Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Life

"Very little is needed to make a happy life." How true is that? I often find myself amused and thanking God for the smallest of things. Getting on the bus just before the big rain, the cloud that moves over to block the hot sun, the beautiful flock of parrots that run wild here in Austin.

This cute little girl comes from Hanglar&Stanglar. She's so adorable. I love that flower and her cute hat. I hope you are having a happy life. Can you think of five things that made you happy today?

Project Materials: Printed Paper (DCWV); Stamp (Hanglar & Stanglar Rubber Stamps); Ink (Memento, Colorbox Chalk); Color( Derwent Inktense); Brads; Vellum Quote; Butterfly accent (unknown);


  1. I love the card and I believe i can think of 5 things. friends that I enjoyed being with today, my husband , heavenly father, just being able to get around each and everyday with going blind and deaf,to be able to still craft and give them to anybody that makes them happy.

  2. LOVE the card! oh how i covet hangler & stangler's - one the sentiment and something i am struggling with at the moment as we have an awful lot of trials going on right now...but remembering to notice the little things that are good can help make it thru the big things that are not....

  3. Nice seem to have an unlimited supply of cool stamps how do you do it? Sherry

  4. Way to use that stamp! Love the colouring. I had a fantastic day today :D I went shopping so I can think of at least 3 magnolia stamps that made me happy, lol.
    I'm not just that materiallistic though. My love is always making me happy, every single day and I have other things to be happy about.