Friday, August 3, 2012

I love Terra Bidlespacher's stamps!!

I have to say, I like all the artists that we have at Sweet Pea stamps, but the more and more stamps that i get from Terra Bidlespacher the more I am enamored with them.  Here's one of my most recent stamps that I just adore!!  Oh.  This card is done with a shimmery cardstock and a layer of amazing die cut paper.  Then I added a tiny ribbon along the edge of the die cut.    This image is called Bite and is from Plate #210.  Be sure to check out the artist's coloring because I think my coloring makes this image look SO different.  I just love those skull panty hose on her. I would SO wear those and a chocolate cuppie cake with horns and a tail.  I love it.  That's just adorable.  What a cutie!!
I added  great saying "My heart belongs to only you!"  as I am sure you have guessed, that would be a card for my hubby.  If the outfit wouldn't entice him, I would be holding a yummy cupcake.    But, in the end, I am guessing it's the saying that would really get to him.  It might be harder to see in the photo, but I layered the image on a wonderful shimmery glittered paper in red and fussy cutted it out.  You can esp. see that at the base of the say and in between the saying and her hair where there is a gap.  It adds an extra shimmery sparkle on an already metallic cardstock base.


  1. Fantastic card and great cupcake girl, just my style! =)
    Hugs, Elenor