Monday, September 20, 2021

Coffee or Carrots?

Thought we would start out the week with a little coffee image, but somehow the coffee has been replaced with a cute rabbit and carrot.  Hmmm.  Well, still, start your week out with some coffee.  Yum. Coffee and a little Turkish lace?

Yep that combo sounds right, TURKISH coffee and TURKISH lace!  two things you know I love, lol!!

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so you wanna see what the winners got?  Here's the photos of the prizes, each person received 10pcs of Turkish lace in assorted sizes and colors, each pc is 18" long (so enough for about 3 cards if they are 6in wide each);for my metric friends, which is basically the whole world, minus America, these are just short of 1/2  a meter long, the whole length is not shown in the photo.  Total of each pack is 5 yards worth.

so as not to spoil the surprise, I don't know WHICH person (Suz or Gaye) gets which pack, i just put a pack in each envelope and mailed it, so they are still up for a surprise :)

                                                                            Pack 1

                                                                            Pack 2

so at the end of the day, I am thinking about mailing up some packages like these and selling a few. I can do 5yard packs (10pcs 18in each) or 5 yard packs (5 yards, 1 yard pcs).   lol, gotta fund some of that travel in order to get MORE lace, lol!!

what do you guys think?  I am thinking around $5 per pack with maybe a a fun suprize or extras if you get more than one pack.  Should I take photos of the packages?  should they all be a surprise?  should I leave them as all mixed colors?  packs with just white, just off white?  just black?  I doubt any will likely be the same, lace come in small bundles and I use some of it, so I don't often have more than a couple extra yards of each kind.  

I would love to hear your feedback.


KarinsArtScrap said...

what a cute card Holley

the winners get gorgeous lace.
Gr Karin

Susan T. said...

Cute card! My first choice is still coffee in the morning - haha. The lace is gorgeous.

Gaye said...

Sweet bunny! How could you not love either packet of lace? They are both fantastic! I think you could sell the lace in surprise,variety packs.

Jackie T said...

Hi Holley your card s cute. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Fikreta said...

Wonderful card!

Valerija said...

What a fun and cute card.
Valerija xx