Sunday, March 2, 2014

Current Winner List (updated regularly)....

Hi everyone, I will keep updating this list regularly.  I typically pick winners 5-7 days after the posting to give everyone a chance to comment.

The Feb1st day is the master contest listing, from this posting the Grand Prizes will be drawn and more prizes will constantly be chosen, so if you haven't signed up on Feb sure to do so (click here!)

Current Winners (email me with your address if you see your name, if it's a digi prize, I just need your email); Names in blue, I have your info, else send it to:

NOTE: if you name is NOT in blue, I do not have your info yet....resend it!!
 Pre-contest Winner (for posting a link to the contest)
1. Gemiel

 Feb 1st winner's list (Which will be Ongoing...)
1.  cebelica (winner for posting 1st)
2.  Virgina Montagna (secret number 32--which is the number on my basketball jersey on the Holley Bestie stamp by Sherri Baldy)
3.  Scrappymo!
4.  Ger (secret number 80 for the number of staples it took to close my head back up)
5.  Hlora
6. Shadow
7. Cindy
8. Vickie Kertz
9.  Stacy H-W (secret number 48 for 48 seizure free months!)
10. Barb S. (FL)
11. Karenladd
12. paulaj
13.  Kate Martin
14. Pat    (who posted at feb22 at 12:43)
15. Priyakumar
16. Linda W
17. Mary K

Feb 2nd winners
1. Melody Strahan
2. thinkscrap

Feb 3rd....Digi stamps from Sherri Baldy (just need your EMAIL)..
1. Linda Wickwire
2. ionabunny
3. Leeane

Feb 4th.... email me your address (
1. Sue H
2. Priyakumar
3. Stacy H-W
4. Brooke

Feb me your address
1. Cheryl Davies
2. Lisa Allport
3. Mallika
4. grandma lee
5. Shelley

Feb me your address please
1. Teresa Godines #6857
2.  Faye
3. Linda Simpson (email only) Digi stamps from Sweet Pea
4. Kim (my pink tiara)

Feb 7th Sweet Pea......
Digi Winner (just need your email)
1.  Kaija (you will get to pick three stamps from their website)

Feb 7th Sweet Pea Stamp winner (will mail you a pair of stamps) please send your address
1.  Cindy
2.  Larisa
3.  Sparkly Engineer

Feb 8th  Digi Stamps from BabyCakes (send your email)
1. Taniaj Scott
2. Andree
3. Kaye G

Feb 9th Digi stamps from Stamping Chef (send your email addy to me)
1. Sylv
2. Ellis
3. alethea

Feb 10th please send your address
1. Susan T
2. Virginia Montangna
3. Elizabeth Hart

Feb 11th Digi stamps from Sherri Baldy!! (send your email)
2. Nikki C
3. Luvs2paint and Create
4. Glennis

Feb 12th please send me your address
1. Stephanie
2.  Judith Perry
3. sam
4.  Nancy Dunlap Bahr
5. Gail Behrle
6. Stempelientje Stempy

Feb 13th
Paper Temptress Prize--please send your address--

Digi Stamps from Sheri Baldy (please send your email)
1. Laila B
2. Bhawana

Mailed Prize (please send your address)
1. ShersL84Bed
2. Jackiep
3. Pat
4. Audrey R

Feb 14th
Digi stamps from Sweet Pea (please send your email)
1. rovianne
2.  Trish
Pair of Rubber Stamps (please send your address)
1. riliska
2.  Rhonda Miller

Feb 15th
1. Stamping Sue
2. Melody Strahan
3.  StampNK
4. Phi

Feb 16th Please send me your email
1. Lisa Lucchese
2.  Wendy McCarthy
3. Erin Bentley

Feb 17th please send your email
1. Linderhea
2. bissecat
3. scrapperme

Feb 18th please send your address
1. Cheryl
2. Melody Dings
3. Iris
4. Brooke

Feb 19th please send your address
1. Betsy
2. Melody Strahan
3. Cindy
4. Kathy
5. Patricia Groff

Feb 20th please send your address
1. Tamara P.
2. Lucie H
3. SHartl

Feb 21st Sweet Pea Stamps
Digi winners (please send your email)
1. Karin Artscrap
2. Jan Ltc

Stamps (send your address)
1. Shellie Clarkr
2. cathy (Cathy's Corner)
3. Audrey R.

Feb 22nd
1. Ditzy Blonde
2. Shelley
3. nwilliams6

Feb 23rd Sweet Pea Stamps!!
Digi stamps Please send your email (for sweet Pea, I need full name and email for the gift card)
1. Reta Bibby
2. Carmen m
3. ardilla

Rubber Stamps (pair of stamps from Sweet Pea)
1. DJ
2. Karin (lots of stampin blog)
3. Margie H

Feb 24th
Digi Stamps from Squigglefly!
1. Kaye G

Feb 25th  Stamps from Sherri Baldy please email me your address
1. KC
2. Gillian
3. Natalie
4. Berina RGA

Feb 26th
1. Susan Salyer
2. Shersl84bed
2. Cathy (mercischild)

Feb 27th Digi Stamps from Baby Cakes, please send email
1.  Carol
2. Natalie
3. Catherine
4. Helen P.

