is 'Mother for charlie,the image is gorgeous and i love your pearly flowers its so beautiful
    have a good day Holley
    Lorraine xx

  17. Hello!
    Very lovely card.I have Big Shot and i love it.
    I love this cart 10/9-10/25 this fairy or mermaid.

  18. Hi Holley. Another great card. My favorite this week was the friends card. For some reason it wouldn't let me vote today.
    I only have one die cutter and its the cricut expression. I really like it because I can make 12 x 12 scrapbook pages with it.

  19. I have a Sizzix Big Shot and a Sillouette. I prefer to use my Sizzix Big Shot.


  20. 1. I have a cuttlebug
    2. Cuttlebug is my favourite (because it is the only one that I have)
    3. I like them all, but the butterfly one is top of the list

  21. Cute Rosie card. I have a Big Shot. It's the only one I have so it's my favorite. I love the card All Tangled Up. Thanks for a chance to win some great candy.


  22. The only machine i have is a Cuttlebug but I love it...I love embossing and using Spellbinders Nesties. I voted for Teddy bear Hearts.

  23. Let's see - I have a Sizzix Original, a Big Kick, a Cuttlebug, and my Cricut Expression. I gave my small Cricut to my nephew's wife when I upgraded and my old Sizzix Sidekick went to die cut Heaven a while back. I also have the Xyron Creatopia but haven't bought the die cut appliance for it yet. I use them all, and love my Cricut to pieces, but have gravitated to my Cuttlebug most often lately, just because it's small and handy, on my work island. I always love everything you make, Holley, but I have to agree with the majority so far, Turn Into a Butterfly is really special.
    Hope you have a wonderful week.
    Sue S.

  24. I have a Cricut Personal, Cricut Expression, Sizzix Original, Side Kick, Big Kick. I use my Cricut Expression the most. That is my favorite for cutting. (I haven't had a chance to really use my Big Shot, I just got it for a late Valentine's Day Present.) All the cards are nice but I agree with the Turn Into a Butterfly.
    susanslomski at yahoo dot com

  25. I a first generation Cricut as well as an Epic Six by QuicKutz.
    I find myself using my new Epic Six most as I am in love with the Nestabilities by Spellbinders, but my Cricut gets a workout when I scrapbook, because I can get so many styles of titles from it.
    I voted for the Turn Into a Butterfly, because everyone has a beautiful butterfly inside of them, getting ready to break out of their cocoon when their time is right.

  26. I have a cricut and cuttlebug, but I really like how much quicker it is to do multiple cuts on the cricut.

  27. Such a pretty card, Holley. I like that sweet image.

    I have the original red sizzix machine, the tiny sizzix machine, and the Cuttlebug machine.

    I use my Cuttlebug the most for Nestabilities and Cuttlebug embossing folders. But really like all of three machines and use them all.

  28. Hey Holley,
    Love the color scheme for your card, just happens to be my favorite....reds, card is sweet! Just wish Spring would hurry up and come around to my part of the world LOL

    Well let me see for questions....
    1.) It would be my Cuttlebug & Provo Craft Cri-cut.
    2.)This question would be really hard but thinking on it I have been using my Cuttlebug more lately cutting/embossing with the Nestabilities from Spellbinders (and I'm like you I can't seem to get enough of them LOL)
    3.)I'm kind of thinking the I like the S.W.A.L.K. you made for Friday.


  29. love all your cards...
    for the contest..
    Cuttlebug is my machine of choice. but of course it is the only one I have
    I love how versitle it is.. and I love nestibilites.
    I voted for the butterfly change card..
    Debbie in las Vegas

  30. Good Morning, Holley!! What a cute card!! Love those eyes!!!
    1. I have a Cricut Expression, Cuttlebug and the small Sizzex mini
    2. My favorite changes between the cricut and cuttlebug, but I use the Cuttlebug more, so I'll say that! My grandkids would say the mini sizzex since I let them use that and they use it all the time!!
    3. voted! I love the little SWALK card, she's just so sweet!!
    I will email you my addy again! I'm sure things are really hectic for you!!!

  31. I have a Wizard and a Cricut. I probably like my Wizard the best--I use nestabilities all the time. I'm going to add my vote after making this comment.

