Thursday, August 27, 2009

Teddy Bear Love

OK, so here's my first card using copic markers. I only did the teddy bear with the markers since I haven't bought any reds yet (the store didn't have ANY reds). I am pretty sure this cute teddy comes from TAC, if you know different, please let me know.

Here's a little info I have learned about Copic's can be very intimidating when you are standing in front of a HUGE display of them. They have over 300 colors to choose from. The first time, I bought the wrong ones! Break down the markers like this--They are set up into color families already. The letter on the marker shows it's color family E is earth tones, YR is Yellow-Reds, R is Reds, B is Blues and so on. Futhermore the color families are set up with colors designed to go together so if you want to blend the markers together buy at least 2-3 markers per family.

This example (ok, a rookie example, but I am working on it); The doggie image (Penny Black) to the LEFT is done with 3 colors in the same family; The image to the right is simply colored in.Doesn't the dog on the left look more dimensional? Think of the markers sub-families as being the first TWO digits of the marker name; When blending, these markers would go together: E24, E26, E28; Pick markers that have the SAME first two digits (both "E" and "2") then pick the remaining numbers to be 2-3 apart (the "4", "6" and "8");

More info to come later....hope this helps some other people looking at copic markers.


Betty aka ZacksNana said...

Very cute Holley and what a nice little tutorial as well.

Lelia Pierce said...

Good job for your first copic card, Holley! :O)


Sophie LaFontaine said...

I THINK the bear is from Angi B & Co. I think. I recognize the style, and I have another bear stamp like that, and the nose is drawn the same way. Also, the line thicknesses and dots remind me of Angi B & Co too. They are no longer in business, but some images live on at Wood Cellar Graphics and SmARTworks.

Now to the important stuff: Beautiful colouring!!! Also, I love the stitched border!!

SophieLaFontaine said...

Ah hah! I located this teddy here:
Bottom of this page:
(ABC stands for Angi B & Co)