Feb 28th
Sweet Pea Stamps Pair of stamps from Sweet Pea
1. Vinita Jain
2. Stephanie   (Daily Crafts blog)
3. Chermane


2 brand New Dies From Marianne Crafts!
Karin ArtScrap

Set of Spellbinders Gold Circle One Dies
Sparkly Engineer

Set of Spellbinders Borderabilites Contemporary Heart
Pair of Quickkuts metal dies Butterflies AND Love Birds
Melody Dings

Tim Holtz Embossing Folders Bingo/Patchwork
Roberta Swisher

2 Large Quickkutz Dies Circle Tag and Parenthesis
Teresa Godiness

Set of Sizzix Embossing Folders, Garden Can and Ladybug

Sizzix Die Cut Set Flower Set #3
Susan T

Heartfelt Creations Stamp Set

Queen Kat Christmas Stamp Set

Full Sheet Of Sweet Pea stamps (4 stamps)

Thanks so much for joining in everyone.
For those getting their goodies emailed to them.  I will compile a list of all your emails and such, waiting until I have ALL the winners info and then submit it to the companies, so hopefully you will get an email with your digi stamps or your store credit depending on the vendor.

For those who will have items in the real mail--each day I will be posting who's item is mailed.  Typical prizes are 6-8 assorted embellishement, a brand new set of rubber stamps or perhaps this year I want to go half and half and send you some stamps and some embellishments....I do sometimes TRY and pay attention to all those great things you have been telling me all month, but of course, I have what I have, lol.  It really doesn't at all hurt my feelings if you end up with something that is not your style and you simply trade it off to get something you want.  I know that makes some people upset. Not me.  I give freely and it's my gift to you, so if you can get something you really need with it.  Doesn't hurt my feelings!  {{HUGS}}

Don't find your name on the winner list?  well there is going to be another drawing for the unclaimed prizes, so CLICK HERE and leave a comment if you haven't won yet!!


  1. Ooh, it's exciting. Loads of lucky folk already and as they say it's only just begun..........

  2. Wow! What a lot of winners! You are celebrating big time! :)

  3. Hey Holley, just letting you know that Click Here link isn't working....

  4. Oh my Holley, this is so exciting!!!! I never win online contests and I'm your first winner!! This just makes my day!


  5. You are so sweet sharing so much love :) lots of love and well wishes right back at you :)

  6. Like sweat pea stamps angle fairy stamp cute stamps
    Sue C

  7. hey guys, Congratulations.... have fun.

  8. Great card, and I really like the saying stamp!

  9. Congrats to all the winners.
    Linda L

  10. Digi stamps sound like a fun idea, so you just load them into Microsoft word? Audrey r in austin.

  11. yipppppppppppiiii.... sending you my address

  12. Love seeing a new card each day - so many ideas!

  13. Love the shape of the papers for today's card. I have that flower paper too and I just love it.

  14. Sezy card!and lovely style ans colors.

  15. Thank you so much digital profits, so wonderful :)Hugs Kaija<3

  16. Thanks so much for choosing me as one of your winners. This contest is really no contest for me, I always enjoy visiting your blog whenever I get a chance.

    Mary Anne

  17. Congrats to the winners, I hope to see my name one of these days too!!!

  18. Congrats to all the winners! And thanks to Holley for doing this.

  19. Congrats Ladies I see a lot of winners already and I think I saw me WHOOT WHOOT!! I love viewing Holley's site and now this month Prize's too what a special treat WOWZA. Holley Thanks so much for all you do to create such an Awesome Blog for Us!!!

  20. congratulations to all the winners!

  21. Wow what a surprise to wake up to Holley. I see my name for Feb 8th.

    Thank you so so much. can't wait to see what you have chosen

    kaye G

  22. I must have overlooked it but saw it just now....80 staples!! OMG!! I can't imagine the agony you had to go through....I am happy it was worth it and that it wasn't in vain! :) You must ne such a strong person!

  23. Came to check out your blog, Holley. I see so many pretty cards. I would love to win something from you, and would make me very happy. Patsy

  24. Thank you Holley for picking me as one of your winners. Congratulations to all the other winners too.
    Linda xxx

  25. Congrats winners!
    isoscia at aol dot com

  26. Congrats on all the winners so far! :)

  27. thank you holley for picking me for one f your winners i love Sherri Baldy digi stamps.

  28. hey, if people don't claim their prizes, do you put them in for a second chance drawing? I check every day! You do such great art. ty for the many things you share. paulaj

  29. Thank you Holley for choosing me as one of your winners. I always enjoy stopping by your blog. You always do such great cards.

  30. Oh I just found out I'm a lucky winner of a Sweet Pea digi!! Thank so much

  31. Yahoo! Holley you are the best! :) so excited to see my email on there. :) Thank you, I see my name in blue, does that mean you already have my address?