  32. I am so ready for spring, and this card takes me there! I have a Cricut machine; I love it because it's so diverse, with the different sizes and options available with each cartridge. I've voted for last week, too.

    Thanks! Holley!

  33. Cute card again.You certainly have a knack for this.

    I own 2 Cricuts and a cuttlebug. Now my favorite is the cuttle bug, but I go back to the cricut if I need a mat that I don't have a spellbinder for.
    I'll have to check out the cards and make my vote.


  34. will try to post again and see if it goes through. thanks
    1. blue big shot (old)
    2. pink handheld sizzix (even older)
    cat s.

  35. My son would say I spend alot of time in la la land away with the fairies, what a sweet wee girl with what to me looks like a sunflower, she should be holding a rose with a name like Rosie.
    I can't say I have a fav cutting machine as I only have one and its a sissix big shot, simply as that was on offer at the store as I wanted an alphabet die for doing my sons scrapbooks. I keep saying I will invest in some nestabilites but am a little unsure about how I would use them in the machine and there are so many fab ones to choose from so for now I have an alphabet and a flower die, I suppose I'm not really making the most of my machine but I haven't found the daisy and hibiscus dies for sale yet in the craft shops I visit and can't decide which nestabilities to choose from, is it wrong to want every new one they bring out and all the old ones too when you don't have the pennies and then you have rubber on you wish list too?

  36. Hi Holley...
    I have a Cricut Expression and a Cuttlebug.
    It is tough to decide which one I like more. I like them each for their own reason. I love the Cricut because I can cut SO MANY things, but I love to emboss and use the Nesties - too tough to call!!!
    My favorite card from last week is...Mother for Charlie!! I absolutely LOVE the image and the pearls!! Such an inspiration!!
    Thanks Holley...

  37. Can,t believe how busy you are making cards and giving away prizes. I only have a Cuttlebug and love it. I don't have nearby access to other machines - I live in the middle of nowwhere in a small town. I have seen the Cricuit used once - not sure I need it or not. Think the only thing I am missing it for is cutting out letters for scrapbooking. Maybe in the future! I voted for the card of the week.

  38. Darling card - such a cute image! I have a Cricut and love it! Mine is the original and I would love to have the new one but that will be waiting a while! I really want an embossing machine of some sort too but another thing that will have to wait :) Thanks for the chance to win your sweet prizes.

  39. What a cute card and the image is so sweet.
    1) I have a Cricut and Cuttlebug. I mainly use my Cricut for diecuts and my Cuttlebug for my embossing folders and nestabilities.
    2)My favorite is my Cricut. I just love all the fonts and characters that you can make and it adds so much to your cards, layouts or altered art. I can personalize anything with it. Off to vote. Thanks for all the chances to win this month. I am having so much fun.

  40. I love my big shot. In fact I use it so much I have to get new cutting plates again. I only got the ones I have to replace in October. I just can't help myself.
    Thanks for the chance of winning, always exciting.

  41. I have a big shot and a cricut...personally I love them both. They both do different things and depending on what I'm going for it's hard to choose.. :)
    Just like your cards, they're all beautiful and make me want to duplicate them all :)
    Beautiful work!

  42. Hi Holley,
    I only have a Cuttlebug - I quite like it but the plates scare me a bit - I guess I'll get used to it though! LOL
    Dawn x

  43. Hi Holley!

    1.) I have a Sizzix (big shot, I think), a Cricut and a Slice machine.

    2.) My favorite would have to be the Cricut, though I just got my first set of Nestabilities and may have changed my mind by next week.

    3.) I voted (but I wish I could have voted for Heartbreaker from the 12th).


  44. She is adorable. I have a sizzix original. I love it and use a lot of die cuts. I also have the sidekick. I have bought a set of nestibilities but have not figure how to use it with the sizzix.

  45. I just got a Sizzix for Christmas and have been enjoying it. I like the Nestibilities.


  46. I have a QK and a Cricut. I alternate between the two as my fave, sometimes I don't want to pull the Cricut out and find/make my design and other times, I really want to use it. I voted for the All Tangled Up card.