  32. another great card and stamp. I'm still waiting for my name to be on that list... lol paulaj

  33. Ohhhh! I see my name on the list. Yay! Audrey r in austin

  34. Your cards are pieces of art. hugs, paulaj

  35. WOW! Thank you SO MUCH! This is truly a blessing.

    Many years of continued good health and great crafting to you, my friend.

    Snoopy :D

  36. Amazing giveaways. Congrats, winners.
    isoscia at aol dot com

  37. Holley - thanks for hosting this contest. Audrey r in austin

  38. There are a lot of lucky winners out there! Congrats ladies!

  39. Holley, this is the cutest card - I normally dislike Easter bunny stamps, but this is so adorable! Of course, they way you make the card is why I like it :)

  40. Holy smokes, that's A LOT of envies! You are going to make many people veeeery happy! You really are one very special lady!
    Hugs! xx

  41. What a lot of goodies you have accumulated. The stamp companies and yourself have been very generous.

    kaye G

  42. Thank you so much. Congrats to all the other winners!!

  43. Holley, I just saw that I won a prize for Feb. 19. Thank you sooooo much. You made my day, as I never usually win anything. By the way, this skeleton card ("Heartbreaker) is very different. Never seen anything like it. He actually looks kinda happy. Patsy

  44. wow Holley, you are going to scare the post office when you walk in with that pile of packages. :)

    Thanks so much, congrats to all the winners.

  45. Congrats to all the winners!

  46. You are so generous
    thank you so much
    I am a winner too-I am so happy and thankful
    congrats to all winners
    have a lovely day
    hugs with/from sLOVEnija Tamara

  47. Looks like you are EXTRA busy with the comp Holley...LOL...well done... Keep up the great work...hugs Gillian XX

  48. Looks like you are EXTRA busy with the comp Holley...LOL...well done... Keep up the great work...hugs Gillian XX

  49. Wow, your list is amazing! You are very generous...
    Ardilla :)

  50. wow thank you Holley that I'm one of the many winners.
    your so kind.

    gr karin

  51. wow!! thats a big list.. congrats to the winners..
    Moxie Craftie

  52. It's great to be a winner - never won anything from the many blogs I follow - and this is the second one this week!!
    Must be my lucky week - thanks Holley, you are so kind xx

  53. Wow what a stack of prizes! Congrats to all the winners and thanks so much Holly for your amazing giveaways!

  54. You are an awesome person! Thanks for all the chances to win.

  55. Hi Holley,
    Thank you for all you have done for your followers this month. I see I was chosen as one you your Grand Prize winners. I'm honored.
    Thank you and may you have many more years of good heath.
    Best Wishes,
    Melody D.

  56. Wow Holly, thank you So much for this awesome month of giveaways! I can't believe you did a whole month of beautiful projects to share with us and then gave out prizes on top of it! You are an inspiration in more than one way!

  57. Congrats on another healthy year Holley that we could help you celebrate!! I've really enjoyed all the fantastic cards this month (as always)!! Here's to many, many more years of celebration! hugs, Stacy H-W

  58. Congrats to all the winners!!! And congrats to you on 4 years seizure free!!! HUgsxx

  59. OMG! Thank you so much for choosing me as a winner and that too on the last day of Feb.
    Wishing you a Happiness!

  60. Hi Holley!

    thanks for choosing me as a winner :)
    I sent you an email with my address and email-address.
    thanks a lot and I wish you many more healthy years!! :)

    Best wishes, Natalie

  61. wow Holley I can't thank you enough what a great prize.
    going to email you again [ lol ].

    gr karin

  62. Thanks Holley for such a awesome celebration month. we all loved it.

  63. Thanks for the great celebration Holley!
    I am lucky to be one of the winners,that makes me smile.
    You are so generous and tis is the biggest celebration in blogland I have seen!

  64. Holley thank you so much for this month! What a way to celebrate.
    Congrats to all the winners!

  65. Hope you don't have to lick all those stamps. Thanks for spreading all this sunshine

  66. love to see my name in the list :). Thanks for the chance dear. had gone out of station for some time. n now its ended. Wish you a successful years ahead.. Love n hugs.

  67. Thanks Holley - I just emailed you my contact info and it is in the Squigglefly DT database on Yahoo if for some reason it doesn't come thru. You are so sweet. I can't believe you give away this much stuff - your blog candy give a way is the best

    Also we should all take a moment and be grateful for everything we have in life. You are a wonderful example of the miracles that can happen and how we should never take our health or life for granted. Hugz- lots of them.

  68. Oh my goodness. Holley, you are a star. Thank you SO much!!!! <3 Hugs! xx

  69. Hi, Holley!
    Thank you so much... I sent you an email.
    Ardilla :)

  70. Holley you have made a Grand Month for a lot of people and especially for me. I am soooo thankful to have won such AWESOME PRIZES!!!! Most importantly to me is that you are here and able to do this for us by the grace of God and he really gave you such a blessing with your Health and Your Talent, Looking forward to my mail and looking at your blog each day Thank you for a Wonderful Time This Past Month!!!

  71. Congratulations to all of the winners. Most of all congratulations to you Holley for a successful surgery.

  72. Is this Catherine for 27th feb , me?